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Feeding ourselves without destroying the climate – wsg journalist and author Michael Grunwald


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Mike Grunwald at Canary Media: This Super-Tree Could Help Feed the World and Fight Climate Change

Mike Grunwald at Canary Media: Afraid of high-tech food? Get over it

Mike Grunwald at The New York Times: No One Wants to Say ‘Put Down That Burger,’ but We Really Should


“The basic problem is that we’ve converted half of Earth’s habitable land into agricultural land. We’re destroying and degrading the habitats of other species to grow food for our own.”

“The crux is that if current eating and farming trends continue, the world will clear land equal to at least one and a quarter Indias by 2050. That would be a disaster for the climate and wildlife, dooming carbon-rich and biodiverse ecosystems like the Amazon and Congo rainforests.”

“About a third of the food grown on Earth is lost or tossed before it reaches our mouths, which means a third of the land (as well as the water, fertilizer and other resources) used to grow that food is also wasted.”

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