Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan — September 26, 2012 at 8:57 am

Paul Ryan’s Promise To Make Life More Difficult For Women


If you want to prevent abortions, you make sure everyone has health care, a high school education and birth control. Not the exact opposite.

When I’m at my most cynical, I almost believe that the Republican Party isn’t just a conspiracy to explode the national debt. It’s also a plot to force women into abortions.

In countries where the GOP dream of making abortion illegal has been realized, abortion rates are higher than countries where access is available.

In Arizona, where anti-abortion crusaders have passed some of the most restrictive women’s health laws in the country, abortion rates seemed to have increased.

And nothing is more incomprehensible than the GOP’s campaign against what should be seen as the greatest victory for pro-lifers in decades: the contraception mandate.

In any insurance plan, women will receive contraception with no co-pays. Nothing the government has ever done will prevent more abortions.

Several states have mandated that insurance include contraception for years. The reasons for this are obvious. Reproductive health care is basic health care for women. Not only does contraception save insurers and the public the costs of unwanted children, it’s necessary for many women to treat common health problems. Arguing against including contraception in insurance because it may violate an employer’s beliefs is like arguing insurance shouldn’t cover kids born out of wedlock.

In America, you have the freedom of your beliefs. And I have the freedom to not have your beliefs thrust upon me.

Last weekend, Paul Ryan promised to get rid of the contraception mandate on “day one” of a Romney administration. “It will be gone. I can guarantee you that,” he said.

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright wondered how any woman except Ann Romney could vote for Mitt – a man who is literally promising to repeal a law that prevents insurers from charging women more just because they’re women.

The choice this election could not be starker. A woman’s right to make private, personal choices about her body is on the ballot. So is the right to be treated as an equal human being by insurers. If Mitt Romney wins, that will be taken away, as Paul Ryan says, on “day one.”

[CC image by Anne Savage.]

  • Constant Comment

    Your headline is correct: the GOP does want to make life as difficult as possible for women. That’s the whole point. Make no mistake: their faux “pro-life” stand was never about the “babies” — it’s about the disempowerment of women in the home and workplace.

    • reginald merryweather

      I disagree, it’s about pandering to the uneducated religious homophobic middle American masses. The disempowerment of women is just a byproduct of what the GOP thinks will garner them to most votes.

      • Skeptik

        It’s not a byproduct when religion itself purposefully disempowers women at every turn. i cannot wait for the superstitious to cease being a huge voting bloc.

      • eyebeam

        No, it’s not a side effect, it’s a primary goal. Turn women into subservient baby machines, who then churn out unwanted children, who then make easy prey for the the fear-and-loathing GOP hate machine, as well as provide desperate, cheap labor.

    • Gaunt Dusk

      I think that’s a touch conspiratorial. I honestly think they’re that stupid that they don’t see the connection due to their religiosity.

    • I would believe their “pro-life” and religious views until they talk about education and healthcare. Theres no way they can believe in keeping your children when they don’t want to control the only things that they have to be successful.

    • bsaunders

      I don’t think disempowering women stops with women. It degrades the bargaining power of everyone. Remove from women their earning power and their control over fertility and you also bind men – in particular those men who are married and supporting their families – to the mercy of their employers. A wife staying at home or involuntarily working part time because she is pregnant with or caring for unplanned children (not to mention a wife whose health is endangered by such) cannot be a second breadwinner, and cannot be the health insurance provider through her home. A wife who cannot plan her career schedule and reproductive schedule also translates to a husband more desperate in his workplace.

  • I get the feeling that Republican men just never ever want to get laid. EVER!

    • Anon

      No, they do. They just expect the woman to go back to the kitchen after.

    • Steven

      They probably figure if they can’t no one else should either. Ann and Janna don’t seem super affectionate.

    • they want to legalize rape… or at least force women to bear their rape babies and then sue them for custody and child support…

      it has happened

    • crash

      no, they do… they just want her to take the money and leave. they are the real job creators you know.

    • eyebeam

      They just want to make sure when they rape a woman, she stays raped.

      • Well, if its legitimate rape she wouldn’t be pregnant anyway so…

  • WugMac

    Never really thopught about it like that man, it makes sense.

  • bluskool

    You have “is” and “on” switched up in this sentence: “A woman’s right to make private choices on her body on is the ballot.” Just thought you might like to know.

