Michigan Republicans — May 17, 2012 at 6:50 am

More misogyny in the Michigan House of Representatives – Rep Frank Foster calls nurses union staffer a c**t


Boys will be boys pigs

It’s just another episode in a long, long string of episodes where some Michigan Republican men can’t get into any sort of back and forth with a woman without whipping out the sexist derogatory slurs. This time, it’s state House Representative Frank Foster.

While visiting the neighborhood of a Michigan Nurses Association staffer, he called her a “cunt”.

From the MNA press release:

On Tuesday evening, Foster was visiting a home on Lansing’s south side when he walked up to the fence and asked Michigan Nurses Association staffer Julia Smith-Heck to stop mowing her lawn. They had a conversation about the “Protect Our Jobs” campaign to permanently enshrine collective bargaining rights in the Michigan Constitution, which the Michigan Nurses Association actively supports. Foster became hostile and walked away.

He returned shortly afterward, demanding again that she stop mowing, saying it was bothering his autistic son. [Foster does not have children, according to his official bio information.] Smith-Heck declined, needing to finish mowing, but ended a short while later and went across the street to talk to her neighbor.

Foster, a woman and a boy of about 3 or 4 came out and walked up to Smith-Heck and her neighbor. Foster said, “I want to introduce you to my son, Chase. I want to introduce you to the person whose night you ruined.”

He then walked away, asking Smith-Heck, “Are you going to apologize?” She responded, “For mowing my lawn?” Foster said, “So you’re not going to apologize”? She repeated, “For mowing my lawn?” Foster yelled across the street, “You’re a cunt!”

The MNA is demanding an apology and asking House Speaker Jase Bolger to investigate whether action should be taken against Rep. Foster for this completely unprofessional and sexist behavior. Deb Nault, Assistant Executive Director of Nursing Practice for MNA and longtime nurse said, “Frank Foster should apologize, have his mouth washed out with soap and learn to show some respect for women. I am beyond appalled that anyone, let alone a State Representative, would think it’s OK to use demeaning language like that.”

Smith-Heck put it this way:

I guess Frank Foster thought he could get away with screaming a derogatory term at a woman because the cameras weren’t on him. I hope his supporters and constituents are paying attention to his true character. Disagreements happen, but real adults handle it respectfully, not by using sexist, offensive insults in front of children. I expect better from our elected officials, and I look forward to receiving an apology from both Representative Foster and Speaker Bolger.

I have a neighbor who mows his lawn constantly and it always seems to be right when we’re out enjoying the evening or trying to nap or entertain. But it never occurs to me to go out and call him derogatory names in the middle of the street in front of neighbors. In fact, it never occurs to me to confront him at all. People need to mow their lawns and it’s just a tiny price to pay for living in society: sometimes you will be mildly inconvenienced.

But Foster clearly doesn’t have that governor on his throttle. He’s clearly comfortable not only with confrontation to get his way but also with using the most sexist, derogatory put-downs he can think of.

Can someone please tell me how people with such poor judgement and self-restraint get elected to our state legislature? Because I. Do. Not. Get. It.

UPDATE: Here’s a photo of Julia Smith-Heck (on the right), attending the huge rally at the Michigan state Capitol building on Monday, June 18, 2012 for a reading of The Vagina Monologues:

Our write-up of the event with photos and video is HERE.

[Image credit: Official state photo of Rep. Frank Foster.]

  • Richard T. Desvernine Jr.

    What is also disturbing is that he would deliberately bring the boy outside and insert him in an argument. :(

  • What I find interesting is that he, apparently, has a son he’s not telling anyone about. Why not? Who’s the boy’s mother? Is he ashamed he’s autistic? Or (weirder) was he lying and saying the boy was his son just as a bargaining chip.

  • SharonMI

    If that little boy is at all verbal, his mom’s not going to thank that pig for putting the C-word into his vocabulary.

  • la58

    One thing I learned long time ago, NEVER call a woman that. I hope shit hits the fan over this.

  • MLady

    And this from a republican surprises you because??????

  • Jennifer

    If this act of misogyny disgusts you, support his opponent, Suzanne Shumway. She’ll be running against him in the fall.


  • Teresa

    Republican men of today are ill raised, ill bred, no class abusive arseholes. Foster isn’t the exception he’s the rule of today’s GOP standards. The more abusive the better the base likes them.

  • Hello?! Everyone is missing the entire point! He needs to be investigated! His bio “says he has no children” yet he introduced this child as his son???  Me thinks I smell a scandal!

    • He’s just ashamed of the kid. He’ll use him when he needs him though.

  • Mowing a lawn across the street from the boy? Not good for the autistic son. Screaming an obscenity right next to the boy? Just fine.

