Republican-Fail, Republicans — September 8, 2012 at 9:58 am

It’s Never Been Easier To Register, Which Is Why Republicans Have To Make It Harder To Vote


If you have to stop your fellow citizens from voting to win, your ideas suck.

All you gotta do is go to, fill out some form fields and click submit. That’s it.

Any citizen with access to the Internet can do this in minutes. And this is what freaks Republicans out. Republican Senator Lindsay Graham recently said Republicans don’t have enough “angry white guys” to stay in business. In a few elections, even Texas will be purple, then blue.

So what is the GOP to do when they already need to win monster majorities of married white people? Stop people from voting.

From 1865- 1967, there were 29 laws passed in the United States restricting voting. From 2011-2012, 25 laws restricting voting were passed.

At the Democratic Convention Representative John Lewis who was brutally beaten while marching for his right to vote in 1965 said:

Today it is unbelievable that there are Republican officials still trying to stop some people from voting. They are changing the rules, cutting polling hours and imposing requirements intended to suppress the vote. The Republican leader in the Pennsylvania House even bragged that his state’s new voter ID law is “gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state.” That’s not right. That’s not fair. And that is not just.

Republicans know there’s only one thing getting in the way of their power: VOTERS. And they know by imposing photo ID restrictions on voting and purging voter rolls they’re engaging in a policy that polls well. Yes, this discrimination polls well.

Why not require an ID to vote? people ask. You need an ID to drive, to see an R-rated movie! Well, hell, at the Democratic National Convention you had you show ID to get in.

None of those rights are explicitly written into the Constitution – see the 14th amendment. No one died to secure those rights. And while there are security issues with letting just anyone into a ticketed event, there are none when it comes to voting. Far more people win the lottery than try to vote as someone else in America. Lightning deaths are more common.

Republicans love making up cases up dead people voting or screaming ACORN but these slanders against their fellow citizens are sorry attempts to deny Americans the right to vote.

The only significant voter fraud that goes on in this country is by elected officials who seek to deny Americans the right to determine their own fate. Nothing could be more cowardly. And nothing needs to be opposed more vigorously.

What can you do? Piss off a Republican. Let someone know how easy it is to register and voter today.

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  • Sidney18511

    When someone defending the republicans by repeating their ID talking points, I tell them that is a federal crime with jail time as punishment upon conviction, if voter fraud was running rampant as the GOP suggests, when you google voter fraud convictions, you should find hundreds if not thousands of criminal cases reported in various news outlets. Do the search…..and the only one I could find was a republican canister who was convicted on election fraud.

    • In Texas, there was a formal challenge, hearings, etc. when Hubert Vo beat republican Talmadge Heflin in 2004. Hundreds of non-citizens voting had tainted the election, per Heflin’s attorney. After the challenge, which involved extensive investigations, it turned out one non-citizen voted. A Norwegian guy who got a card by mistake in the mail after he got his drivers license (he had checked that he was a non-citizen, but the (Republican) tax assessor’s department processed him as a voter anyway). He voted for the Republican.

      • Sidney18511

        Unfrickin believable!

  • Our concern must be for the voters who have no access to the Internet. How can we help them? We HAVE to find a way to reach them to make sure that they are registered.

  • Republicans bank on the ignorance, bigotry, paranoia, and greed from their followers for votes. Judging by some of the comments on the internet, they’ve done a good job. The internet highway should be as accessible as our interstate highways are – free and easy to connect. Knowledge is the power.

    • 4commencefiring4

      You almost had it right in the first sentence. But it’s our OPPOSITION we’re banking on that for.

  • independentinCalif

    When listing the possible sources of voter fraud, why didn’t you mention voting by non-citizens and voting multiple times? I think you’re too conveniently overlooking the obvious.

  • 4Commencefiring4

    There are no “security issues” when it comes to voting? Maybe not to the poll worker at the desk checking your name off, but if anyone with a “name” and a pulse who walks in off the street can vote in an American election, we have no country left. I’d call that a big security issue. Why don’t we all move to Mexico, vote out the corrupt people in office there, and make the place more America-friendly? Let’s all line up and vote in Russian elections and see if we can get something going there? Sorry, but CITIZENRY is important to them, too.

    Voter ID laws serve the same legit purpose as they do in any context: they make sure you are who you claim. What if I said that, because the 14th Amendment doesn’t require me to show an ID to a cop when asked, I shouldn’t have to? That would be chaos. Don’t be silly.

    If you want to vote, get you fanny down to the DMV and get an ID. Pretend they’re handing out free cheese down there, if that’ll help. You have three months. Get going.