  • noabruce

    Are you insane? Let’s correct your sentence “If you want to prevent the murder of babies in the womb, you make sure everyone has health care, a high school education and birth control. Not the exact opposite.” Since when is there a justifiable reason to kill babies? Watch and think about your statement again.

    • scurrilous

      Whatever your views are, I’m pretty sure the term ‘abortion’ is acceptable for what the title was trying to say.

      Also pretty sure the article is implying that it would be better for women to be better educated and have easy access to birth control, therefore lowering the number of abortions.

      So calm down dude.

      • crash

        pretty sure thats an automated post… trolling for “pro-abortionists”. should be flagged as spam.

    • s07

      get a grip on reality, and think about your statement again.

    • Manticore

      I watched that movie and would still have an abortion. A fetus is not a baby, nor does it get rights as a person.

    • Your reading comprehension must be incredibly low. You can swap out “murder of babies in the womb” for “abortion” and vice versa, but the meaning is still the same: if women have better, cheaper access to healthcare, a high school education and birth control, then they are less likely to need an abortion.

      Why are you arguing with something you seem to agree with?
      Side note: I watched about 2 minutes of the documentary before I got bored. It has an obviously biased selection of interviews…never heard of anyone in my entire life who doesn’t know who Adolf Hitler is. It can’t be very good research.

  • Personal_Responsibility

    This is full on insanity. What happened to taking personal responsibility? I know that BC can prevent baby making in cases of rape and casual sex. It does not protect against STDs. What happened to taking a condom on a date? It provides both types of protection. What happened to just using a condom? It has been used for ages, and yes it has a failure rate but so does BC by pill, injection, or what not. BC without insurance costs $15 for a 3 month supply. This is much cheaper than condoms. Save your 3 starbucks over the period and buy it yourself. Insurance isn’t a means of direct access. It is to cover in case of loss, health, etc. Sure it is nice that my wife and I will save that money, but when it comes down to it, the ‘free’ birth control still has to be paid for somewhere…Nothing is really free. Wake up and stop drinking the kool-aid.

    Stop the insanity of the government telling us what is good and what is not. If you want to give the power to women, they can make the choice to purchase and keep their bodies from being impregnated. You’re also giving them the responsibility and rights to choose how, when, and what with they have sex with. This is NOT taking away rights from the women, it is creating a false sense of security.

    • wellthen

      $15 for a 3 month supply of birth control? Good one. My insurance has always covered my birth control. I pay a small percentage ($10) for my pills each month. # months=$30 for pills. And that is WITH insurance. Get your facts straight.

      • LeafytheGreat

        $20 for 3 months of pills with insurance, and that’s because I’m lucky that the generic brand agrees with me. Somewhat. I still have horrific episodes of heavy bleeding for two weeks at a time every so often. But hey, still cheaper and less miserable than a baby, who would have to rely on the government because I sure as hell couldn’t afford to raise a kid right now…

    • crash

      spoken like a true republican. when are republicans going to start taking responsibility for their actions?

      “does not protect against STDs” well then, stop screwing hookers. Why is it that republicans, upon broaching the subject of sex, immediately jump to STDs? I’m pretty sure your wife doesn’t have an STD… but I bet you’re still worried.

      Personally I just didn’t want my girlfriend to get pregnant… and we spent WAY more than $15 for a 3 month supply. I seem to remember it was closer to $45.

      Lets get it straight… insurance is not for you. I know that sounds counterintuitive, but its not… you cant afford it. Insurance is for your employer to make sure you are around to do your job. Which, coincidentally, birth control helps ensure… and not just by preventing pregnancy. Many employers (yes, REAL job creators) actually figured this out and found plans that offered this.

      And, P.S. We are the government… (yes, you, me, they guy who wrote this blog, and every other american) you are just as guilty of creating this monstrosity as any liberal… you cant disown it now.

      The government will ALWAYS tell you what is good for you… and thanks to democrats, its still up to you do decide if they’re right.

      so, if you’re against birth control… by all means, dont take it!

    • Most women on birth control also use condoms. Personal responsibility is important. Not all women feel they can trust men to be responsible with their end of birth control, as pregnancy disproportionately effects women over men.