    What the hell is wrong with these people? *smh*

    • JSB3

      They are feel morally superior to any one and are some of the dumbest ass holes on earth.

    • Foster doesn’t even live there. He was visiting.

      Why didn’t he just leave his son inside while this lady was mowing the lawn? Better yet, why not just hire a babysitter next time instead of subjecting the child to the sound of lawnmowers?

  • So, one way or the other this guy is a liar. Either on papaer or he lied about the bot being his son. Either way- a liar. Does he reside there all the time or was he a visitor? If he was a visitor, he has a lot of audacity attempting to tell anyone when or how or for how long they can mow their lawns. If he lives there, than I am even more confused.

    • He was visiting the neighborhood and did not live there.

  • OK, he has a child that he doesn’t claim on his public bio. That child is autistic and very sensitive, so sensitive that normal city noise is offensive. And yet he takes that child to visit friends overnight and he can drag the child out into the street to witness daddy in a petty fight using curse words. Sounds like misogyny is not his only fault.

  • His bio lists no wife or children and shows no photos of either…However it does show a photo of him with Lt Governor Calley. Calley’s daughter is autistic
    Not only is he a foul-mouthed pig but from what I can see he’s also a liar

  • kay

    I don’t understand how such immoral ,disgusting people get elected. I guess by immoral,disgusting people or maybe they don’t show their true colors until after they are elected .

  • Katiein TX

    Vote for his opponent… and to Ms. Smith-Heck, who the heck is your neighbor? OK – just a tiny attempt at humor. :)

  • Marty Susman

    Not sure what has happen to the whole of the Republican party since it has been taken over by the Tea Party but whatever it was the new party is loaded with LUNATICS & BIGOT’S.

    What shocks me most is why on earth any females would vote for them. These guys are all starved for sex, otherwise the war on females wouldn’t be here. They hate all females as well as anyone who does not see things their crazy way.

    These men should not be elected to office, they should be committed to asylums for the ignorant, bigoted & just plain mean jack ass’s.

  • russell

    What the hell is wrong with all you people? Am I the ONLY one to see a solution here?
    She should have kneed the stupid bastard in the nuts, dislocated his insignificantly sized penis and told him to move into a friggin apartment building on the top floor.

    Ummm, too much? :-)

  • lindab

    I suspect he would be the first to complain if her grass was too long.

  • nWaCuT5CbC

    Anyone who believes this story to be true is extremely uneducated. I know Frank personally and have for years. HE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A SON. The nurses association is lying, has committed libel, and should be sued. Some of the people behind this at the nurses association have a history of fabricating stories to reach political goals, and that’s exactly what they are doing here. I’m not even a political supporter of Frank but I’m still intelligent enough to know how to recognize an attention-seeking falsified story.

    • Riii-iiiight. It’s all a big lie with witnesses. Sure it is.


      • LOL.. Where are these so called witnesses and exactly who are they? Other unhappy union card carrying members or dems? Sorry but you people have ZERO credibility. How many times can you all cry wolf before people start waking up to the crap? Sorry but the gig is up. I think it is YOU who owes a apology as well as that nurse. Again making up stuff like this is not gonna get you dems elected. Get a new gig.

        • Good one. Very entertaining. Thanks for this.

          • We all will be waiting with baited breath to see who these so called witnesses are. Let me guess they to will vanish in the night like a number of others have after the deed is done? Good luck with it.

          • mjsee

            I’m fairly certain you are waiting with BATED breath. Unless you’ve been eating minnows. Or worms.

          • Something resembling a worm, methinks.

            …or a cyclops.

          • Enjoy your trip into irrelevancy.

          • Right. A quarter million hits a month = irrelevant. Right.

            You are a goddam comedian.

          • Is that all? Yeah i happen to run a website and i hate to break it to you but those numbers are not all that great. And you think blog posts like this is gonna help with your credibility? Good luck with that.. The only joke here is you.

          • What’s the comedians’ award? The golden rubber chicken or something?

        • drone hater

          Drink some more of your koolade repig drone – you can lie to yourself but like every non drone out there we choose not to listen to drone crap and drone lies – GO DRONE GO DRONE GO DRONE. Friggen repig drone – LOL, that is all you will ever be.

    • drone hater

      Ahhhh, another repig thug wannabee idiot with no brain matter – Like all repigs you do nothing but lie – LOL, another repig – GO REPIG, GO REPIG

  • Only a loser would believe such crap. Typical dems. Policies and everything has been a abject failure and so they have nothing else left but made up crap like this. Reasons why people like me who has voted for dems will never do so again. Not with the idiots running that party now. How anyone can even admit to belonging to such a embarrassing group of people is beyond me.

    • Sure you’re a former Dem. We all believe you. Sure we do. Right, guys?

