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BREAKING: Americans for Prosperity stages phony altercation at Michigan Right to Work rally


Image is everything, unless it’s a lie

AFP member (in black) argues with a RTW protestor

There’s a video on heavy rotation at Fox News, being massively retweeted by conservatives and Americans for Prosperity, where they talk about the “brutality” and “violence” of union members at today’s rally in Lansing, Michigan to protest Right to Work legislation. The video shows an Americans for Prosperity tent coming down on the front lawn of the Capitol Building.

As it turns out, American for Prosperity (AFP) themselves were responsible for at least one of the tents coming down. Tom Duckworth watched one of the folks that had been in the AFP tent go around and loosen the straps on the tent. According to Duckworth, “the stakes came down from the INSIDE.”

Here’s video, shot in the office of Progress Michigan, of Duckworth being interviewed by former Progress Michigan Executive Director David Holtz:

Clearly AFP came to this rally to incite an altercation that could be shown on endless loop on Fox to show that union members are, indeed, “union thugs”. Not surprisingly, Fox News cameramen where right there on the spot to capture it all on film. The main physical altercations that occurred happened after the tents came down.

Mission accomplished.

Duckworth spent time after the interview speaking with Ned Resnikoff (@resnikoff), blogger for The Ed Show.

You can sign Progress Michigan’s petition asking Governor Rick Snyder to veto the Right to Work bills HERE.

  • Aberay

    “Some Guy says Union Assault Was Staged” would have been a better headline. Quality reporting guys. /s

    • Terry Saxon

      If it smells like a Koch whore, looks like a Koch whore and slithers like a Koch whore, it’s a Koch whore

      • Sounds like you are a Soros whore. God man, what would you do if your wife and kids were in that tent?

        • artisanr

          Sounds like you’re an Adelson/Breibart/Limbaugh whore. I’d be a Soros whore over that any day.

        • Jeeler

          And kindly take the good noun ‘Canuck’ out of your moniker there, Supply-Side Christer Galt-Boy.
          You don’t deserve that name.

          • Daniel Dvorkin

            I just have to say that “Supply-Side Christer Galt-Boy” is one of the most brilliant insults I’ve ever seen in any political argument. Bravo.

        • Come on now, it was a cloth tent that slowly floated down. Give me a break with the “what would you do if your wife…” line.

          • There were propane heaters in the tent, a fire could have started or worse. And once the tent was down, with people still inside/underneath, they started stomping on the tent. There is video from inside the tent from a woman who was clearly frightened by the anger and violence. I’m sure anyone who wants to see it will be able to find it.

          • “And once the tent was down, with people still inside/underneath, they
            started stomping on the tent. There is video from inside the tent from a
            woman who was clearly frightened by the anger and violence”

            Why is it so necessary for you to post blatant lies? If your purported video actually existed, you’d have posted the link…

          • Toka313

            lol… Not a single video shows these propane heaters. In fact, I didn’t see them at all either. Nobody was scared in that tent until Steven Crowder showed up.. Hmmm…

        • Toka313

          lol… you’re mourning the massive injuries that didn’t happen, unless you were a tent.

      • maisy

        You are showing your intelligence, and how the dems have ruined education.

  • Terry Saxon

    Where have all the legitimate union thugs gone that our rightful place in the limelight is taken by the paid dupes of fascist America?

  • Well, at least this time Fox managed to edit out the palm trees.

  • Les

    So… One union worker says that Fox News and AFP staged the whole thing, including the assault on the Fox News reporter – clearly it must be the truth!

    • la58

      And you trust fox propaganda news

    • Mike

      And Fox News crooned on and on about the massive Romney victory just around the corner. Why would you believe Fox news for anything?

      • Rampant fraud during the election, thats why I would believe Fox over any other stupid arse MSM stations…LOL…

    • Phakt

      Example of polarization. One FOX reporter punched by union guy. FOX makes it headline news… AFP member punches union worker? It would be headline news on every other cable news station.