      Insurance companies should cover hormonal supplements. They are used for medical conditions as well as birth control. If an insurance agency chooses to cover Viagara, it is not unrealistic to expect them to cover BC, and if you think that every woman is compatible with a pill that costs $15 for three months (I’ve never seen one.), you are sadly mistaken. There are complications with various forms for most women. The cost of birth control doesn’t vanish, but I expect the $214 a month my husband and I pay a month (not to mention the $1000+ his company pays) to cover basic needs, like a hormone pill that keeps me from experiencing the painful effects of Endometriosis.

      Wake up and stop dismissing things you don’t understand. Koolaid my round, white ass.

    • GirlonBC

      Birth control isn’t JUST for not having babies there are several conditions involving the female reproductive system that is controlled and treated with birth control. Quite a few women would be very sickly or in much pain on a monthly basis if they didn’t have access to birth control. My birth control with my particular insurance is only $18 PER MONTH. With out it’s $80+ PER MONTH. So as you can see I greatly appreciate my insurance assisting me with that purchase every month. I don’t think it should be free, but I believe that insurance (even employer insurance) should help with the cost of birth control… For all women that chose that option.

    • Kcat

      Where in the United States is bc only fifteen dollars for a three month supply? I live in Colorado, and at planned parenthood they do not sell generics and the kind I use is $40 a month. When I had insurance I used a discount card; it was $25/month. The generic form is $10 a month with insurance, $25 without. These drugs cost pennies to produce; it is not difficult to synthesize the hormones. In many cases, birth control IS needed for health, and honestly it’s not putting a huge strain on the companies to make it free, though honestly I’d go for $15/3 month supply :)

    • Lamarie

      Where do you get such cheap birth control? Let me know. Also, most women I know also use condoms and are excessively careful and responsible about their sex lives.

      Furthermore, I think most young women who aren’t planning on having families until later in life should consider birth control: sure it’s complicated and imperfect, but because females are waiting so much longer to have children and are having so few, the average number of times they ovulate during their lifetimes has increased like 4x. You know what that means? They are astronomically increasing their chances of ovarian and uterine cancers. So unless you’d like to push us all back to the 1940s, when women got married and had families out of high school, birth control should be a viable and accessible option for anybody who wants it. Hardly just for the sake of convenience: for the sake of personal health and wellbeing.

    • StrangersLikeMe

      You’re joking right? You know how much my BC is? $90 for a month. You know why? I can’t use a generic. You know why? I only have one ovary. You know why? Because my ovary grew a Teratoma which could have been prevented by taking, you GUESSED IT, birth control.

      This bullshit of “saving an unborn life” is just that: bullshit. Condoms break and have one use: to protect. Birth Control has a myriad of uses: it prevents Teratomas which, might I remind you, destroyed my ovary. It prevents endometriosis, and dysmenorrhea in women who suffer needlessly at the hands of their own bodies. Birth control does NOT in ANYWAY create a false sense of security, as a women, I know this firsthand. Have I been pregnant? Yes. I miscarried and it was a painful both emotionally and physically. I used a condom. It broke. I was on birth control and it failed. Sometimes, shit happens, but there’s absolutely NO excuse as to why parents can’t be parents and tell their children about sex. You’re the lazy one. You’re the ignorant one by refusing to teach your child about anything relevant and important. Religion is politics as math is to an author. Useless. Pointless. Unnecessary. If you had any mind of sense, you’d understand that by forcing women into a hole you create wild animals, needlessly.

      Break out of the fucking box you keep yourself in and grow up. This isn’t the 50’s. This isn’t even the 90’s. Generation X and Y are growing up. Guess who takes care of your medical expenses when you are old and decrepit? I do. My taxes do. If you want me to take care of you, shut your fucking mouth, stop being an idiot and realize that religion has NO place in politics just like politics has NO place in religion.

    • alright first of I do use condoms and they brake all the time, it’s down right stressful.Secondly I am from Canada a place where medication is subsidized and let me tell you even here it’s at least been 20-30 dollars a month not 5 (when you’re a student on a very limited income it adds up) so I find that very hard to believe. Even if it is the case do you even realize that you can’t just take any old pill, you may need a more expensive version due to incompatibility with their system

    • checkyourfacts

      I have no insurance and go to planned parenthood for my birth control. It definitely isnt $15 for three months worth. I pay $20 for each pack. Thats $60 for three months. You’ve obviously never bought birth control before.

