GOPocrisy, Mitt Romney, Republican-Fail — April 16, 2012 at 6:40 am

There’s a funny thing about the “Romneycare” that Mitt Romney hates so much: It’s making health insurance rates drop.


I hate when that happens

Mitt Romney is traveling around the country telling Americans how evil Obamacare is, the health insurance reform modeled after his own Romneycare back in Massachusetts. He calls it “an unfolding disaster for the American economy, a budget-busting entitlement, and a dramatic new federal intrusion into our lives.”

Meanwhile, back Massachusetts, health insurance rates in the program are actually dropping.

Massachusetts residents who participate in the state’s healthcare program are seeing their insurance premiums going down by 5 percent, officials say.

While healthcare insurance premiums have gone up in other states, those participating in the state’s Health Connector Commonwealth Care program are enjoying a second year of reduced premium payments courtesy of the healthcare reform act signed into law by then Gov. Mitt Romney, reported.

It really takes courage to condemn your signature gubernatorial achievement just to appease a party that you actually disagree with on so much. It must create an intense internal karmic crater in your soul to sell yourself out like that. I predict we’ll see Mitt Romney slowly begin to go insane, just like John McCain did in 2008.

I mean after all, how long can he keep spitting on his own health insurance reforms when you read stuff like this about it?

Currently, Massachusetts has the highest level of healthcare coverage in the country with more than 98 percent of its residents having healthcare insurance, but ranking as the 48th lowest state in the nation in healthcare expenditures.

The combined saving of last year and this year will save the state approximately $91 million with no benefit reductions or member co-pay increases, the report said.

That’s the kind of thing a candidate should be running on; the kind of success that you paint on a gigantic banner and parade around the country. And Mitt Romney has to hide from it.

That has got to take its toll.

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  • CB_Demented

    That’s not exactly true.  This
    describes the premiums for the subsidized “Health Connector
    Commonwealth Care” system, which is for people who can’t afford or don’t
    have other insurance. The state sets the rates for it and they don’t
    necessarily have anything to do with its cost. The premiums for
    employer-provided insurance and private insurance are still going up,
    though to be fair, at a somewhat lower rate due to the slow
    economy and the state publicly calling out the companies that wanted to
    raise their rates “too much” (their rates are state-controlled too).


    Massachusetts a Commonwealth can pass such laws if they believe this kind of socialism is needed. It is a far different animal when the entire country has a forced hammer you with tax law if you don’t buy insurance. 15000 regulations enforced by 16,500 IRS agents.

    Mass. lost their deficits and gained a billion dollar surplus and lowered their unemployment rate to a fantastic 4.7% under Romney.

    Each state does what it thinks is right for it and then their Governor, here Romney is hidebound by the huge majority of Democrats that wanted this.

    • Romney did that by raising taxes and fees and it’s a myth that he left the state with a billion dollar surplus. Via Wikipedia: