GOP, GOPocrisy — October 6, 2012 at 10:51 am

The One Advantage The GOP Has Is That They Have No Credibility To Lose


A Republican is a man who will let not truth get in the way of what he believes.

If you were the Captain of the Hindenburg or the Titanic, you probably wouldn’t put that on your resume. But across the country on November 6, hundreds of candidates will put “Republican” next to their names on ballots.

If your party blew the surplus, invaded the wrong country and let bin Laden get away, you’d probably sit a few elections out. But what Republicans know is that failing in every way actually puts you at a huge advantage. That’s how they used the mess they created to beat the guys who were trying to clean it up in 2010. And that’s why they think they can do the same thing again 2012.

Since July 2009 America has been gaining jobs every month. How did we go from losing 700,000 jobs to gaining jobs in less than a year? We call it the Stimulus – Mike Grunwald calls it The New New Deal. It prevented a Great Depression and it continues to reshape the way America will produce energy for decades to come. But by simply calling it a failure from the day it became law, Republicans have made it less popular than genital warts.

Republicans have managed to make issues that are settled science – climate change, evolution, birth control – into political tug-of-wars, where progress is secondary to making a failed argument.

The way most of America sees Republicans – jaded, deceitful, scheming – is how Republicans see scientists or anyone who produces data they don’t like.

They curse the polls when they go down and yet they’re completely unembarrassed to trump them when they go up.

This is how you get Republicans questioning jobs numbers, birth certificates, thermometers… This is how you get Republicans repeating debunked lies endlessly and calling their opponents liars.

For you to believe that the President is manipulating the jobs numbers, you also have to believe that he is also manipulating the Dow, the housing market, consumer confidence…. And that he waited 43 months to finally fix the jobs numbers.

But a Republican is a person who will let not truth get in the way of what they believe. That’s a huge advantage in American politics, as Mitt Romney proved Wednesday night.

The future of the country isn’t just on the ballot next month. We’ll also be deciding if reality and facts matter.

  • Michiganmitch

    How utterly pathetic the Republican Party has become. The BLS, the pollsters, 90%+ of climate scientists, the CBO and many other mutually agreed upon referees are all in league against them when the numbers don’t agree with their version of reality. Not only that but we hear the REAL unemployment rate is not 7.8% or 8.1% but 19% if those who quit looking are included. Excuse me but wasn’t it St. Ronnie who pushed for a “different” method of calculating unemployment because the number he was getting under the old method was too embarrassing? Then we have the VP candidate flagged by numerous MSM outlets for multiple lies include in his acceptance speech at the RNC. Now Romney launches no less than “27 Myths” as Obama is inundated with an avalanche of lies and 180 degree policy reversals en route to a Republican “win” in the first debate. I would be fearful if I was a Repub that my kids might be watching. Honesty and integrity are important values to be transmitted by example at my house.

  • Carol

    What’s making me tear out what’s left of my hair is the young female voters I’m talking to who proudly proclaim they’ll be voting for Mitt Romney. I come up short as I try to divine how this could possibly be so. There’s no sense arguing with someone who makes (has?) no sense.
    These young ladies confound me. The young men are more easily explained…they like the bully they saw commandeer the stage at the recent debate, caring little for the repercussions of their decision.
    I conclude that this “debate” will far outlast me…and America will continue to slink forward into the future, dragging them kicking and screaming behind.

  • TheBusDriver

    1. I’m not a huge fan of G.W.B, but I’m pretty sure that, even though was the commander in chief, catching Bin Laden wasn’t his fault. Honestly, do you think that Barrack Obama was the strategist that organized the intel and coordinated the op? No; he just signed the papers and looked into the camera.
    2. While it’s true that the surplus did blow during GW’s term, at it’s end it sat at approximatley 1 trillion. Where is it today? Well over 10 trillion and counting.
    3. Gaining jobs every month? Fact check time. Sure, we’re TECHNICALLY gaining jobs every month, but WHAT jobs. After losing the 700,000 $50-$60,000 average salary jobs, we’ve gained back some $20,000 to $30,000 jobs. Money doesn’t come out of thin air, we simply sliced it and smoothed it out; kinda like a child spreading out his mashed potatoes.
    4.”Produce energy for decades to come.” – too bad renwable energy resources, for the most part, are NON-PROFITABLE. Why do the companies still do it then? Thank our government for their paychecks. Hmm, wonder what happens when government spending gets cut? Seems like a failure to me.
    5.Settled science? Last time I checked two of the three “settled sciences” were theories. That’s a fact check Mr. Webster can clarify.
    6.Job numbers, birth certificates, and thermometers. Cute metaphor, but the birth certificates are the only feasible point I see.
    7.As I said before, all we’ve accomplished is down-grading the jobs. Keep in mind that the gas prices- about 40% tax btw, income taxes, power prices (thank the tax hike on coal,) food prices, etc. are on a steady incline.
    If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m kind of sick of the whole “All republicans are stupid, closed-minded, unreasonable people” bit. I fact checked both sides for myself – more than most americans can say for themselves – and while I strongly dislike both candidates, I feel Romney is the “lesser of two evils” as far as stupidity goes.
    “But Romney used unfair tactics!” Guess what? So does Obama. It’s called politics, and it’s foreign to none of us. Does that justify it? No, but like I said I dislike both candidates.

    • Anon

      Because I don’t have the time to counteract your wall of text I will point out just one grave misunderstand that you have made.

      “5.Settled science? Last time I checked two of the three “settled sciences” were theories. That’s ”

      I don’t think the word theory in a scientific context means what you think it means. Also, along those lines, do me a favor and go test the theory of gravity.
      A scientific theory is “a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world, based on a body of facts that have been repeatedly confirmed through observation and experiment.”

    • The President’s name is Barack Obama, not “Barrack”. As far as the ret of what you said, yeesh. You are one brainwashed Obama hater.

    • chibi chibi

      You’re a bus driver. That’s enough information for me to discern that you are no Rhodes Scholar. Fact check away! One thing you neglected to fact check is that the White House has absolutely NO power over the gasoline prices. Look it up on Google, it’s there all day long. FYI, while you’re googling, look up the CBO, they issued a statement yesterday about The White House cutting the projected deficit outlook by 900 billion this fiscal year which means he shaved it down. Put that in your brain trust.