    • Tammy Peterson

      Yes, clearly. I mean its not like the unions ever intimitated people or anything. I mean, surely they are the ones who would take the high ground at this protest. Right???

  • Straight from the Lee Atwater/Karl Rove book of dirty tricks….

  • Lovely story. The multiple videos lie . Right….. The guys didn’t really pull down the tents while women and children were in them and then stop on them. they never used knives on the tents while women and children were inside . What a sorry excuse . Makes me ashamed to belong to a union. I would turn in any fellow member that acted this shamefully.

    • patsijean

      Did you watch the video? Listen to the witness?

    • la58

      Were you there I was and the tent came down from the inside.

      • You sir, are a liar.

        • la58

          When you see the center poles being pick up and pulled out, I would say it came down from the inside.

          • la58

            By the way, my Father taught me never to lie, because it will only make things worse.

    • Redondo

      I just watched the video and saw no knives used on tents or people, just shoving and a couple punches. AFP intended to disrupt; its not into communication and dialogue. Ultra-conservative haranguers are in-your-face, firing questions one after the other without waiting for answers, insulting, and eagerly hoping for an aggressive response. Some of the union demonstrators lost patience and rewarded AFP with angry responses. The unfortunate thing is that some people like Canuckamuk easily buy Fox’s anti-union propaganda, without trying to understand motivation.

    • aghazy

      And the cops didn’t pepper spray every one of 13,000 people peacefully protesting on the steps.

    • If you don’t like the wages and benefits the union won for you, you’re free to go work where there isn’t one. I suggest you might be almost be qualified to be a Walmart greeter. Just don’t come running to the government when you need food stamps to make ends meet.

    • Swami_Binkinanda

      Pinkertons has a union?

  • thatsitivehadenough

    You communists don’t stand a chance against America. Right to work is CHOICE. Deal with it. Communism is NO CHOICE.

    • la58

      At my UNION HALL we vote on anything that affects the members. So how is that communism. Go FYURS

    • Jeeler

      Fucking idiot. From which grade school were you flunked out?

    • Daniel Dvorkin

      You know, just once I’d like to see people who call anything they don’t like “communism” actually try to live for a year–hell, for a month–in an actual communist country. You might learn something.

    • aghazy

      Right to work is the essence of facism and the company town all over again! It is not a choice. It’s a way for more redistribution of wealth on the back of the working man!

      fascist Someone who believes in a totalitarian state rule by a supreme leader (dictator) who controls everything possible and treats people harshly — to gain the leader’s own success,* to foment an aggressive military nationalism, and to promote a Social Darwinist belief that hard life strengthens the state by weeding out the weak.

    • Mike

      The 1950’s called, they want their jingoism back


      They have choice !!! They make it when they apply for a union or non union job….If you hate unions it is as simple as do not apply for a union job……PROBLEM SOLVED !! To apply for a union job then complain about paying the dues YOU KNEW about when you applied shows that your just out to suck off the honorable workers there. Why may I ask if someone considers unions sooooo horrible would they want to apply for a job that has one other than to TAKE befits others have bargained for and earned?

      • It’s true. 83% of the jobs in Michigan are in non-union shops.

      • thatsitivehadenough

        Are you telling me that you are a liberal against ‘choice?’ As usual. Can’t have it both ways. I’m glad to see the unions lose their power. And so are most hard working Americans. Unions are killing businesses and losing jobs for Americans. Just look at what happened to Hostess. The end of union thuggery is good for business which is good for workers, which is good for the economy, good for the state, and good for America. Funny, you didn’t even notice my reference to communism. Can’t see the trees for the forest I suppose. No one should be forced to have to join a union to gain employment. And now, in MI, they won’t have to. Can’t wait to hear about how many people are quitting the unions there. Should be fun to watch.

  • I remember looking at the tent as it was going down and thought it was strange that it collapsed inward….. shouldn’t have been surprised.