      • Did i say i was a former dem? Umm No. Try reading my post again. I said i have voted for dems in the past. But carry on with the trumped up charges.

    • Sorry to break it to you people but i would say the chances are very high dems will not gain control in this state again for a very LONG TIME. Reasons are simple. Everything you people touch turns to crap. Thus see our prior governor and our unemployment numbers, debt and such and then see places like Flint, Detroit etc that has been a mass failure under democrat control for decades since the real decline began in those places. You all wanna have relevance again the party is gonna have to change it’s horrible ways. Trying to divide people on social issues is only gonna come back and bite you in the tails.

      • drone hater

        Wow, really now – how stupid are you? Apparently as stupid as the ground that you stand on – do you even have ANY brains at all? Or did it all drop from your pathetic ears when you became a drone repig?

      • It’s “Democratic” control, not “Democrat” control.

        “Trying to divide people on social issues is only gonna come back and bite you in the tails.”

        You should warn your fellow Republicans about this, then. You are right–it will bite them big time. ;)

    • drone hater

      Wow, another idiot that jumped on the repig band wagon. I feel sorry for idiots like you that state EVERYTHING is a lie except for what their drone masters tell them and you are definetly a drone. I really do feel sorry for idiots like you – you and those like you are what make America a joke.

  • Ray Zographos

    What he did was reprehensible, but I do hope that if anyone asks me to stop mowing my lawn because it hurting someone with a specialized medical condition, that I’ll be big enough to realize that people are more important than mowed grass. Lawn mower exhaust fumes are not catalyticly cleaned and could easily cause asthma problems and problems for people with MCS. Courtesy begets courtesy.

  • Can someone please tell me how people with such poor judgement and self-restraint get elected to our state legislature? {} Because the people with the same views voted him in?

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  • Extremists and their extremities.

  • Hey, at least he didn’t say Vagina.

  • so Michigan Republican male legislators find vagina offensive, but cunt is ok?? I will make note of that . . . .seems their true colors are coming through. when are women going to take notice that there IS a WAR ON WOMEN!!!!

    • thotostale

      actually its a WAR AGAINST WOMEN – the term on women is just the PC version

  • stop voting for BOTH republicans AND democrats. Everyone.

  • How did the mowing of a lawn ruin his “son’s” night?

  • Altitude5280

    I wouldn’t trust a guy with a hair style like that.

    • I have more hair than this punk and don’t act like that. Of course, I’m not one of those rePIGliCON scumbags.
      Hmm, I ought to apologize to the world’s scumbags for insulting them with this thing.

  • Craig

    Well, now we understand. It’s okay to call a woman a cunt, but it’s not okay for a woman to refer to her vagina as a vagina. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. See…it’s because the legislature is really just an “old boys club”…except that it’s largely populated by immature males who probably still live to share “dirty jokes.” Good grief! Is this really the best the GOP can do?

  • Please continue to support our women legislators. This is the type of environment they are forced to work in. And the hypocrites punish them when they call a spade a spade.

    Let’s send Speaker Bolger another 1000 emails today. http://www.change.org/petitions/speaker-of-the-house-lift-the-censorship-ban-on-mi-representatives-lisa-brown-and-barb-byrum

  • well his Can’t Understand Normal Thinking Mother, Wife, Daughter and Granddaughter appreciates him

    • I’ve been using that Can’t Understand analogy for years.
      If it’s used properly, it more accurately describes him rather than a woman.

  • tpartynitwit

    This guy thinks its perfectly okay to empty an entire jar of Dippity-Do on his helmet and slick it back? No wonder he uses intempertate language!

  • MsInformed

    Uncalled for. Now if she were mowing at 7 am on a weekend…..

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  • b-chica

    Okay, if mowing a lawn will disturb this child with autism, do they not mow the lawn at the kid’s house ever (and have arrangements to have neighbors only use yard equipment when the kid is not home)? And if the kid was fine 1/2 hour later to walk across the street, how is his night ruined? And it is okay to say that word in front of a child that is at the stage of still learning language? Even if the kid is actually autistic and also non-verbal, he should not be swearing in front of the kid because non-verbal does not always mean will never be verbal; it would be real great if the kid became semi-verbal and latched onto an offensive term.

    Dude is an asshat that just didn’t like the idea of having to talk over the normal sounds of a real neighborhood (I hate, hate, hate the sound of lawn mowers and leaf blowers, but I would never ask a neighbor to stop doing yard work unless they were doing it at an hour that is a violation of local noise ordinances).

    Hmmm… Just though of something… His official profile says he has no kids. Is he married? Does he have no kids with his wife, but this child is a secret “love child” born to a mistress?

