GOPocrisy, Republican-Fail, Republicans, Video — August 28, 2012

New video from “We Approve This Message” shows why so many are leaving the Republican Party


We ALL approve this message

A new video out from the group We Approve This Message does an amazing job of showing how there used to be great Republican leaders, even presidents, who looked out for the interests of America and Americans. And how that is no longer true.

The video is one of the most powerful pieces I’ve seen in a long time and features an image by Eclectablog’s very own Anne C. Savage:

Have a look:

The video echoes a theme that Vice President Joe Biden talked about in his recent visit to Detroit. “This is not your father’s Republican Party,” Mr. Biden said. “This is not even Mitt Romney’s father’s Republican Party.”

And he’s right. Long gone is the time when Republicans were reasonable and worked with others, even Democrats, to get things done to improve the lives of Americans. There’s no longer room under their tent for moderates or those who would compromise. Former Michigan Governors William Milliken and George Romney, both Republicans, would not have a place in today’s Republican Party. Neither would Richard Nixon or Ronald Reagan. Their intent, as is so perfectly shown in the video, is to destroy their political adversaries and retain power, even if it harms the country. They have, of course, harmed to country in the process and we all pay that price.

Anne often talks about her father, now deceased. He was a reasonable, rational man and was definitely a Republican. She feels certain he wouldn’t approve of the Republican Party of 2012. She put it this way:

Personally, after spending a little time around Joe Biden, I think my dad would have really liked him, and my dad was a Republican. He would have been proud that I got to photograph him.

I think there are a LOT of Republicans out there who feel they have nobody to represent their views. That’s exactly the reason President Obama got their votes in 2008. And it’s exactly why he’ll get them again in 2012.

  • gloriay

    republicans have become so extremely conservative, catering to the ultra wealthy, that they do not care two hoots about the ordinary republican party member. It is this thought process that has generated the vast Republicans for Obama movement.

  • sweet – so sweet, thank you

  • Kids today have no acquaintance with the concept of a Moderate Republican.

    Maybe a few trips in the WayBak Machine would help:

    Michigan Governor William Grawn Milliken

    Statement by William G. Milliken (October 17, 2004)

    Former governor Milliken backs away from McCain (October 10, 2008)

  • majii

    Compromise is one of the dirtiest words in the GOP today. I don’t understand why anyone would want to vote for a republican politician today. Before he/she is voted into office, the citizens already know that he/she is not going to Congress or the state legislature to serve but to muck things up as much as possible while living off the taxpayers’ money. It makes no sense for Americans to keep electing people like these and expect them govern in the best interests of our state/nation. A politician can’t govern effectively when governing is the last thing on his/her mind. Our government was established as a result of many compromises the founders made in Philadelphia in 1787. I would think that these “no compromises under any conditions” kind of politicians would be especially repulsive to republicans because one of their main claims is that they want “fiscally responsible” politicians. It is not fiscally responsible to pay a politician who isn’t willing to work with members of the opposition party, and who cause gridlock so that government doesn’t get anything done (I’m looking at you, republicans in the 112th Congress.)

  • Sidney18511

    Another way to say “no compromise” would be “dictator”.