    • Johanna

      OMG! One guy says that BS, and you all go, “Yeah, yeah, that’s it, that’s it! They started it! Yeah, that’s it!” Come on, it wasn’t only FOX news that reported it. I guess you can believe what you will; but I say, for those that are “independent”, they will see the vileness of the whole situation and see union supporters hitting people. NOT good PR for the union, period. They may not like the bill, have the right to protest; but when you start throwing punches, you lose all credibility with me.

      • I couldn’t help but notice you placed “independent” inside quote marks. This is what psychiatrists and poker players refer to as a “tell.” It’s a good way of identifying liars and psychopaths.

      • Phakt

        I for one applaud you Johanna. So few people even care about the truth anymore. It’s all about agenda and politics.

      • webcelt

        Other outlets reported that Fox reported it. That’s not the same thing. By now all honest outlets should just dismiss any reporting from Fox as fake. How many times do they have to get caught running fake video before everyone outside the conservative bubble properly ignores them? They’re clearly just a propaganda outfit with no hesitancy about making things up.

        • me123456789

          unlike the completely honest NBC editing 911 calls to push their agenda through deception…

          • la58

            Why would anyone trust MSM, I’ll get the info from Blogers. At

  • I remember watching the tent coming down and thinking for a sec.. why is it collapsing inward….. I guess I shouldn’t have surprised me.

  • MemereMalek

    canuckamuck…what a stupid question. Why would anyone have their wife & children in a tent they Knew was coming down in a staged event. Stupid!

    • Johanna

      That’s IF you are gullible enough to believe they would take the tent down on themselves. DAH

      • Well, AFP members are exactly that stupid and lame. The gullible corporate sock puppet would be you.

        • Phakt

          Union members who are forced to pay dues, force companies to pay wages and unsustainable benefits some can’t afford? Forcing union workers to lose their jobs all together? No choice? Give me a break.

      • Swami_Binkinanda

        They have you pushing their narrative, why wouldn’t they do that? It’s not like they don’t get paid well for hurting people.

        How much do YOU get paid for hurting people? Ruining their careers and stealing their pensions like Hostess and Bain? Taking good paying jobs overseas for a few years then bringing them back to slave states, I mean RTW states (distinction w/o/a difference)?
        “I can pay half the working class to kill the other half.” Jay Gould, capitalist icon

        • RTW states unemployment is 6.7% and Union states unemployment is 7.6%…7 out of 10 states that pay better wages are RTW states, lol…Google it…

          • Tammy Peterson

            Lower cost of living too. In the end, RTW states fair much better.

          • Toka313

            Not true.

          • me123456789

            It is True. “According to the National Institute for Labor Relations Research, the average worker in a right to work state has seen their wages increase 11.3% from 2000-2010. In non-right to work states, wages rose just 0.7%.”

            “…In states without right to work laws, employment decreased by 5.5% from 2000-2010; …But in right to work states employment increased by 0.3%. “

          • la58

            The question is do they have healthcare a retirement and workplace safety. Or do they have a boss who will shit can him or her for any reason!

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  • Oooh, AFP’s tent collapsed, how horrifying! Seriously, is that the best the corporate goons from AFP can come up with? It’s hilariously pathetic. If they had qualified union workers set up the tents right instead of incompetent corporate shills, there wouldn’t have been a problem.

    • BenTheGuy

      Right. It wouldn’t have gotten it up, because the union would have been on strike, and the one guy who is allowed to hold the stakes while another guy uses a hammer was at lunch, so they couldn’t have put it up anyway.

