Bwahahahahaha — December 13, 2012

Americans for Prosperity holding presser today, demanding justice. For their tents. And freedom.


Aye, aye, aye…

Americans for Prosperity, which lost a couple of tents during the anti-Right to Work for Less rally in Michigan, is seeking “justice” for those tents, gosh darn it.

Coalition Holds Presser to “Demand Justice” for Endangerment and Assault of Its Members, Activists, Innocent Bystanders

LANSING, Mich.—Grassroots activists, innocent bystanders, and coalition groups will gather on the south Capitol lawn today, Thursday, Dec. 13th, at 2:30 p.m., to denounce the endangerment, assault, and trampling on of their first amendment rights by union protestors. The group is demanding “justice” for the episode, which occurred on Tuesday around noon, in which union protestors tore down a tent even as people under the tent struggled to get out from underneath it.

“This goes beyond politics and even the issue of right-to-work,” said Scott Hagerstrom, state director of Americans for Prosperity-Michigan. “It wasn’t our tent; it was our first amendment rights that were trampled on by a mob of angry union protestors. We are calling on union leaders, Mayor Virg Bernero, and others to condemn this sort of violence and intimidation.”

Clint Tarver the Hot Dog Guy will attend, it appears. Apparently, it’s never too late to play newfound political interest into more publicity for your hot dog stand (which, by the way, is safe and sound and was never at the rally much less destroyed by “union thugs”.)

This is all very interesting because, as Marcy Wheeler points out, no charges were filed the day of the “endangerment, assault, and trampling”.

But aside from the obvious editing in the Crowder video–possibly hiding that the punch was not the first event in the altercation–I pointed out that Crowder didn’t report the event to any of the 350 cops who were brought in to make sure something like this didn’t happen.

Unlike most of the people engaging in this, I’m a MI taxpayer. Which means I paid my share of the reported $25,000 an hour (which would add up to something like $300,000 for the day) to make sure we had 350 out of town cops on site to prevent violence.

And yet Crowder chose not to report his alleged assault to those 350 cops.

That’s the other reason–aside from the obvious heavy edits–why I don’t immediately accept Crowder’s story. Why, when taxpayers like me paid good money to make sure this event was heavily patrolled, would you go and edit a video (possibly–though I haven’t been able to confirm the time of the alleged attack–for up to 3 hours) rather than tell the cops?

Why would you let the crime scene grow cold?

Why wouldn’t you report the crime immediately to make sure you could prosecute the alleged assailant?

It’s not just Crowder. If AFP folks like Hagerstrom think a crime was committed, why the hell didn’t THEY go to the cops?

If they want justice for their tent, maybe they can get the Hot Dog Guy to share some of the $16,000+ that has been raised on his behalf to replace $500 worth of lost stuff.

Nah. That wouldn’t allow them to keep their false narrative in the news.

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  • You send in agitators to an already tense situation and something is going to happen and AFP brought it on themselves. Crowder you got your ass kicked man up, except it, and walk away. Tired of these BSCRWNJS perverting the constitution to get their way or try and fabricate some cock and bull story their rights were taken away.

  • Since they brought down their own tents for a story, they should reach into their own pockets and pay themselves.

  • Georgina

    For anybody that’s interested read today’s article in todays MLive by Matthew Davis. It pertains to this issue. I can’t ever remember reading a piece of journalism quite like this. The whole story sounds like a setup. Especially if you were at the rally. For MLive to allow this kind of journalism. Anybody know who owns Mlive. Time to google I guess.

  • Thomas Howes

    I think the Prosperity yo-yo’s should realize that behind them, in the State Capital, sits Snyder and his bullies who have taken ball bats and clubs to working people in the State of Michigan. I think the tent gig was unfortunate, but things like this happen when bullies break the legs and skulls of hardworking people. Backs against the wall, workers in this State have endured much more than a wrecked tent or a broken tooth. Snyder, and many more like him across this great Nation, are trying to beat Unions into submission. Study history, listen to Seeger and Guthrie, and recognize that Snyder’s days, and the Prosperity goons, will see their power taken back by a proud working class people. The tipping point has been reached.

