Podcast — July 6, 2020 at 7:17 am

A conversation with prison abolitionist Miriame Kaba


The original podcast where this interview was aired is HERE.

Mariame Kaba’s personal website: MariameKaba.com

Mariame Kaba on Twitter: @PrisonCulture

Mariame Kaba at The New Inquiry: Free Us All

Info on the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) at Mariame Kaba’s site U.S. Prison Culture: What is the PIC?

Info on Abolition and the Prison Industrial Complex at CriticalResistance.org: What is the PIC? What is Abolition?

The #FreeBresha website: FreeBresha.wordpress.com

The #SurvivedAndPunished website: SurvivedAndPunished.org

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