Mitt Romney — August 12, 2012 at 11:58 am

10 Reasons Paul Ryan is Worse for Romney than Palin was for McCain


1. Paul Ryan makes Mitt look weaker.
Mitt only picked Ryan out of weakness. He knew he was losing and he knew he needed to get attention off his business career and tax avoidance. Because of this obvious flailing, he was bullied by the far right into picking a running mate he knew would hurt him. Mitt may have finally wrapped up the GOP nomination in August but he did it by admitting he’d lost control of his campaign. Since Mitt picked Ryan he’s already had to distance himself from the Ryan Plan and then backtrack from distancing himself. The qualities that were sinking Mitt are being emphasized with a Paul Ryan-sized highlighter.

2. Paul Ryan voted for all the worst of the Bush Administration—including the Iraq War and the tax breaks for the rich that blew the surplus.
Mitt has mostly avoided the stink of Bush’s failures. Now he’s lousy with them.

3. The Ryan Plan, which even without Ryan on the ticket was dragging Mitt down. It starves the government to pay for massive tax breaks the rich do not need.
It’s not a budget as much as it is a cookbook for the middle class.

4. Ryan reminds voters that Mitt is for turning Medicare into a voucher system. This not only costs seniors more but also explodes the cost of health care in general.
Medicare costs are far more manageable than private insurance, but Ryan and Romney want to blow up our single-payer system that works so Wall Street can profit off seniors.

5. Ryan maybe improves Mitt’s chances in Wisconsin but hurts them in Florida, which Mitt needs to win.

6. Ryan has no business experience.
Romney made the case that there should be a constitutional amendment requiring a president to have run a business as an attack on the President. Now he’s picked Paul Ryan whose only significant private sector experience is kissing private sector heiny for donations.

7. Paul Ryan’s anti-abortion rights record is as bad as a conservative can get in opposing a woman’s right to make her own health care choices.
Ryan supported a personhood amendment that would ban some birth control and is against abortions even in the cases of rape and incest. He’s the confirmation any woman needs that Mitt’s attempt to seem sane on choice in Massachusetts was a total ruse.

8. Ryan doesn’t care about deficits.
He cares about starving the government and transferring trillions in wealth from the middle class to the rich.

9. Ryan and Romney’s collective foreign policy experience is in trying to make America resemble Somalia.
This is the first GOP ticket in generations without a veteran and with virtually no experience of foreign policy. Talk about surrendering your strength.

10. Democrats picked Paul Ryan for Mitt.
At least McCain pulled his game changer from a hat. For the last two years, Democrats have been focusing on Ryan as the worst embodiment of the heartless, plutocratic instincts of the GOP. The GOP took the bait and forced Ryan on Mitt. Some say this is risky. If Mitt wins now, he’s obligated to implement the worst of Ryan’s ideas. But Romney was already in that position. If a President Mitt doesn’t give the far right everything they want, he’ll have a primary challenger by February 2013. At least Romney’s been called out and has to win on Ryan’s incredibly destructive policies.

Call it Game Change II: Romney Shrugs because even if Mitt Romney wins, he’s already lost his campaign.

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  • darsh5000

    Good Reasons, but I still doubt that politically/electorally speaking, the Ryan choice will be worse than Palin was for McCain. That being said, I hope that when Romney loses in November, it will mean a firm rejection of the Ryan budget.

    • You’ll get a rejection of the Ryan budget if we can get enough republicans out of Congress to put the power back in the hands of the Democrats. And don’t forget, billions of Koch Brothers money is going into funding attack ads for Republican Congressional candidates, while we’re talking about Romney versus Obama. Get active in your local, state and Congressional districts to get the GOP out!

  • MarcQus

    Very good blog!

  • Romney and Ryan have at least one thing in common. They both supported wars, Romney-Vietnam and Ryan-Iraq, and neither one of them showed up to fight it. They were more than happy to let someone else fight and die for America while they stayed home; safe, sound and wealthy.

  • You know, the Tea Party conservatives primaried Orrin Hatch because he voted for TARP, but Ryan also voted for the auto bailout AND the AIG bailout.
    How can the “fiscal conservatives” of the Tea Party stand for this?

    • Because the “fiscal conservatives” never gave a damn about that. The Tea Party has always been about opposing Obama because he’s that skeery black guy.

  • Mitt has dropped the ball. He is lacking in female, Latino, Black, young voters. He will lose even more with this pick. He has his base sown up he is admitting he is in trouble.

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  • At the GOP convention, are the delegates forbidden from nominating another candidate? What if they give Mitt the brush-off and nominate Ryan? Everyone seems to be saying he’s the stronger candidate…

  • Mara

    It appeared to me that the choice of Palin really fired up a conservative base who up until that point weren’t all that eager to vote for McCain, and gave them a big boost to turn out at the polls. We make fun of her now, but that woman scared the shit out of me then. (And a life long supply of thank you fruit baskets to Katie Couric!)

    I think the Ryan pick will have the opposite effect. While he is pleasing to the base, those voters who up till now were bored or on the fence (Obama, Romney, what’s the difference?) have had their eyes opened. They can see the difference now, and it’s scary.

  • frustrated_2012

    Paul Ryan’s proposals regarding Medicare won’t just affect seniors. I have been forced to buy Medicare Part B (and pay taxes on it to boot) because I’m disabled and my spouse recently retired. I’m under age 55, permanently disabled (until the miracle I wish for every day occurs), and receive SSDI (Social Security Disability Income). The SSD I receive pales in comparison to my prior paycheck. I wish I could work. I didn’t ask to become a disabled person, but I live my life with a positive attitude. Ryan’s proposals to end Medicare will hurt many disabled people. I’ve worked with people like him before…people who have good ideas and an eagerness to initiate certain ideals; but, sometimes certain ideas look great on paper, but the person does not consider the “human element”. People are not robots or computers. I wonder if Mr. Ryan has ever suffered pain. Many of his ideas, if implemented, will severely hurt seniors, students, the disabled, schools, young poor children (he wants to “axe” the Headstart program), veterans, and the middle class. I’m a registered Republican who is fiscally conservative but my views differ depending on the topic or issue. This coming election my vote will go to President Obama. I had mixed feelings about Romney, but with Paul Ryan as his sidekick, it’s my opinion that Mitt Romney made a terrible choice for his VP pick.

  • how can you saw what their tax plan is when Ryan/Romney said in the last few days they don’t have all the details yet????? this article is clearly drawing facts out of the air

    • Ryan’s budget was published a while ago. True, there are details missing, but what was printed was printed.

  • Voting for someone because they’re from your state makes no sense at all to me. So what? So he’s from your same state. Big F. Deal. I’m from Wisconsin but I would never have voted for a Romney-Dahmer ticket.

  • Paul Ryan is hardly an intellectual or truly learned person. His principles on budget matters are hardly knew. They stem from his status as a Plutocratic Puppet. As stated by David Stockman, Ronald Reagan’s former Budget Director: “Mr. Ryan’s sonorous campaign rhetoric about shrinking Big Government and giving tax cuts to ‘job creators’ (read: the top 2 percent) will do nothing to reverse the nation’s economic decline and arrest its fiscal collapse,” Stockman wrote in the op-ed, later adding: “Mr. Ryan’s plan is devoid of credible math or hard policy choices.”