  • Karyn

    And why is it that there is no Republican outcry about the fact that insurance does pay for Viagra? Oh wait – I think I know the answer to that one………………………..

    • pariahpism

      Without the donations from Pfizer’s board of directors and free samples, what would they do on the weekends?

  • It just seems so nuts what the Republicans are putting up in their campaign, it’s almost like they’re throwing the whole election.

    • i was thinking about that yesterday. maybe they are trying to throw it.

      • joe

        This is what happened 4 years ago when they ran a previously unheard-of Sarah Palin on McCain’s ticket.

        If the republicans are deliberately throwing the election and/or running B-string candidates, it means they anticipate 4 more years of bad economy – and they do not want to be in office when it happens. They strategically wait until the economy is on an upswing, then run their main candidates.

  • Personal_Responsibility

    Karyn, I think you are misinformed. Viagra is prescribed for a medical condition. Insurance is there to cover medical expenses. Birth control can be prescribed for medical conditions also. Insurance can and will help cover the cost. If you NEED free birth control you can go to Family Planning or many other free services and grab a handful of condoms. It is already provided in many environments. Also, Viagra is not FREE with a prescription. A premium is still paid, and insurance only covers a small part since it is not generic. Bring some logic instead of a poor attack.

    • Birth control is prescribed to prevent a medical condition every single time. If you want to get technical, pregnancy and ED are BOTH medical conditions. One is a disorder, one is not; But one can also make a very convincing argument that sex isn’t so important that one with a disorder would “need” medication to treat it. I come from a very strict background and I know how the religiously fundamentalist mind works. They don’t want people having sex unless it’s for procreation and within marriage, period. Therefore your argument, whatever it is, is invalid. Having Viagra available guilt-free while undermining the importance of contraception directly contradicts their goal to stop people from having sex. Because deep down inside these male political/religious leaders want to have all this dirty dirty sex, they just want to put on this front that they are against it. Because it’s “wrong” luls. Transparent and pathetic, isn’t it?

      • I could not have said this better. I too come from a very strict background. DEAD ON. Thank you.

    • Hey, Mr. Logical, perhaps you could use your superior logic skills to explain to me how a “handful of condoms” is going to help a woman with PCOS or endometriosis?

  • Crusader

    Rights for women? How about rights for the unborn child? Hey ladies, if you want control over your own bodies, keep your legs closed! I am a woman, and that is my opinion! Dumb blog.

    • crusadersfriend

      Yeah, abstinence totally works. And let’s not forget that if we’re ever raped that our bodies can prevent the pregnancy if we really want them to. Also, I can’t speak for Crusader per se, but I don’t think my vote should count as much as a man’s because I’m only good for making dinner…

    • Lamarie

      Yes, let’s talk about rights for the unborn child. Let’s talk about how Republicans crusade against health care and benefits for the poor and and unemployed. Let’s also talk about how many unplanned pregnancies occur in poverty stricken areas. If you want real rights for infants, give them the health care they deserve and give their parents the resources to do it. Until then, shut the fuck up.

    • joe

      If you don’t like abortions, don’t have one.

    • Manticore

      Fuck that, sex is great. We’re not animals, we can choose when or if we have children, thanks to that awesome invention called contraception.

    • Crusader, it’s sad that as a woman you cannot identify with women’s issues because whether or not you agree with us, we’re still fighting for your rights. One day, someone in your life (maybe you) could go through a traumatic, unforeseen experience and you may be grateful for having access to affordable contraception, women’s health care and comprehensive sexual education resources. Sometimes people have to go through something horrific to be able to understand why an issue like this is important. I sincerely hope that doesn’t happen to you though; I hope you come around by using some good ole’ critical thinking skills. Best wishes.

    • ThatCanuck

      0/10. You are clearly not a woman, have no idea what you’re talking about, and have managed to convince me to go back on the pill and happily screw my boyfriend who I live with in sin. Man it’s nice to have freedom and choices as a woman in 21st century Canada.

    • MsLadyLib

      Either you aren’t a woman, or you have been brainwashed, or both. In any case, I can guess you, unlike a lot of actual women, have not been raped and had to wait around to see if you’ve become pregnant. Develop some compassion, whoever you are.

    • HH

      Sooooo I’m married, but I don’t want to have any (more) children. I should just tell my husband that I’m done having sex with him? I’m sure he’d be cool with that.

