Mitt Romney — July 3, 2012 at 8:00 am

How You Know Mitt Romney is Losing It


Why stop flip-flopping now?

Mitt Romney has two big problems.

First, he’s facing a team of ninja strategists who have already taken his two greatest accomplishments in life—getting filthy rich as a businessman and passing a universal health care plan as governor—and turned them into his greatest weaknesses.

Second, he is a right-wing extremist running for president after eight years when right-wing extremist tortured American values and cost us millions of jobs.

To review his extreme views:

  • He wants tax breaks for the rich larger than George W. Bush’s breaks
  • He feels the president can attack Iran any time for any reason
  • He wants to overturn Roe v. Wade and defund Planned Parenthood taking basic reproductive health from millions of women
  • He wants to write bigotry against gays and lesbians into the Constitution with an anti-gay marriage amendment
  • He believes he can make life for millions of undocumented mothers, daughters and grandmothers miserable enough that they will eventually deport themselves

Because these views are so extreme, I’ve grown to believe that Mitt likes being called a flip-flopper since this is the one thing that makes him moderate. But, apparently, his internal polling must be finding that all his vacillating is destroying his credibility.

Last week, Mitt met in secret with a number of VIPs and donors and the issue of immigration came up. Since President Obama announced that he would no longer be deporting DREAM-eligible undocumented students and veterans, the polls have shown the race getting away from Romney.

Again and again, pollsters say Romney needs to get somewhere near 40% of the Latino vote to have any chance to win. While immigration isn’t the only issue Latinos care about, it is highly symbolic. Romney refuses to even answer whether he would reverse the President’s decision and begin deporting law-abiding students on his first day in office.

Sensing that this issue is a loser for Mitt, Rupert Murdoch—CEO of News Corp, which owns the 24-hour-a-day infomercial for the GOP known as Fox News—pushed Romney to contest the President on this issue.

Romney said the Hispanic vote is important, noting he has Sen. Marco Rubio on the trail for him and that one of his own sons speaks Spanish, but indicated he is not going to change positions from some of what he said in the primaries.

“I know I took some positions in the primary that are” hard to contend with in a general,” Romney said, according to two sources.

“I am not going to be a flip-flopper,” he added, according to one guest.


First of all, anyone who was pro-choice when the first iPod came out and now wants to overturn Roe v. Wade is a flip flopper, forever. So give it up, Mitt.

While that charge hurt John Kerry, it played into a larger narrative of him being weak on national defense. Barney Frank often points out that people don’t mind if politicians flip as long as they end up on the their side of the issue.

Mitt’s immigration views are untenable. Even Latino leaders in his party are saying this. My prediction is he will begin to hedge on them and soon.

The crucial thing here is that Rupert Murdoch is right. Mitt is getting terrible advice. His most visible advisor Eric Fehrnstrom yesterday contradicted the entire GOP and joined with Democrats to say the individual mandate isn’t a tax. And Mitt is clearly being advised to not change his opinion on the one issue that could most easily cost him an election. Everyone but Mitt seems to understand he needs sharper tools from the shed.

Isn’t it delicious that Mitt Romney—who is known for his penchant for layoffs, outsourcing and downsizing—may be doomed by the one layoff he can’t make?

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  • Nefercat

    I think it is wonderful to see Mr. CEO Business Genius fail so abysmally at running the high stakes, very expensive business of a presidential campaign.

  • Observer

    Chris Savage has obviously two standards. When Obama flip flops on gay marriage among other things, he calls it “evolving”. It is sad that Chris’s posts are becoming less irrelevent by the day because he has set such a low standard. The relatively few people who still follow tihs blog are obviously sheep and it just goes to show that “the blind leading the blind” still holds true.

    • Other than same-sex marriage, there’s little you could call flip-flopping with Pres. Obama. What gives him credibility is that he actually admits when his position has changed or is changing.
      Romney just lies about it or conveniently ignores the fact that he has flip-flop-flipped. It’s getting noticed all over the world that he is the biggest liar ever to run for president. The Guardian piece about was devastating.
      If you think this blog is becoming LESS relevant, you clearly haven’t been watching our traffic stats! LMAO.
      Actually, have right wing trolls is a sign that we’re having a bigger impact all the time.

    • EighteenCharacters

      Can you really call Obama’s stance on gay marriage “flip-flopping”? The president that overturned Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has said his views on gay marriage were “evolving.” There’s a difference between changing your opinion for the sake of the crowd du jour, and changing your opinion because you’ve thought about it and decided you were wrong.

    • majii

      President Obama was always in favor of civil unions. This means that he didn’t object to two people of the same sex who love each other having the same legal rights as heterosexual married couples. I think what he struggled most with was the word marriage, so imho, I don’t think he considered himself to be flip flopping as much as he considered himself to be evolving. If a person is totally against a certain thing in all ways, and THEN changes his/her mind, that’s flip flopping. President Obama was never against same sex couples living their lives together in a loving relationship. One is entitled to one’s opinions, but one isn’t entitled to push his/her lies and distortions as versions of the truth.

    • Oh, let’s not be sophists: President Obama was always for marriage equality, but waited until the moment was right to come out for it. Up until then he held publicly to a compromise position that would encourage and advance the arrival of the right moment. That is not flip-flopping; it is statesmanship.

      • Well stated, Barry. You have it exactly correct.

  • Can’t you just feel the Republiclown’s desperation?

  • It is difficult to become president by bullshitting and smokescreening your way. George W Bush at least said things, even if they were misleading.

    (If this implies you can bullshit and smokescreen your way through the forces of business, so be it.)

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