      • That reminds me of the day when my company used to set up exhibits at the San Jose (California) Convention Center, back when the Teamsters had a stranglehold on the place. You couldn’t pack/unpack your own booths from the carts or even plug in an electrical cord without raising holy hell. The overweight, uncouth low-IQ slobs who held down those jobs would drag their asses and essentially wait to be bribed to get work done in a timely manner. Fast forward a few years and apparently the POd’ the city to the point where they were essentially locked out – and NOBODY missed them. For a couple of years they would try to picket the various trade shows, and they pretty much got slim to none in the sympathy department from most of the patrons, and downright antipathy from the exhibitors who were basically glad to see them gone. While not all union members are stupid or thuggish, the die-hard union-mentality drones are some of the most dim-witted neanderthals to be found on the planet. They piss and moan about how everyone ELSE is responsible for their given predicament, without a freaking clue that they have brought on about 80-90% of their own problems on themselves by their short-sighted actions and counterproductive behavior.

    • Tammy Peterson

      ….and it would have taken twice as many people at four times the cost and would have been done by next Monday.

    • glenmeyers

      I wonder if the union goons were paid to tear down the tent because I can’t see them doing anything extra without getting paid.

  • I’m actually surprised that’s the only thing that happened. 13,000 angry people protesting and the only thing that happens is a right to work tent gets taken down. I think that shows considerable restraint. Our government here in Michigan just slammed through legislation that no one wants, they didnt campaign on, they didnt give us any time to contact our reps to discuss, and within 5 days from concept to it being a law. NOTHING in government gets done that fast. They locked people out of the capitol. They maced people trying to get in. All I can say is who really cares who collapsed a freaking tent. Our rights just got taken away. Pay attention to what is important. They are trying to dismantle the biggest democratic party support system to make it harder for Democrats to raise money. Once they take away your voice, government is no longer about being represented by someone you vote for, and all about the wealthy making laws for the rest of the country.

    • Union thugs punching a man, they cut the ropes to the tent with a woman, kids, and elderly people that were in it…Union thuggery…Also, whatever happened to Freedom of Choice…The Right To Work if just that, it does not hurt the unions, but gives the people a choice in joining the unions instead of being harrassed so much that they are scared for their lives in they don’t join…

      • Toka313

        There were no kids. And no more than 4-5 people actually inside a tent at any time. Nobody has pictures with lots of people in any tent. I’ve seen lots of pictures (and was there myself) with nobody inside the tent.

        • Bingo. But, then, people like Phil don’t let facts get in the way if a good outraged snit and anti-union narrative.

        • Tammy Peterson

          Does it really matter IF no one was in the tents??? Don’t we teach our children to respect other people’s property?? or do we teach them to only respect the property of those we agree with?? Stop making excuses for this behavior. IT WAS NOT JUSTIFIED.

          • Toka313

            Yes, it matters. It’s called a non-violent action at a demonstration. I wholly support what was done.

          • Tammy Peterson

            Am I understanding correctly, tearing down a tent is non-violent? So destroying other’s property is now “non-violent” demonstration. Let’s apply this same reasoning to other demonstrative events like maybe the LA riots… where a mob of people didn’t like something and went through the neighborhood destroying businesses. The businesses were closed or at least people had time to get out so they were empty… By your definition this should be considered a “non-violent demonstration”. PHOOEY. Your thinking is messed up. DESTRUCTION is VIOLENCE. If your definition was used, the Civil Rights marches of the 60’s by Dr. King would have been a lot different.

          • “Am I understanding correctly, tearing down a tent is non-violent?”

            Welcome to the Orwellian logic of the 21st century American Left.

          • Then you are an idiot.

          • maisy

            Tearing down a tent is not non violent. (The grief the tea party people got for absolutely doing nothing except cleaning up after themselves.)

          • Well, thanks for letting us know you’re a little Nazi in the making.

          • That tent cost about $10,000.00, plus there was Electronics, Computers and other Personal belongings in there. If one of those Prophane Tanks had exploded then what–think about that.

        • I have photos of about 30 to 40 people in the AFP tent. I was there and saw the first person rush the tent in question. Plus there was a person in a motorized wheelchair in there. You must have been at the other on at the other side of the Capitol.