  • Lasivian

    There is a massive divide in politics right now. Between the intelligent logical people who check their facts, and the knee-jerk religious people who believe what they are told.

    Unfortunately thinking that one group will ever understand the other is foolishness.

    The only hope intelligent people have at this point is that the foolish illogical religious people are dying off.

    Until then it’s our job to make sure that the haters, homophobes and racists are called out and labeled as such. And I do not mean just the politicians, I mean the voters. Shame is a remarkably good thing when applied correctly.

  • Kaite

    Ever read the play Spring Awakening? One of its’ main points is about what happens when you don’t educate your children about sex because you’re afraid of what they’ll do as a result.

    Personally, I don’t like the fact that the GOP is trying to meddle in what shouldn’t be any of their business. I’m glad that they think abstinence is the best path for teenagers to take as they learn about they bodies. However, they should not make it the only option available to prevent pregnancy, regardless of their religious beliefs.

    Making birth control cheaper may encourage people to have more sex, but why the hell should they care? It’s not like they’ll be watching everything as it happens.
    I don’t want my soul to be saved by the government.

    Yes, it’s wonderful that they’re trying to keep the burden from falling on their faith, but they should realize that jobs are jobs, even in religious institutions. I can’t always choose to move elsewhere just because a company disagrees with me.

    • Manticore

      Actually, making birth control available to teens, with proper education decreases the amount of sex they have. They understand the consequences and wait longer.

    • Kaite, in contrast with the other lurid responses here which just spew hatred toward Republicans and accusations of wanting to make birth control harder to get so they can rape, impregnate, and subjugate women, I sincerely appreciate the fact that you at least understand their [misguided] motivations. I wish more people would at least try to understand why people say and do the things they do, rather than always seek to mischaracterize their intentions. Thank you.

      • Blah

        Sam, I would say it’s more hateful to try to control other people’s major life events and decisions than to angrily disagree with people who try to do that to you. Especially when some republicans think rape victims should carry a rapist’s child to term. I can’t imagine how traumatising that would be. And as someone who NEVER wants children under any circumstances, does that mean sex is off the table for life because no contraceptives are foolproof?
        Why do lawmakers think they can legislate that a woman can carry a child against her will, but they would never force anyone to give blood to save a life, or a family to donate their deceased relative’s organs? Is a woman’s body not her own like a man’s is?
        My point is, my beliefs do not threaten to ruin your life, but your beliefs are very dangerous to others. And republicans claim to want “small government” and “freedom”.

    • From an April 10, 2012 article in the Washington Post.
      “A teenage girl who grows up in the United States is nine times as likely to give birth as one who grows up in Switzerland and twice as likely as someone who grows up in any of the 19 other industrialized countries in the report. Why? Blame income inequality.

      In a new working paper, Kearney and Levine looked at international differences in birth rates, as well as variations among American states. There are widespread differences in rates: New Hampshire’s stands at 16.4 births per 1,000 teens, while Mississippi’s is 64.4. The researchers found a state’s level of economic inequality to be a significant influence in the birth rates. All other things being equal, “teens in the highest-inequality states are roughly 5 percentage points more likely to give birth as teens in the lowest-inequality states,” Kearney and Levine wrote. This was true even when the researchers controlled for the individual teenager’s economic status.

      That economic inequality can produce high teen birth rates would align with what we know about disparities in wealth here and abroad. The World Bank has consistently found a greater level of economic inequality in the United States than in Europe.

      Some other factors may also be behind the discrepancy. American teens tend to have intercourse at lower rates than some of their international counterparts, yet they are also less likely to use contraceptives. About one-third of American teens terminate their pregnancies, which is an abortion rate similar to that of Germany (31.3 percent) but slightly lower than other countries, such as the United Kingdom (38.8 percent).”

      The last paragraph “ARE LESS LIKELY TO USE CONTRACEPTIVES” is an important one regarding this paragraph.

      Now one thing that wasn’t addressed in the article was that in economically poorer states, having a baby will bring income into your household through aid to dependent children. While I will be voting democrat in the upcoming elections, I am also intelligent enough to know that the current system is not perfect.

      Knowledge is the key. Sex education should be a MUST for teenagers. Just telling kids NOT to have sex, and hoping they won’t find out about it themselves is delusional. But also having programs that work on setting personal boundaries, setting goals, role playing relationships…these would be so helpful in reducing teen pregnancies.