  • the viceroy’s gin

    Look, you lefties got annihilated at the ballot box. In 2010 for elected office, and in 2012 for the ballot proposals and elected office.

    And then after pushing those stupid labor union ballot proposals this cycle, against all sound advice, and watching them go down HARD… what the heck did you expect? You messed with the bull and you got the horns. RTW. Congratulation King, and all the rest of the union legbreakers. You asked for it, and you got it.

    And now you’re making excuses for the violent goons this past week, the thugs who will be in Jackson State Prison soon (you don’t just get away with assaulting the State Police, fyi)? And claiming that your political opposition should NOT be at that state capital building, and should expect violent assault if they are? Sorry, kids, but Michigan is OUR state, not yours. And if you wanna know who WE are, the majority and mainstream, just check the polling data, and election data. We don’t include the violent goons you seem to be cheering for.

    You lost, huge. Get over it. And that RTW law ain’t gettin’ rolled back, I assure you.

    • Michiganmitch

      “and elected office” are you sure you know what annihilated means. We padded the lead in the U.S. Senate (Stabenaw a 20 point win), made a substantial gain in the U.S. House garnering over 1 million more votes nationwide, annihilated (this is what it means) a clownish candidate running on a 19th century platform by 4% in the popular vote and an electoral landslide, 332-206 winning by 9.5 ponts in Michigan. In spite of criminal redistricting we picked up House seats in state. The workers revolution is underway it appears to those who aren’t delusional. I assure you that law will be up on referendum in 2014 and you can get back to paying your dues.

      • the viceroy’s gin

        Well hey, bring it on! FYI, the majority of the state supports RTW. You lefties will be hurting yourself badly in 2014, if that shows up on the ballot again.

        Oh and nobody cares about Romney, or Snyder either, fyi. They’re both closer to you lefties than anything. RTW passed DESPITE Snyder, who didn’t want it but was about to have it rammed down his throat, in addition to being recalled/primaried himself.

        Suggest you lefties go back in the archives and review Wisconsin, and Scott Walker. Nothing good is going to happen to you, re these RTW matters. It’s over. You got thrashed, because that’s what the People want.

        This is OUR state… not yours, and least of all not those who are violent union goons.

        • Oh, pleasepleaseplease run more far-right tea party conservatives. By 2014, you guys will have a hard time getting a haircut in Michigan, much less elected to office.

          • the viceroy’s gin

            That’s what you all thought this time through. Remember?

            Those teabaggers were toast!

            I count a grant total of ZERO Tea Party types removed from office in Michigan. And 3 total from the US House, all across the country. That wave struck, and held, fyi.

            That US House is gonna hold forever, and so will the Michigan House. Remember, despite your fantasies, that RTW legislation is OVERWHELMINGLY popular, and like Wisconsin, it’s going to get even more popular over time.

            Remember, this is OUR state, not yours. ;-)

          • Tell that to Janice Daniels. ::facepalm::

          • the viceroy’s gin

            Well done. The Troy mayor is a huge victory for you lefties, I’m sure. ;-)

            I guess your much hated teabagger enemies will just have to muddle along here in their state, with RTW and such.

          • Michiganmitch

            What is it about the T-bag agenda that is so attractive to you. Based on your misreading of current trends and misrepresentation of polls, I find it hard to believe that you can make a coherent case for what day it is much less anything any deeper. What John Stewart Mill said in essence years ago hold true, especially for blowhards like you. Not all conservatives are stupid but most stupid people are conservative. And no this is not your state and it never was.

          • the viceroy’s gin

            This is our state. We are the mainstream. We voted up the politicians who voted up RTW. We voted down the bizarre ballot initiatives you and your violent union goon allies pushed for.

            And now we the mainstream are prosecuting the violent union goons arrested in Lansing. They’ll do time in Jackson State Penitentiary, hopefully.

            This is our state, we in the mainstream, not you in the small minority. We have politics how we want it, and we arrest violent criminals and take them off the street.