    • b-chica


    • dcarolt

      That’s EXACTLY what I’m wondering.

  • Cloudtreker

    So.. the Republicans aren’t waging a war on women? Seems like they are waging something on them. When will the Republicans try to get an amendment passed, to revoke women’s right to vote? That’s next…..

  • Were there any witnesses to this exchange?
    This is pretty thin and holds what seems to be an accusation of infidelity or a secret family.

    I wish there had been a camera rolling for this event.

  • Andrew

    A conservative who behaves like a clinically-certified sociopath?? Why, I’ve never! (Seriously, lying about having a son, going to extremes because someone is mowing their lawn, demanding an apology like some victimhood-obsessed creep? This guy is messed up in the head!) Where do you suppose all these crazies on the Right have come from?

  • I tried to get #jimsamaspenis trending on twitter. I have no idea how well it went!

  • Frank Foster sounds like a twat, a prick, a dork, a fuckwit, a dork, a prat, a shit-for-brains mysoginst arsehole.

  • Bill Nelson

    Words like vagina and vasectomy are not offensive to House Republicans. You have to know what these words mean before you can decide if you are offended or not by them. The real message here is that Republicans will take any and all steps to eliminate their opposition, whether it is someones opinion or someone with the audacity to run against them.

  • I know the Michigan Pharmacists Assoc. will in no way support Frank Foster. We have friends in the Nurses and Medical Assoc. These rethugs should be careful. Us healthcare professionals stick together.

  • swgg

    If it’s true…. He should be ashamed of himself, and if he was a real politician “for the people” he would have done it for her. Real Politicians kiss babies and help people, not scream reprehensible obscenities at women.

  • Trace

    oh I find this funny , I to have an Autistic child, shall I never mow my lawn,should I tell my neighbors to do the same , should I just tell the whole world to stop existing when I noise sends him into a sensory overload fit.Come now why doesn’t he buy his son headphones,or play soothing music that covers the sound , or a white noise machine,or aromatherapy,or the other 10 things I do when my son is panicking.Learn to control yourself,stop trying to control others oh wait ,thats apparently impossible for him ….”shaking head”sad sad

    • the difference Trace, is that you are an adult, this guy obviously is not.

    • Danielle

      Actually I myself am autistic (moderately, aspergers) and I get sensory overloud very easily. I am 17 with 4 other siblings, the oldest being 10.
      Yeah I get very annoyed with noise, but not from mowing yards. And when I get over stimulated I go to my room, play music, cover my head with a pillow, watch tv. I only ask people to turn down the tv, stop being so loud, etc if it’s my own family or close friends, never would I act that way to a stranger, and am embarrassed when anyone tries.

    • april

      totally agree. i’m sure this isn’t the first time she’s mowed her lawn and honestly who reacts that way? this guy is crazy

  • They got elected with Koch Bros big $$ & the astroturf tea party Express they funded to push their agenda! Most people who voted Dem in 2008 didn’t vote in midterms sadly & let these morons in 2010 take the Congress to upset the 2008 election result of a Dem. President.
    Big money put these morons in our govt. & we have to vote them out. Extreme ignorance will not be bliss for our country.
    Most of the 2010 freshman have no civic training or knowledge of how government works for all the people. They are tools being used to push an agenda for corporations who don’t want any regulations or taxes & when these tea bagger tools are finally turned out, they may realize how they were used, or not.
    Silence on this assault is condoning the behavior!

  • btw, just wondering, Foster claimed the child(one who couldn’t sleep) was his. Does he have a family listed anywhere on the net. I couldn’t find a wife or child anywhere.

  • I’ve known Julia since she was born and she would never cause any problem to any child. Her 6’8″ husband should’ve come out of the house at the time, I’m sure Rep. Foster would have easily backed down then.

  • D_C_Wilson

    This is republicans when they are denying that they’re waging a war on women. Imagine what they’d be like if they were openly waging one.

  • Here’s the question, how is it that Michigan elects and continues to elect such people?

    Obviously because they like people legislating women.

    • shelley

      because people aren’t voting in the midterm elections.

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  • So, does the esteemed Republican have a secret love child out of wedlock he doesn’t want to make public, or does he just rent autistic children when it’s convenient?

    • Jane Hawes


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  • I think they are so going to lose all elections they keep this crap up.

    • Jane Hawes

      One can only hope….

  • the guy is a classless pig who shouldn’t be anywhere near the public…or an autistic child.

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  • ennui

    If his bio has no mention of children and he shows up with a boy, maybe he borrowed the boy from Jerry Sandusky.

  • Jane Hawes

    My cat hates the noise of lawnmowers, too; does that mean I get to insult my neighbors when they mow?

  • dcarolt

    So…does he have a child or not? Illegitimate child, maybe?

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