  • rubesepiphany

    The greatest part about about reading this blog is all the crazies that comment afterward. I forgot how much filled with hate people are towards women. Why? Because of fear… Fear of damnation and fear of the vagina. It’s not their vagina either. Don’t like abortion? Don’t have one. Don’t like contraceptives? Don’t take them. You know if it were guns I’m sure they’d be saying the same thing to us.

    • Kaneda

      Hmm…how about “Don’t like religion? Don’t have one.”, or “Don’t like taxes? Don’t pay them.”? I wish life operated as simply as “Don’t like X? Don’t Y X”. It works as a soundbite, but not much beyond that.

      • Amelia

        It does work like that….because religion is a choice each person can make: to have one or not. Paying taxes? not so much. I thought that was one of the really great things about America- that we have choices and the PEOPLE get to make those choices based upon their lives and needs. And as its been said: the only things that are certain in life are death & paying taxes.

      • That’s and apples-to-giraffes comparison.

  • DRoss

    Let’s just give the Republicans Alaska. They can secede and elect Palin as their leader. Adios muchachos!

  • Education can only go so far. Teenagers lack a sense of developed risk assessment. They know sex makes babies…but they just don’t care in the heat of the moment.
    Education for teenagers to prevent pregnancy in the first place is about as reliable as the ability of a teenage boy to pull out.

    • You just made that up. There’s plenty of data to suggest that sex education DOES reduce unwanted teen pregnancies.

    • Meowcow199, how do you know this?

    • Steve Krause

      Teenage boys _especially_ think with the wrong head. Evolution of the male brain has not kept up with overpopulation and the need for less hunters and gatherers. In some thousand years maybe boys will not be so horny or young girls won’t be so fertile? Maybe sooner we will have a safe easy pill that either a boy or girl takes once a month (parents dole it out) and no babies!

  • The6Times

    What’s the deal with trying to keep the amount of abortions down anyway?

    • unwanted children are more likely to end up in the criminal justice system, and legislators have promised CCA that prisons will be 90% full.

      no, seriously.

  • tiredofthisshit

    you talk about forcing beliefs, what about the catholic insurance companies forced to provide contraception. and quit acting like contraception is so damn expensive. buy some [email protected] condoms or get birth control for 4 bucks a month at walmart

    • You don’t know very much about birth control or the female body, do you? And condoms are certainly not as effective as birth control….pretty much everyone knows that. Also, an interesting fact, despite the Catholic Church’s stance on birth control, 82% of Catholics are okay with it.

    • HeckWithApplyingMorals

      Hello, now a woman with insurance has to make an appointment and pay out-of-pocket for all the tests, the appointment and the prescription that her insurance should have covered to begin with. And, I’m certain it’s more than $4. And, BC is used for health reasons other than pregnancy. Just ask a doctor. Oh, that’s right, the Catholic Church or an employer knows better than a doctor.

  • maggiemae2113

    “Arguing against including contraception in insurance because it may violate an employer’s beliefs is like arguing insurance shouldn’t cover kids born out of wedlock.” ABSOLUTE GENIUS!!!

    • Kaneda

      Nope. Not absolute. Not genius. Surely there are better arguments than that.

    • Blake84

      Nope. Not absolute. Not genius. Surely there are better arguments than that.

  • Some Guy

    I’m not totally disagreeing with the point here, but, this just made me think about how men, esp younger ones, pay more for car insurance. Just like you can’t help being a woman, we can’t help being boys, so standard driving coverage should cost the same for both sexes.

    A mandate on insurance to include contraception on all policies really just spreads out the cost of it. If car insurance were rated the same for men and women then women’s rates would go up and guys would go down, thus spreading out the cost.

    This may sound a little ridiculous, comparing a woman’s health to fixing an automobile, but this is how insurance companies work. They basically figure out a number that will just about guarantee they will make big profits in any situation. Someone is going to end up paying for it.

    Either way, it’s a joke how expensive health insurance is. I do believe that preventive care would bring down overall costs, so in the case of contraception, it makes sense for everyone, as pointed out in the article.

    Furthermore, religious beliefs should not be considered a just reason for any type of law, and any law that infringes on personal freedoms is an indictment of the state of our Union. Equality,freedom and personal liberties along with the separation of church and state are founding principles of our country. This debate makes it obvious that we as a country are not where our founding fathers envisioned us this day.