            You better decide which side you’re on here. We the mainstream or the violent criminals. The tone of this blogsite implies you’re with the violent criminals.

            This is our state.

          • Michiganmitch

            Nah, you are wrong and the future will demonstrate that. BTW, the “tone” of your comments is far more aggressive and suggestive of violence than any progressive’s I read on this site. “Bring it on ” etc. Tis your type that possess a cache of weapons, have CC permits, join militias and speak of “the blood of patriots” but don’t dismiss the new militancy of progressivism. We realize that your type are full of idiot bully-bluster and backing down for us is out of the question. I asked you to highlight what bagger ideas actually appeal to you and how they will work for you and Michigan. I sense evasion on your part. I know it must be hard to expound on that which is imaginary but give it a try so I can debunk them. For example, RTW is actually the right to mooch and RTW states are essentially third world by all measures.(Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana, Texas, S. Carolina, Georgia)

          • the viceroy’s gin

            As I say, only the few agree with you, like your buddies the violent criminals arrested in Lansing, for example.

            This is our state, not yours, and not your violent friends.

            No need to “back down”. You zealots have been put down by the mainstream of this state. Enjoy.

            And it’s amusing you’re waiting for the “future” to justify your assertions. Keep waiting. ;-)

            This is our state, not you and your violent criminal buddies.

          • Michiganmitch

            Perhaps if you say it enough you will convince yourself that you are correct but Michigan isn’t your state. I now that is how cons try to make the big lie mainstram. I take my cues from the present and a landslide win in a statewide U.S. sentorial election for Debbie is the most accurate barometer as she slapped aside a would-be bagger by 20 points, not to mention Obama’s 9.5% bitchslapping of Romney, the nearest bagger-like personage in sight. Think Santorum or another bagger-like candidate would have done better here in MY state? NO WAY, he and any of the rest would have lost by 20 points but a disgrace of that magnitude seems to be a mandatae with the illogic you continue to espouse. Still waiting for the definitve case for baggery that I will smack down in seconds. What freedumbs have you been deprived of excepting that a good education. That goes without saying. Begin with Right to Mooch!

          • the viceroy’s gin

            Oh, I doubt anybody’s concerned about Willard, dude. He more resembles you lefties than anything. And Hoekstra is more up your alley, as well. Those elections tell us little about Michigan, nor did Snyder’s election. They’re all your people, more or less.

            What matters is such as RTW, which we rammed down Snyder’s throat, because this is our state.

            But hey, have at it, “educating” the mainstream of the state that you and your violent criminal buddies speak for us. It ain’t working, so far.

            This is our state. Not you and the criminals’.

          • Michiganmitch

            As I suspected, you have no case for teabaggery to debate so I will have to concede that you and Sarah Palin wish to remain willfully ignorant and you have no answer for the violent tendencies that you and yours try to project upon others. Just a warning, I am not 75 and in a wheel chair so yelling and spitting in my facr won’t fly without repercussion.

          • the viceroy’s gin

            Yes, you lefties and your violent criminal buddies are all about threatening and acting out violently, as we saw this past week. ;-)

            Fortunately, we the mainstream of this state have arrested some of those criminals, and they’ll soon be on their way to prison. Let that be a lesson to you and the rest.

            And remember, this is our state. Not yours. And not your violent criminal friends’.

  • Pati

    I’m with you Mr. Howes. People can only take so much. Personally, my limit for tolerance has been surpassed, but I’m not crazy enough (yet) to take on the gov. myself. I do believe most Americans have become lazy and complacent when it comes to political awareness, they are too “engaged” in life on facebook and the quest for the latest tech toy. WAKE UP!!! When your ass is living in policed states, you aren’t going to be tweeting a damn thing!! I wish people would get serious about standing up for their rights!
    I was fortunate to be in Lansing Tuesday. And I am so greatful to all the folks who were there. When you see so many come together like that it really touches your soul and gives you hope. To know that those bastards looked out the windows and saw a sea of people-not to mention all the ones inside-and still signed the bill shows how little they think of the people. So it’s no surprize they (well,AFP) would tear down their own tent. Did you already forget all the fraudulant “Democrat” absentee ballots the Republicans were caught filing in several states? These people are born liars without a conscience.