    • jaysmack

      please, if an occupy person went to a tea party rally and they destroyed the occupy tent, it would be on the media 24/7 as an example of those eeeeevil teat party loons, come on now

      • actually, probably not. it would probably be shown once or twice on msnbc and cnn and the discussion would basically be “they shouldn’t have come to that rally. what did they think would happen?” remind me again why no one was talking about the fact that the tea party protesters were brandishing guns on their hips, holding signs that said “every now and then, you must water the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants,” mere feet from the POTUS? liberal bias, right? sure.

      • oh and as proof, remember how often the mainstream media talked down to the cops in new york who were unloading pepper spray and arresting peaceful protesters from occupy versus how often the tea party even had to worry about a cop even showing up to their rally let alone use pepper spray on them? I don’t either.

    • Tammy Peterson

      considerable restraint?? Really???? These people are suppose to be adults… if our children acted the same way, we, being honorable, loving, and healthy parents, would punish them.

    • PatrickHenry

      Toni, how does that legislation take away your rights? You can still give your money to a union or any political party your want. It actually increases liberty because now workers wages are not being plundered against their will by forced union dues

      • Of course it doesn’t take away their rights, but it DOES jeapordize the union gravy train, which is why these people are in a state of panic. Their power of coercion is being challenged, and they are reacting accordingly.

    • PatrickHenry

      I suppose you are equally disgusted by the POTUS and Speaker Boehner meeting in private to really take away your liberty and right to keep the rewards of your toil?

    • maisy

      Really? Nothing gets done that fast??/ Try the Obama care bill that you have to pass to find out whats in it…never mind the majority opposed it and still do!!!.MORONS!!!!!

    • “I’m actually surprised that’s the only thing that happened. 13,000 angry
      people protesting and the only thing that happens is a right to work
      tent gets taken down.”

      So they only punched one guy, only tore down one tent, only trashed one guy’s hot dog stand. You act like they deserve some type of medal for that. Typical attitude of totalitarian thugs. If you get in the way of a violent mob, it’s your fault, right?

      “They locked people out of the capitol.”

      And for good reason when you’re dealing with a low-IQ union thug, whose mental toolbox only contains the equivalent of a hammer.

  • SM

    And my understanding is that the altercation when one of the “union thugs” tried to help the person trapped under the tent.

  • Mike

    Honestly, what do they expect to happen. You go into a state and start screwing with people’s livelihoods and taking away the power of the people to bargain then setup a tent in crowd of angry people. I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point we get a crazy person in the mix who decides they need to “use second amendment remedies” to keep their job benefits from being siphoned away. Oh wait, I forget it’s only acceptable for people on the right to talk angry gun riot language about a black president.

    • No one is taking anyone’s “power of the people to bargain”. This only prevents unions from forcing people to join the union against their will. If the unions provide a valuable, necessary service, at a reasonable cost, people will join. Maybe the union leaders will have to take a cut in the $400,000+/year salaries and no more extravagant convention/vacation locations, but that only seems fair.

      • Phakt

        It’s no use Rogue, Union workers are brainwashed and stuck on a skipping record. “Take away rights” blah blah blah. If they even bothered to look past their dogmatic view and read the legislation…. They would probably still ignore it and scream about rights being taken away.

  • What the?

    Unions don’t have to hit someone to look bad, just by bussing people in from other states, and saying that people are freeloaders benefiting from union help when they support a food stamp president is enough for me to say Unions Suck!

  • Georgina

    I was at the rally today and from what I saw Fox News was the only one of the three cable news channels that had a truck at the rally. If I’m wrong about that let me know. All other news trucks that I saw were local affiliates. In this video showing this violence I believe the union member was getting up off the ground before he struck this man. Amazingly fox news was right there to get all this on film. The tent with old people, women, and children inside, as it’s being told on Hannity, looked pretty empty right before this. Possible set up, Hmmmmm. Considering Pro RTW people have invaded all anti-RTW sites all weekend with obvious intentions to agitate and provoke, a real possibility I would say.
    And would you believe I got a picture right now on my camera showing that tent with only their well placed security men at each end of the tent. Funny what you can catch on camera. Fate I guess.