    No matter what happens, I hope that common sense prevails and that our politicians would leave religion out of it. Also, it would be nice if my car insurance were just a little cheaper.

    • Mimihaha

      When you guys stop having more accidents per capita the rates will even out.

  • straightpride

    “A woman’s right to make private, personal choices about her body is on the ballot.”

    I am totally cool a woman’s right to make private personal choices about her body…as long as we understand the very clear medical boundaries between a woman’s body and an infant’s developing body. If it has developed its own heart beat, I still cannot fathom how people can consider abortion a form of contraception.

    • That is determined by YOUR Religiously based determination of WHEN a fetus is a viable human child. You have NO right to force YOUR religiously based views onto everyone else. Now SCIENCE has determined that a fetus is a viable human at about 16 weeks of development. the fetus is an unborn child then and can live outside of the mother if need be. YEAH, it will take a ton of medical care but it will survive. Prior to that, it is not viable and will not survive. That is the point of no return. Abortion is acceptable at 16 weeks, and THAT is Medically BASED not based on subjective morality based on Religious authority. Now everyone has been living with that all along but the fundamentalists just won’t abide by that at all and feel that THEY know better and know what is BEST for EVERYONE. whether or not they subscribe to that religion or religious viewpoint. That is where the problems step in. The Religions need to step back and back off. They do NOT have the right to inflict THEIR narrowly interpreted views onto everyone.

      • straightpride

        I never once mentioned the “religion” factor as you mentioned multiple times. So…I don’t necessarily understand where you are coming from because that is not where I am coming from. You assume too much.

        The unborn child is growing at a rapid rate, has limbs/brain/heart/eyes developing by 8 weeks into the pregnancy, and moves independently. The mother does not control the baby’s development, movement, or growth, so how can it be considered a part of the mother’s body when it acts separately unto itself? I hope you realize that you could have been aborted too. Funny how those who support abortion are already born…

  • Paul Ryan is simply being honest and playing to the t party that voted Romney as GOP candidate for president. He is playing to the base and shows no promise of having any independent ideas on what is best for America. At this point I believe he has to cow down to his benefactors that gave money to Romney’s campaign. In retrospect, (one of Romneys favorite pharses), I mean yeah Mr. Romney can always say “Hey if I had done things differently in the past, which I really wanted to do, people would have a totally different opinion of me. Because deep down I really, really, BADLY WANT TO BE PRESIDENT OF SOMETHING BECAUSE i WANT TO FEEL LIKE A WINNER. YOU KNOW NOBODY EVER REALLY LIKIED ME AND IF I WERE TO BUY THIS ELECTION I WOULD FEEL LIKE I AM SOOOO LIKED, MAYBE? major sarcasm BULLET>>

  • whooyah


  • MsLadyLib

    Here’s a thought: every election cycle, there ares some candidates that claim to be “pro-life,” and hope thereby to get the votes of the single-issue voters, who may really believe that abortion is murder, or at least a big sin. These voters let this issue stop them from thinking about other issues which should be considered. I don’t think these candidates really necessarily believe in their stance, and since it’s unlikely that Roe vs. Wade will be overturned any time soon (I certainly hope not), this issue will continue as one that gets a block of votes.

    And –

    No one ever stops to think that making abortions illegal won’t necessarily STOP abortions, just make them harder to get and more dangerous. Think prohibition — how did that work out, Carrie Nation? If you really want to choose life, whatever will decrease the reasons women want abortions, will serve better in the long run. In a perfect world, no pregnancy would be unwelcome. Wake up, smell the coffee, protect the already living and breathing, and stop this arguing. Better education, better treatment of women all around, there’s the ticket to fewer abortions. None at all is impossible unless we lock up all the women….Wait! There’s an idea. Can we imagine?

  • Swarles Barkley

    OK so lemme get this straight, you wanna be equal yet have separate privileges? Pay up bitches, this is the real world! I’m ok with having abortions if you can sleep at night but to act like you should be covered for something that is completely unique to woman is absurd! What, are men going to have an abortion clause in their healthcare? PLEASE. What if men were covered for stress for their high demanding jobs(in a traditional setting)? YOU WOULD BE PISSED.

