Podcast — January 16, 2021 at 2:26 pm

“This is about public safety” – With special guest progressive County Prosecutor Eli Savit and Victoria Burton-Harris


Eli Savit on Twitter: @EliNSavit

Victoria Burton-Harris on Twitter: @VBH4Justice

Samuel Robinson at MLive: Washtenaw County prosecutor-elect names first female assistant chief

Sarah Payne at The Michigan Daily: Eli Savit sworn in as new Washtenaw County Prosecutor

Oralandar Brand-Williams at The Detroit News: Washtenaw County prosecutor will no longer prosecute ‘consensual’ sex work

For a list of the progressive policies already enacted by Prosecutor Savit, click HERE.

Jordan Zakarin on Twitter: @JordanZakarin

Jordan Zakarin at Progressives Everywhere: These Elected Officials Were Part of the Capitol Rallies and Insurrection

Progressives Everywhere’s website: ProgressivesEverywhere.org and ProgressiveseEerywhere.substack.com

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Paul Egan at The Detroit Free Press: City of Flint, other defendants agree to settle water lawsuit as total boosted to $641.2M

Michigan Attorney General: Nine Indicted on Criminal Charges in Flint Water Crisis Investigation

Kat Stafford, Mike Householder, and Corey Williams at Associated Press: Flint Families Welcome Water Crisis Charges, Seek Healing

Paul Egan at The Detroit Free Press: Whitmer sets caps on legal bills for state officials as AG hands down new Flint charges

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