Michigan Democrats, Michigan Republicans — March 29, 2012 at 9:42 pm

Michigan Republicans ignore a House floor full of Democrats calling for a roll call vote (PHOTO)


This is NOT what Democracy looks like

As I reported yesterday, on Monday Ingham County Circuit Judge Clinton Canady III will consider whether to grant the Michigan House Democrats a Restraining Order against Republicans who they say are violating the state constitution by denying them roll call votes on making laws take “immediate effect”.

The Michigan Republicans in a rather remarkable display of arrogance have taken to passing bills lately and voting to give them “immediate effect”. They are, in general, allowed to do this and it bypasses the normal 90-day waiting period after the bill is signed into law by the governor. However, under the state constitution, this requires a 2/3 vote by the legislature must allow a record roll call vote on immediate effect if one-fifth of the members request it. The Republicans have decided to just ignore that inconvenience and go right to a voice vote against the wishes of the House Dems. The GOP has used this on such bills as a recent one to prevent university graduate student research assistants from forming a union.

Would you like to see what it looks like when Democrats ask for the roll call vote? You know, in case you were thinking maybe the Republicans didn’t actually realize they were asking?

Take a look at this:

Click image for larger version. Image courtesy of Representative Jeff Irwin, used with permission.

That is very much more than one-fifth of the members. It is also so NOT what Democracy looks like. It’s the same type of egregious, arrogant crap the Republicans pulled in Wisconsin. When you hold all the cards, you can get away with whatever you want, at least in the minds of Republicans. The courts offer temporary relief.

Until it gets to our state Supreme Court, of course.

  • CB_Demented

    Those bastards. Don’t they know they’re not supposed to do that? I mean, they should be booking it out of state and hiding out in a hotel room to keep votes from happening. That’s the way things are supposed to be done by god.

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  • thethinker2

    I really hate what the Republican Party is doing today. They are robbing our Democracy and making a laughing stock of us.

  • Bob Warsham

    If the situation was reversed the Republicans would be screaming like stuck pigs.

    • Chris

      the situation IS reversed in the DC senate and look at the chaos our country is in…progressive = socialist…I am independent…I don’t tow any party line…I just call right, right and wrong, wrong. I do not agree with either side ignoring the rights of the other.

      • Joseph Falco

        chaos? what chaos? take a breath

      • howard hughes’ cleanliness

        No the situation isn’t reversed in the US Senate– the republicans are still in business there– and not that it matters anyway, they’ve got the house and so our government has ground to a halt. Progressive = socialist = so what. But if the Republicans take the Senate this time, that’ll be the end of our democracy

  • Rick Derris

    This stuff wouldn’t be happening if the Dems started beating the Republicans with socks full of quarters. Just sayin’.

  • Jim Rome

    Republicans represent corporations.

    Democrats represent everyone.

    • Skip Fantry

      Well then everyone should do something about it . . . but Michigan seems content with the circumstance.

      So very sad.

      • You have no idea what you are talking about, actually.

        • Skip Fantry

          I do business in Michigan – I am quite familiar, thank you. Michigan had the chance to vote them out of majority in 2012 and didn’t – this after displaying similar tactics as the article points to all along the way. Outside of Detroit the state is near-blood red. Near as bad as Indiana.

          • Your comment shows very clearly that you don’t know what you’re talking about or you would know that we are so heavily gerrymandered that Dems have to vote vote 10% higher than the GOP to win by 3%.

          • GtW

            What’s amazing is that they are not being voted out 90%. Who are these people, even in the gerrymandered districts, who keep voting to cut their own throats?

          • Skip Fantry

            Which explains the Detroit area but does nothing to address the UP and rural MI – neither of which are gerrymandered and run red VERY consistently

          • Herman Moore

            Again, you have no clue. The entire state is gerrymandered, and quite effectively. Michigan votes blue in presidential elections, and sends Democrats to the US Senate. The UP elected Bart Stupak until he chose to retire, and the guy is a staunch Dem on everything except abortion rights and guns.

  • Robert Arauz

    deserves jail time and impeachment

    • Chris

      Then what for harry reid and cra cra pelosi?

      • howard hughes’ cleanliness

        wonder where you get your ‘news’

  • bob

    vote them out november 4

  • ssalty

    If it “…requires a 2/3 vote by the legislature must allow a record roll call
    vote on immediate effect if one-fifth of the members request it.” Then how is it legal?

  • Doug Geib

    ok, so someone explain to me why people are voting these idiots in office??

  • Obamican

    These are the same people who preach to us about freedom, liberty and the rule of law.

    • Harland Sexton

      Find the money trail and exact the Law from that point … Any monies found to be distributed to politicians for any personal use should be considered bribes … and every individual connected with such bribes should be banned and removed from any association with public programs, activities and not allowed to “tamper” with any legitemate politician under penalty of being charged with a felony …

  • CletusBeauregard

    This has been a problem here in MI for at least 3 or 4 decades now, regardless of which party has control of the chamber. This particular group just does it ALL the time, as opposed to some of the time.