First official Obama rally of 2012 in Columbus, Ohio – PHOTOS & Interactive PANOS


Fired up and ready to GO!

These are a few images from the first official campaign rally for Barack Obama for the 2012 election. It took place in Columbus, Ohio at Ohio State on Saturday, May 5. At the bottom is an interactive panoramic image from the Rally and along with a panoramic still that can be zoomed in so close you can actually find yourself if you were there. Enjoy!

From Obama’s Speech:

“We came together because we believe that in America, your success shouldn’t be determined by the circumstances of your birth. If you’re willing to work hard, you should be able to find a good job. If you’re willing to meet your responsibilities, you should be able to own a home, maybe start a business, give your kids the chance to do even better — no matter who you are, no matter where you come from, no matter what you look like, no matter what your last name is.”

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NOTE: This first pano is a unique in that you can view it on an iPhone or iPad. This cutting edge technology available very few sites at this time. You can use your mouse to spin the image around and you can also zoom in and out using the scroll button on your mouse (or use “gestures” to zoom in and out with your iPad/iPhone.)

For transcripts of the speeches by First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama from the Columbus, Ohio event, click HERE.

  • Alma98

    Awesome photos.

  • dannie22

    Wow!!! those zoom photos are awesome!!!!  Great job!!

  • This is so amusing.  There’s no possible way Willard will fill a stadium.  The GOP ended up with the man they LEAST wanted as their ‘leader’. 

  • Gail Steih

    These are just soooo great!  Thanks for sharing!

  • This is funny to look at when you remember when Mitt tried and failed to fill a stadium like this and only had like 10 people. Lmao!

  • Holy Crap…looks like enthusiasm to me!  Great pics.

    • ultraviolet_uk

      Says you.

      “The stadium was not full. Any campaign knows you need to
      fill your space. So, a crowd of 14,000 people failing to fill a 20,000
      capacity stadium was not good. The banks of empty seats handed the Mitt Romney campaign a gleeful talking point (which was duly picked up by Drudge and other media). Just check out these pics on Rush Limbaugh’s website.
      The lack of numbers on Saturday should cause concern for the Obama
      team: they themselves clearly expected a capacity crowd, and briefed
      journalists accordingly. But people simply did not show up.”

      Me? I believe my own eyes and these photos. But don’t underestimate how petty the lies are going to be, and the extent to which even a left-leaning newspaper like the UK Guardian may fall for them.

  • isonprize

    I posted your link and gave credit to Anne Savage on The Obama Diary.

    GREAT WORK!!!! WOW. I feel like I was actually there. VERY COOL!!!

    • Thanks so much! I LOVE TOD!!!

      • isonprize

        The link is at Pragmatic Obots Unite also. You’re married to Ann Savage. The photos you guys have must be RIDICULOUS!!!

        • Yes, we have some pretty remarkable photos. Anne took all the photos of the big shots that paid thousands of dollars to have their photo taken with the President at the Henry Ford museum recently. At one point there were over 90 photos of him standing with different people all over our kitchen table waiting to be mailed ; )

          Anne is also a fantastic food photographer (as well as other stuff.) Super talented, for sure.

  • PoliticalJunkessa

    I also was directed here from The Obama Diary by isonprize. I remember you from dailykos, and I’ve been following your terrific work in Michigan. Fantastic pics! Your wife is very talented. Forward!

    • Will do!

    • isonprize

      PJ, wow. Thanks for the h/t. These pics are fabulous!! We MUST BE OUR OWN MEDIA!!! FORWARD!!

    • isonprize

      PJ, wow. Thanks for the h/t. These pics are fabulous!! We MUST BE OUR OWN MEDIA!!! FORWARD!!


  • I’m an old fashioned geezer to whom the f-word is very offensive.

  • bbock

    What’s REALLY funny is when you look at the pictures the Romney camp are sharing about the event:!/RyanGOP/status/198825335670833152/photo/1

    Notice how empty it is. They of course focus on the large portion of the upper deck that WAS empty.

  • majii

    Posted these on my FB page. Thanks, Eclectablog and Ms. Anne Savage!!!!

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  • niah

    Please let’s keep it clean. The F word was not necessary

    • Eh? What “F-word”? Forward? Fired up?

      • niah

        Oh no., I’m fired up & moving forward. Referring to the same article on Obama Diaries

        • I’m not responsible for the video that was made with Anne’s pano. That’s Bobfr.

  • I wonder if Mitt’s crowds look anything like THIS? Maybe , if he asks nicely, Presiden Obama will share.

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