Podcast — April 6, 2020 at 10:59 am

The one thing Donald Trump has done that surprised me – wsg Michael Grunwald from Politico


Michael Grunwald on Twitter: @MikeGrunwald

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Michael Grunwald at Politico: The corporate bailout doesn’t include the limits Democrats promised

Michael Grunwald at Politico: What Trump’s Trillion-Dollar Bailout Gets Right, and Wrong

Michael Grunwald at Politico: The Mega-Bailout Leaves 4 Mega-Questions

Michael Grunwald at Politico: ‘Have We Learned Nothing?’

Adam Serwer at The Atlantic: We Can Finally See the Real Source of Washington Gridlock

Derek Thompson at The Atlantic: The Economy Is Ruined. It Didn’t Have to Be This Way.

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From Jordan:

I’ve started a new newsletter called Pandemic Stories in order to create a living history of this unprecedented time, which I believe will be a watershed moment for our nation (for better or worse). The virus has impacted literally everyone and I want to ensure that we capture and remember as many people’s stories as possible. Americans are great at pushing forward and protecting, but it’s absolutely essential we remember everything we can; everyone’s story deserves to be told, and we can’t learn from history if we don’t record it.

There are already a number of sweet (and bittersweet) stories published in the newsletter, which will be sent out several times a week. The stories will make you smile, laugh, feel some real outrage, and connect with people across the country at a time when we feel so isolated. I’d be honored if you’d subscribe, which you can do by clicking HERE.

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