    • the viceroy’s gin

      FYI, there were less than 2,000 people demonstrating in Lansing the day that RTW bill got signed. Forget the media fantasies.

      Less than 2,000 and many looked like angry, violent criminals. They are inconsequential, fyi. They are not Michigan. Not even close.

      • Michiganmitch

        In your world 15,000= 2,000
        BTW, no arrests. Since witnesses and a camera actually caught the whiner who got punched shoving the other guy to the ground, he is the criminal and the other guy was practicing self-defense.

        • the viceroy’s gin

          You better check with the 8 violent lefty criminals who were maced and then arrested by the Michigan State Police. They’ll be spending some time in the state penitentiary, if all goes well. You don’t assault the MSP and get away with it, much as you lefties and your criminal elements want that.

          Oh, and a couple more violent criminals were arrested outside Snyder’s office. I guess all the violent lefty criminals listened to that lefty Michigan state legislator: “There will be blood”, he said.

          That’s how the criminal element thinks, apparently.

          But we in the mainstream of this state will put them down. It’s our state, afterall, not you lefties and your violent buddies’.

          This is our state. Not yours. And certainly not the violent criminal elements you prefer.

        • the viceroy’s gin

          And it was less than 2,000 of those union goons at that demonstration, fyi. Check the aerial photos. It’s easy to count and extrapolate. It was well less than 2,000.

          But the less than 2,000 were plenty violent, as we know. That’s why so many were arrested by the MSP. They were violent criminals, and that’s what you do to criminals. You arrest them and prosecute them and send them to jail. Well, not you lefties. You like that violence.

          • Michiganmitch

            Dad- in your last idiotic post you mentioned something about math and how one couldn’t argue with it. Here are some numbers that make you look even sillier with your fruedian hangup about me being your son than I have already made you look.

            15,000 is not = to 2,000
            RTW states represent 9 of the 12 lowest states in Median
            Household income and average over $5,000 less per year per household as a
            RTW states represent 9 of the 12 lowest states in average
            income per capita and one is likely to make on average $1,500+ LESS per year.
            Of 18 states with the highest percentage of households below
            the poverty line, 14 are RTW states and residents are 18% more likely to be
            Of the 12 states featuring the least number of citizens with
            HC coverage, 9 are RTW states and one is 28% less likely to have insurance.
            Of the 10 states with the worst ratio of college graduates,
            9 of 10 are RTW states and 8 of 11 are rated at the bottom of the list in a measure of overall education.
            Here is a little tidbit debunking any claim of success by Indiana’s t-bag gov.

          • the viceroy’s gin

            Well, I encourage you to attempt to make your case (peaceably and abiding with the law, this time, the rest of us would certainly hope) as regards RTW.

            But as of now, in Michigan, we in the mainstream of the state have decided your case is sadly lacking. We’ve gone in another direction. We prefer our direction over yours. We think ours is better. We outnumber you quite significantly. You seem to have trouble with mathematics, and likely simple arithmetic, but take my word for it, we outnumber you quite handily. This is our state, not yours, and not your violent criminal elements.

            I’d encourage you, as you make your case, to disavow the violent criminal behavior you and your ilk have employed and are celebrating on website discussion such as this one. We in the mainstream will lock you up in jail. This is our state, not yours. You and your criminal element have just cost us millions of dollars, because we had to mobilize law enforcement to keep you from smashing, attacking and destroying. You cost us. You are amoral and violent, and you seem to celebrate that. That’s disgusting. Purely disgusting.

            Go ahead and make your case. Do it peaceably, and stop forcing us to account for and pay for your violent crimial behavior.

          • Michiganmitch

            As a pretend engineer, one would think that you could put together even some feeble case based on the numbers but you can’t. I am tired slapping you around and making you look the fool.