    • CNN showed the video also…It was all union thuggery too…The bastards…

  • What the?

    …hey, and they cheered! Guilty!

  • LOL, I thought this was the Onion at first. So stupid.

  • michiganXmen

    Here’s the guy who started swinging. Does anyone know who this is? Is he union or a plant? The whole thing feels like a Faux News set-up to me.

    • He’s been identified… his name (Tony… Carmanga(sp?) and his union local id (IBEW Local 876) are both on his jacket.

      • And UN-EDITED video shows him getting up off the ground (where Crowder shoved him and caused him to fall?) before (rightfully) punching Crowder in his smirking mouth…

  • Bearzee

    These are the tactics the Nazi Party used in Germany to gain public sympathy and justify their violence.

  • Buck

    Here, ladies and gentlemen, is the Union in
    action. Think the socialists and anarchists are peaceful???? Think
    again. This is what the AFL-CIO truly is. Don’t you know you don’t have a
    right to disagree with them? It’s not as if they are losing there jobs.
    They just don’t think a level playing field is fair. This is Obama
    fueled, community organization at it’s root level. Doesn’t surprise me
    but it is outrageous. Not only are the Unions out to prevent opposition,
    violently, t
    hey claim they will come
    after those who disagree with them. They really have no intelligent
    argument against right to work laws other than it will take money out of
    the Union coffers. Maybe it’s time for the Union bigwigs to go back to
    work with the rest of the American workforce so they can work honestly
    for a living instead of drawing hundreds of thousands of dollars a year
    to agitate and create social disorder. This is Progressivism in
    action…..exactly what the Obama’s, Clinton’s and their minions desire.
    So…..teachers take the day off to protest
    the right to work legislation while they uphold their right not to work
    beliefs. Really, those blessed little children in the Detroit public
    schools don’t really need to learn to read anyway. One doesn’t need to
    read to draw welfare and pop out more little welfare babies. Keeps the
    voter roles stocked with Democrats.

    • I was going to delete this but it’s so entertaining that I decided to leave it up. Sheesh!

  • Buck

    Congratulations Michigan. A right to work state. Now that’s progress:) Unions lose again. Makes My Day!!!!!!!!!!

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  • What liars here on this article, lol…If you watch the video of what really happened on CNN, you can see the truth…It was not only shown on Fox News, lol…There is no doubt in my mind that the violence was started by the union thugs…

  • Right To Work does not hurt the unions but by only one way…It gives the citizen the right to choose whether they want to join a union and pay union dues…You union people are so uneducated…What happened to The Right To Choose People???

    • So you agree then that the scabs should not be able to take advantage of any increases in benefits/wages negotiated by the unions on behalf of their members…Got it…

      • I am from the south, what do you expect??? We hate the union because they came here and destroyed our factories and the factories were sent to other countries, especially to Mexico…So yes…I differ with any union barf…

  • Freedom Of Choice people???

  • Punched and tearing down tent with woman, kids, and elderly in the tent…CNN also showed their video and there is no doubt in my mind that this violence was started by the union sissy arse thugs…

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  • Phakt

    What a joke. Typical leftist crap. It’s like they never grew up. Start a fight, throw the first punch then blame the other guy for starting it. If you even watched any of the video the polls are pulled outward by RTW Protestors.

  • Thugs. Union thugs.

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  • RantMan
    • “Others, who are helping, like we should be: Michelle Malkin, Weasel Zippers and The Daily Caller”

      You’re joking, right?

  • dan

    Yea…I’m gonna believe a Marxist….”The ends justify the means”

  • Unions now need to sell the benefits of a union, not force them. PR time!

  • This article is a lie. There are an ample amount of videos out there now covering this event and they all point to union thugs being the cause. This lie of an interview posted in this article is complete fabrication. Understood?

