GOP, GOPocrisy — October 15, 2012 at 8:27 am

Don’t Help Mitt Romney Win


For the next few weeks, act like a Republican

Republicans must be nervous. Just as he did before the Ryan/Biden debate, Matt Drudge is going after the moderator of the next debate.

This is what Republicans do. They do everything to raise doubts when they may lose and, when they lose, they never admit defeat.

As Joe Biden was walloping Paul Ryan, the GOP decided to attack his laugh and they’ve stuck to that for days. Meanwhile, they’re shamelessly politicizing the attack in Libya as if were as security failure on par with 9/11 and Iraq. And this is easy for them because they have no shame. Would Fox News ever react the way MSNBC did after the first presidential debate? Not in a million years.

And, right now, I understand why Republicans invest so much in propaganda. Too much is at stake when we elect a president.

The Supreme Court, Medicare, tax fairness for the rich, Medicaid for the poorest and most vulnerable, Pell Grants, Head Start, the War in Afghanistan, a new war in Iran… just to hit the high notes.

The only shame now is losing.

I know this doesn’t fit the liberal brain, but the liberal brain gets clobbered when you have an opponent who is purposely lying to get you to talk about what he said and instead of what he’d do.

So what can we do? Volunteer and donate, of course.

But there’s more you can do.

Tweet like a Republican for a few weeks. Even if President Obama comes out on stage and collapses in a tearful heap, say, “Romney looked ridiculous standing next to the president who obviously feels the pain of the millions of vulnerable Americans Mitt Romney wants to kick off Medicaid.”

Don’t be a theater critic. Don’t give Romney credit for his performance or how effectively his hides his extreme views. Attack his extreme views and point out how silly they are.

So I’m being so preachy and sure of myself, but for the next few weeks, I’m acting GOP. And that’s the strategy that makes sense.

The only way liberals can ever govern as liberals is if we campaign like Republicans.


  • maggy

    When the heck are Dems/liberals going to stop parroting corp media spin? Stop it! Now! After first debate I did just what you recommend here, but was buried by “Obama lost” drama. Get smart Dems.

  • samcdc

    What??? You mean the “pundits” on Faux Snooze weren’t screaming about Lyin’ Ryan’s FAILURE TO BE MORE AGGRESSIVE!!!!! in the debate? (Confession: I don’t ever watch Propaganda Central, the Faux Folks, that is).

    On the other hand, I don’t like even the conjecture: “Even if President Obama comes out on stage and collapses in a tearful heap …” It won’t happen. Can’t happen.

  • aullery

    I think you guys have been doing a good job of it for a long time already! This independent moderate can’t even tell the difference between Republicans and Democrats anymore, since the hateful, fact-spinning rhetoric is all the same :)

    • alejo699

      False equivalency.

  • TeacherPatti

    Word. The Republicans are really bad at things like compassion, giving a shit about anyone besides themselves and, interestingly, giving head (don’t ask how I know this). They are really really good, however, at being mean and loud and telling you how much you suck. It’s time for us to be loud, stay on message and refuse to back down.

  • Sidney18511

    I got a good laugh reading this, BUT IT IS TRUE. President Bush could of bit the face off an infant and spit it into the audience and the rightwing nutjobs would if turned that into a good thing. Tweet and post like a republican!

  • I concur.

  • 100% agreed. President Obama gave a tremendous effort tonight and now it’s up to the rest of us to finish the job. We must not let Romney/Bush back into office (Romney did an absolutely terrible job differentiating himself from Bush tonight…)

  • I strong disagree with this; the willingness to spew prolefeed inevitably becomes the willingness to swallow it. This happened to the communists and it happened to the GOP, and don’t for a moment think that it won’t happen to liberals. The willingness to ignore reality in favor of what we wish to be true, or what is expedient to electoral victory, is merely the first step down the road to that horrid, crazy place where the raving lunatics of the GOP mewl in the dark about baby-killing communazis and shariah-law implementing, atheist homofascists. You can’t take the One Ring and hope to do good with it–all that your sterling intentions will amount to is resisting it just a wee bit longer than they did.