          • the viceroy’s gin

            No need to argue, son. We in the mainstream have already argued the point, the argument is over, and necessary action taken. In engineering, we call this “settled practice”. You lefties and your violent criminal buddies lost, handily, and the only remaining issue is how many of you go to prison for committing violent felonies.

            This is our state. Not yours and the other violent criminals.

          • Michiganmitch

            Mornin’ DB- As I predicted in December, those patriots that were protesting fascism in Lansing, MI will face NO JAIL TIME as the charges have been reduced to MISDEMEANORS! The idiotic claims you made about sentences to the pen are even more laughable today than back at the time you made then. All an indicator of how far a fake-engineer is off on most things. Read and weep, bagger.


      • Michiganmitch

        …..and YOUUUU are qualified to examine aerial photos and make crowd estimates? 8/15000=.053% So one can assume that all are violent based on the behavior of five hundredths of one percent of the participants?

        • the viceroy’s gin

          Yes, I and anybody else who can count can make crowd estimates. That may exclude you, of course. And there weren’t 15,000 union goons in that crowd, it was less than 2,000 as mentioned.

          Which sounds about right. You can’t get many more violent criminals than that to go demonstrate, not in our state at least. There’s only a few of your type available here.

          Because this is our state, my friend…we in the mainstream. It doesn’t belong to you and the violent criminal elements that you and this discussion are enthralled with.

          You can visit your violent criminal buddies in Jackson State Penitentiary, when they get there, serving time for their assaults on the MSP.

          • Michiganmitch

            So the experts that did the estimation were off by a factor of 850%? You used another word that again you don’t know the meaning to and that is extrapolate. Later you said all you need to do is count and extrapolation implies formulating an equation into which you input an area and a headcount. Then you would have to determine how many blocks of that area with that predicted density existsed in the aerial photo and multiply that times the first result. The steps must then be repeated for areas that have a lesser density after of course all similar area blocks of density have been identified. Of course this must be done for EVERY unique block of densities. You didn’t do that and neither did whoever told you the number you used. BTW, my prediction that the patriots-martyrs (criminals) you mentioned won’t ever go to prison. Some may get short term jail sentences and fines with probation after pleading to lesser charges. FYI- for those teabagger racists that have attempted to project their racism on union folks, the original purpose of RTW law was to prevent “forced” integration of the workforce and to prevent miniorities from being elevated to equal status. Google Vance Muse and the KKK for details.

          • the viceroy’s gin

            No, those weren’t “experts”, it was the typical lefty propaganda.

            And son, extrapolation it the continuation of a linear equation’s graphical output, following the same slope. At least, that’s what several decade’s worth of professional engineering has taught me, if not 9th grade algebra.

            Count the souls in a small area, and then extrapolate that count over the entire area. Do that, and you’ll find less than 2,000 people were in that violent demonstration.

            And a dozen or more of those violent criminals will soon be in our prison system. Assaulting the MSP will do that .

            This is our state. We are the mainstream. Our state doesn’t belong to you and your violent criminal buddies.

          • Michiganmitch

            “Count the souls in a small area, and then extrapolate that count over the entire area. Do that, and you’ll find less than 2,000 people were in that violent demonstration.” You seem to need a retake on that Algebra and some reading comprehension help too. Re-read what I wrote and it is exactly the “formula” above that your handler has just provided you with and again, you didn’t do that and you are not an engineer, you aren’t intelligent enough. BTW, what union do you belong to?

          • the viceroy’s gin

            I’m always amused when you hard lefties try to pose as educated. You really don’t know what you’re talking about, son. Really.

            But it goes with the territory, I suppose. You’re in here cheerleading for your violent criminal brethren. The low class and uneducated generally behave criminally, as we know.

            Remember, son, your violence can’t change mathematics, nor can it change we in the mainstream.

            This is our state. Not yours, and not your violent criminal buddies’.

  • alexa_v

    Another Breitbart Fake Outrage Bites the Dust: Crowder Admits He Shoved Union Members

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