  • Union thugs also tore down a hot dog stand, so much for being about the working man huh?

  • A pro-union legislator shouted, “There will be blood” as a threat. None of these antics are demonstrations of civil protest. It’s all thuggery.

  • Horton

    I’m with you guys. Please keep your state in the pockets of the unions. Of course unskilled workers deserve 90k per year and full pensions. Of course the Democratic party is entitled to a cut of your paycheck. Your policies are draining the jobs from your state to mine. My home property value thanks you. My business thanks you. My family thanks you.

    Good luck!

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  • John from Detroit

    I have often said that much of what is called “Union violence” is really the management framign the union. Yet another example of it. (Alas for the flamers I seem to gather I point out the word MUCH, it is not all, yes there have been incidents where it really was the union)

  • Kevin Tierney

    Quick, check for black helipcopters! Forget the tinfoil hat, just wrap your entire body in tinfoil.

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  • jaysmack

    where is the evidence that a guy with an NRA hat and jacket (really?) pulled the tent poles? is this guy serious?

  • Tammy Peterson

    I believe AFP did take down one tent in hopes of saving it from destruction. In any event, there simply is no excuse for this violence. None. There were no RIGHTS taken away only laws changed. We are an educated country and a people who can work the political process. Don’t like the laws then work to change them. It is rather humorous to hear those decry the tactics of the Michigan Gov’t but fail to rail when the same tactics are used elsewhere. Do people not realize that violence demonstrates ignorance, immaturity, and cowardice. It just bullying. If the unions find this behavior acceptable then I believe we’ve found the source of the bully in the schools!! Imagine this… UAW bullies sending their bullying children into the schools where the teacher’s union members must deal with the problems… yet standing side by side at this rally.

  • BruceMajorsDC

    Having seen how leftovers behave at tea party rallies, online, and elsewhere, I don’t find these assertions credible. You’d need to have evidence. I think your post is itself disinformation.

  • BruceMajorsDC
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  • mnemonicmike

    You realize that this blog is being held to ridicule in several places? Yeah, those union thugs didn’t attack the tent, even though it’s on film of them doing it, it was the guys inside who pulled it down. I guess that might play for the double-digit IQ crowd.

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  • heckrules

    Who is actually stupid enough to believe this bullshit from Eclectablog ? Stupid liberals!

  • TenMegaton

    Time to remind you progressive retards to kiss my ass.

  • TenMegaton

    You know you want to, scumbags.

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  • glenmeyers

    You can’t edit out or change the video that showed union member tony carmango assaulting Steve Crowder. I hope Carmango is prosecuted to the full extent of the law as should all peace loving people. How many union members love peace and non violence?

    • Tony Carmango – what a great name. Sounds like he’s one of those “Family” associates from New Jersey… :O|

  • glenmeyers

    I believe that when dealing with the unions, those who desagree should be prepared for union violence. That means carrying pepper spray and a handgun for protection. Warn the violent union members first and then use them if you have to protect your life. If it means taking the union members life to save yours then do it. The unions have set the tone.

  • MarkInSavannah

    Personally, I think your all fucked in the head.

    Delete post at your discretion.

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  • maisy

    Michael Savage is SO right- Liberalism is a MENTAL DISORDER!!!!

  • @TruPundit

    Women in short skirts also often stage rapes, I guess.

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  • Jessica

    Tammy you are ignorant. Do you have any knowledge of the union and the foundation in which it was founded. Do you work? Are you a member of the Union? Were you there? Educate yourself and who would have there child at a rally on a school day. If that was the case they are the ones to blame. Did anyone see the Iron worker being lifted from the ground before the violence started or am I the only one. Solidarity forever…….
    Unions have undoubtedly left their mark on the economy, and continue to be significant forces that shape the business and political environments. They exist in a wide variety of industries, from heavy manufacturing to the government, and assist workers in obtaining better wages and working conditions.
    The United States of America is a Union.

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