    • polltaxlulz

      “get your fanny down to the DMV and get an ID”

      This is a poll tax, sir. There are many people that vote and don’t have an ID. Are you paying for all of these state issued ID’s? If not, take your poll tax and shove it while the rest of the country moves on past your ignorant backwater ideals.

      • 4commencefiring4

        Oh, save it. Poll taxes were meant to keep blacks from voting. If the intent of IDs was the same, that would be pretty insulting to the average black because it would be assuming blacks just don’t have the means to get a $5 ID. THAT would be “backwater.” And if you think those who favor IDs are doing so for that reason, you should rejoice that your political opposition can’t think up some better scheme that might actually work.

        IDs are a simple security measure, and that’s it. Anyone who can find their fanny with both hands can obtain ID. But you’re right about one thing: a lot of people vote with no ID. But they don’t buy guns–legally–without one.

        Does that discriminate against blacks. too?

        • Falcon

          Actually, if they gave these ID’s out for free, the issue would be moot. Charging any amount for something required to vote, is wrong. This means homeless people aren’t allowed to vote, they kind of have a hard time holding onto money. People who are in huge amounts of debt, or even people living paycheck to paycheck… you make them pay to vote, and you have a huge amount of people who don’t have the time or the money to get such an item and prevent them from voting.

          If you want to discredit these scenarios, then you have to discredit the scenarios for needed such measures in the first place. Because both are hypothetical, likely happening on a lower scale, but could very well be happening without any documentation to back it up.

          • 4Commencefiring4

            Everyone has to get to their polling place to vote, which–if you don’t drive, or are homeless, or crippled, or blind, or just having a bad day–is going to cost something. There’s no free lunch in this world. (Or mabe I should say, there’s too much in this world that too many people think should be “free”, which helps explain why the debt clock is over $16 tillion now).

            Anyhow, even if we arranged to visit every single person in their homes, or at their park benches, or prison cells, or mental ward, or whatever, take their picture and produce an ID and hand it to them (to later lose or give away when they think it’s good for groceries), they would still have to get to the polling place on Nov 6.

            There is just no practical way to wet-nurse every fringe or helpless person out there and arrange to obtain his vote. Living in a society places certain responsibilities on each of us, and if someone can’t or won’t meet them, they’re going to have to relinquish some portion of the benefits they might otherwise enjoy.

            Voting maybe a Constitutional right everyone’s entitled to exercise, but so it “keep[ing] and bear[ing] arms.” That doesn’t mean you and I have to buy a gun for those who can’t afford one.

    • What you never heard of a fake I D? If you wanted to be so corrupt you would find a way! It’s a made up dilemma to solve a phoney problem! What would be the point?
      Who is it going to hurt? Old People, young people people that don’t drive. And especially Democrats.
      Who will it help? The Rich and the Corporations because: Voter fraud, charges of birth- er fraud, laziness, evil intentions, Apocalypse, Patriotism, and other DISTRACTIONS take people’s eyes off of the tax cuts and money making schemes…..

      • 4commencefiring4

        “The Rich and the Corporations because: Voter fraud, charges of birth- er
        fraud, laziness, evil intentions, Apocalypse, Patriotism…”–gad, anything else on your list of “Why The GOP are Nazis”? Go organize your sock drawer for an hour and relax.

        So people who are too old, don’t drive, or are Democrats somehow manage to get groceries weekly, see a doctor or dentist as needed, and get 40 million abortions–all with no apparent trouble. But that darn DMV trip is just asking too much.


        • So, you agree that there has been a mass epidemic of voter fraud and this is the reason for all of the voter ID laws that just so happen to be brought up this year? All this because your side got obliterated in 2008?


  • I don’t know how voting works in every state, but in PA, when I go to vote, they compare my signature against the signature they have on record. I’ve used that signature for years and it’s still a pass that works well enough. So, yes, you could fake someone’s vote… IF you knew their name, looked their age, went to the correct polling place and THEN knew how to fake their signature. But, hey, it’s worth it to vote twice, right?

  • There is a common sense argument to limit the vote in the post “Too Many People Vote” at the “Grumbles From an Old Grouch” blog. ( It would have the added benefit of giving us better laws and (hopefully) better politicians.

    The Republicans probably wouldn’t like it, because it doesn’t discriminate on the basis of minority, poverty or political party. Plus, the effect of all that campaign cash would be lessened a great deal.

    ps: Don’t assume that I’m anti-democracy just because of the post’s title. The post is actually very pro-democracy.