Racism — April 9, 2012 at 12:57 pm

Allen Park traffic sign hacked to say “Trayvon a N****R”


Racism is alive and well and flourishing in the USA

The Detroit News is reporting that an as-yet unidentified person hacked into a traffic sign in Allen Park, Michigan and reprogrammed it to say “TRAYVON A NIGGER”.

Here’s the sign, image courtesy of @mizkorona on Twitter, used with permission. Click the image for a larger version.

The Michigan State Police began receiving calls about the sign at about 1 a.m., according to Michigan Department of Transportation spokesman Rob Morosi.

“We were made aware that at about 1 a.m. someone hacked into a portable electronic message board we had on a trailer on WB Interstate 94 approaching Michigan Avenue,” Morosi said. “The sign is there as part of a big project we have at the I-94/M-39 (Southfield Freeway) interchange. Calls were coming in from motorists who were shocked, disturbed and every emotion you can imagine.”

Within an hour of being notified, MDOT contracted the subcontractor in control of the sign and a worker was dispatched to change the message.

“We also checked on the other signs to see if any of them had been hacked, but they were untouched,” Morosi said.

When I first posted about the racist “Don’t Renig in 2012” bumpersticker, I used the title “Don’t let ANYONE EVER tell you racism isn’t alive and well in the USA”.

That still applies and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  • No, sadly racism is alive and well. But white idiots don’t have a monopoly on it. I have met people of every colour who are racist. When are people going to figure out that, under the skin, we all have the same basic DNA? That the only correct answer to the question “What race are you a member of” is HUMAN?????

  • Sean Coonery

    Sorry, Terry. Racism means that your race has the power to deprive others not like you. If I hated white people, nothing would happen. If enough white people hated black people, I don’t eat. THAT’S racism. Non-whites can merely be prejudiced. 

    • Sean, I believe that’s the distinction Amoja Three Rivers was getting at two decades ago when she argued that “racism is ‘power over.’ A person of color may have race prejudice, but until most of Congress, state, provincial, and local governments, the Pentagon, the FBI, CIA, all major industries, the Stock Exchange, Fortune 500 members, the educational system, health care system, the International Monetary Fund, the armed forces, and the police force are all operated and controlled by people of color and their cultural values, we do not have the kind of power that it takes to be racist toward anyone.” Incidentally, my students (who are mostly Black and Latino) tend to agree with the value of making the distinction but usually disagree with Three Rivers’ use of “racism” to denote only one of the two forms of prejudice.

    • Socratesfoot

       Not entirely true, their are predominantly black organizations and companies that choose to not hire anyone other than black people when they can and that treat white people they do hire as second class employees when they can’t. It’s VERY common. It isn’t even fair to say minorities anymore, because Hispanics and other nationalities don’t benefit from organizations that are geared to empower specifically African American workers. Racism is universal, no one group holds monopolies.

  • cryingliberty

    Suddenly, my comment about racial stratification in Michigan the other day becomes all the more relevant.

    If this isn’t a flaming, glaring sign that says the old, racist ways of the early 20th century are very much alive and kicking here in Michigan, I don’t know what is.

    How on earth do you put a stop to this kind of ignorance and stupidity?

  • ABL


  • sherifffruitfly

    clearly the problem is black folks playing the race card amirite?

  • I heard about this today at a meeting in Detroit, and I almost couldn’t believe it.. “racism isn’t a problem today in America” my ass!

  • Yo Mama

    I’m glad someone finally said it. Nigger indeed.

  • Who did it? Why are you so certain it was a non-black person?

     It was wrong whoever did it but I have not seen where anybody has been arrested yet. Trayvon himself liked to be known as No_limit_n-word.

    • Bri

       Even though I do not like to use this word take a look at this……NIGGER……NIGGA, technically they are two different words and in the black community for some reason a lot of them like to use this word. Read some lyrics from a rap song and you will find that NIGGA is in there not Nigger. Nigger was used against them negatively not NIGGA. I dont agree on either word and I am half black, but Trayvon having that No_limit_NIGGA on his facebook is different from him being called a NIGGER!!!!!

  • angela

    people who are surprised by this sign amaze me. why are you surprised. aren’t you aware of the country in which you live? this country had deep racist roots and was birthed while slavery was here.  hundreds of years worth of evil racism. racism, sadly will never be 100 percent removed from this country, as you can see by some of the comments. 

  • CB_Demented

    Why is it, out of curiosity, that in the Trayvon Martin case, one in which there really is no clear indication of any sort of racism other than a vague feeling that because a black boy was followed by a white skinned man, it must be racist motivation, there is a huge national outcry.

    But in Baltimore, when multiple African American’s beat, stomp, strip and rob a white guy on St. Patty’s day, the local press doesn’t mention race a single time. let alone a peep from the national press. http://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2012/04/06/crowd-beats-strips-robs-tourist-on-st-patricks-day-incident-caught-on-camera/ 

    I’d say racism is alive and well in more than one way.

    • Bri

       Well one thing I do agree is racism goes both ways and it is wrong that that guy was beat up, but the only reasons the Trayvon case went national is because of that Stand Your Ground Law which Zimmerman is hiding under to save himself from a conviction and when black people go missing, the media never covers it. You hear about white people go missing more than blacks so………….same thing

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