Debbie Stabenow, LOLGOP, Pete Hoekstra — September 19, 2012 at 8:48 am

All The Money In The World Can’t Buy Sane Republicans


This is the ‘Party of Lincoln’ the same way the Honda Odyssey is the ‘Car of Homer’

Democrats are now favored to retain control of the Senate, according to ace poll guy Nate Silver. This is a stunning reversal. Just a few months ago, Republican control of the Senate seemed likely. Best-case scenario was a 50-50 split and prayer that the president would be reelected to send Joe Biden to upper chamber to break the tie.

But the Democratic National Convention not only boosted the president’s campaign, it consolidated Democratic voters behind candidates like Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts and Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin.

But we can’t just credit good old-fashioned campaigning. The key to the Democrats retaining the Senate – and with it the health care of over 30 million Americans – is the Republican Party’s inability to nominate sane candidates.

Republican primaries have turned into purity tests where the candidate who can do the best Rush or Beck impression wins. Groups like the Club For Growth feed millions into primaries to vote out anyone who has ever yielded to a Democrat in a traffic circle. The result is you get a Rand Paul – who is holding up a veterans jobs bill with his one vote – in the red states. And in purple states, you get folks who can never win in a general election year.

Much has been made of Todd Akin who helped reveal to the world how little Republicans know or want to know about the innards of the female body. But in Michigan, former congressman/walking punchline Pete Hoekstra lost the election before he even won the primary with a Super Bowl commercial that would have only won Archie Bunker’s vote.

Hoekstra is the worst of both worlds. He’s a blustery conspiracy theorist whose campaign reads like an email forward from your aunt who spent all of your inheritance buying gold and emergency rations because Glenn Beck told her. AND he’s a failed legislator with a record of supporting Bush and Cheney on about everything and tweeting his top secret location while on a official trip to the Green Zone in Iraq.

By nominating him, the GOP gave away a seat in a state where Republicans won everything but Miss Detroit in 2010. Thank you, Republican base.

As this campaign swirls to its conclusion, I’ve gone from thinking the GOP is an unstoppable Rove machine with billions in anonymous corporate donations to realizing that no matter how much money they have, they must suffer the whims of their base. And even when they get the candidate they think they want, their ideas are so unpopular it’s still hard for them to win.

Of course, this logic only works in general election years when people pay attention and vote. Even if 2012 works out for the best – as it seems it might – in 2014, crazy can win again.

  • My biggest fear is that we get too confident – this campaign isn’t won by a long shot. And if Obama voters are so sure we’ll win that they don’t get out and vote, we could easily lose.

    • mc1964

      A valid concern, however the right wing seems to be getting worse with each
      passing day. I was worried about the election, but the Libya crisis seems to have
      opened the eyes of the voters as to just what kind of people the Republicans
      are asking them to support. My real concern is what the right wing will do when they
      lose. All the Fox News and Rush Limbaugh propaganda may push some people
      to take extreme actions. The same thing happened in Germany after WW2.

      • Yes, they’re getting worse by the day, and so is their base, right along with them. I’ve never seen a crazier, more hate-filled fascist bunch in all my decades on this earth. So we have to hope people are truly waking up to what these people are about, and will vote them out accordingly, all the way down ticket.

        Don’t make the mistake, folks, of thinking your state is not a swing state and that your vote doesn’t matter. It matters a LOT, for the down ticket races. We have to rid ourselves of every republican legislator we possibly can.

  • mc1964

    The Republicans seem to be doubling down on crazy. It didn’t work with Romney?
    We must not be crazy enough, yet. The right wing is exhibiting all the signs of a
    cult, and history has shown time and again where that leads. They will come to the
    same end as Jonestown.

  • Not so fast. My fear is that republicans WILL try to rig the elections with the voting machines. Wonder whether Democrats are in a position to monitor those machines. Also, the debate committee selected a CNN reporter Candy Crowley as moderator, and who knows whether the GOP or the Romney campaign will get to her, either to give him the questions ahead of time or to throw him soft ball questions. We President Obama’s supporters have to be sure to get out and VOTE, and to make the effort to encourage two other Obama supporters to go and vote. republicans m be going crazy but we must be steadfast and be focused on our mission and that is to re elect President Obama.

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