    • You realize that when you put stuff out in public, other people can see how ignorant you are, right?

  • It’s easy to think that abortion equates to equal rights for women. It’s not so easy to realize that abortion equates to the murder of a child. America is turning into a moral-less and uneducated nation that doesn’t understand why abortions are up and marriages are failing, and no, it has nothing to do with taking away supposed women’s rights to health.

    • David. America is NOT moral-less as you put it. America is simply no longer considering itself to be run under a CHRISTIAN-based morality. Too many have SEEN the result of what Christian based governance does to a country. The same for an Islamic based Nation. We need to be more of a universally based morality without loyalty towards ANY specific Religion.

    • Horsebeans

      does not equate to the murder of a child. That is an anthropomorphism and a projection. Abortion is the removal of a a
      piece of replicating tissue which has not developed enough to feel pain, let
      alone think or feel emotion. 99% of all abortions are performed within the
      first 20 weeks of gestation, over 53% within the first 9 weeks, over 23% in the
      10th week, and the percentages drop dramatically after that. About .03 % might
      be termed what pols have called partial-birth abortions (not a medical term)
      and those are all for exigent need, i.e. severe health issues. Up to 1/3 of all
      WANTED pregnancies end in spontaneous abortion in the first trimester. It’s
      part of the natural selection process and God doesn’t seem to have a problem
      with that. Life if a precious gift? Bullshit. Love is a precious gift. Life is an opportunity and what
      counts is not existence but what you do with it. Life, in and of itself, has no
      inherent value beyond that opportunity and the love we invest in it. A worm has life and a beating heart. A
      tree has “life”, for pete’s sake. Why is a living, breathing,
      thinking woman’s life so devoid of worth to people like you? Is she just, in
      principle, a uterus…a worthless slab of breeding flesh with her “supposed rights to health”? Who the hell are you
      to say her life, her hopes and dreams and future, are worth less than that of a
      fetus which you would throw to the wolves once it is a born child? After all,
      its mother is a slut and a worthless leech on society, right? “Cut off her
      welfare and tell that stupid bitch to close her legs and get a job. I’m tired
      of supporting the dregs of society.” That is essentially what I hear from
      the right all the time. Who the hell are you to say that a woman does
      not have the right the abort a dead twin to save the life of the other and
      herself? Who the hell are you to say that she must be tortured every day with
      the horrific, revolting, hateful knowledge that her rapist’s issue grows inside
      her? The right are not “pro-life.” The fact that they generally
      support the death penalty and just itch for war and conflict belies their pretensions to some kind of righteous high ground or moral sanctity on the
      issue of “life.” When you strip away the sanctimonious pretensions,
      smoke, and mirrors all you have left is the certainty that they wish to control
      her and debase her. And THAT, my fellow “American”, is immoral.

  • Diego

    Holy smokes… as a dem voter i must say there are some real nut jobs on this site… i’m so thankful these views stay out of the mainstream…. the idea of pro lifers simply wanting to dis empower women is so laughable it’s sad. i could n would go on but i realize there’s no hope

    • It’s because it hit the front page of Reddit. We usually have much more intelligent comments than many that you’re reading on this thread.

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  • Jordan Hibbs

    What needs to happen is they need to make birth control for men (to make men’s sperm less fertile). Men need to take more of the responsibility in when it come to contraception.It could lower unplanned pregnancies and ultimately abortions.

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    Paul Ryan, and his supporters, are like little children who think they can hide from the world by closing their eyes.

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  • When I’m at my most cynical, I think that these neo-cons that are running the republican party are imperialists and want to implement 21st century dictatorship poliices. They want to prevent abortions and not give affordable health care or good education so we can fill up with people like china(not that they dont have good education just saying they have alot of people) and they can get a bunch of uneducated people that will work for the minimum to maximize their profits. Thats why they outsource to china and india because they have plenty of people willing to make shoes for 20 cents an hour and then sell it to us for $318 (Lebron James shoes sold by Nike) Im not affliated to any party but its funny how they love to play connect the dots with Obama but don’t think about how Romney and his people want to prevent abortion,control the money,control the education system, raise the defense budget and talk tough about Russia,China and Iran? Hmmmm……..does dictatorship or imperialism come to mind?

  • outnow2012

    I’d be interested to hear what you think of Paul Ryan’s conversation with Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family:

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