Labor, Podcast, unions — March 25, 2019 at 6:37 am

[PODCAST] Never mind the Russians. Here’s the most anti-worker president we’ve ever had: Donald Trump. With special guest David Pepper.


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Gabriel DeBenedetti at Politico Magazine: The Thriller That Predicted the Russia Scandal

Heidi Shierholzat at the Economic Policy Institute: More than eight million workers will be left behind by the Trump overtime proposal

Eric Levitz at the New York Magazine: Trump Economic Team: Welfare Cuts Poverty. So, Let’s Cut Welfare.

Kathryn Kranhold at NBC News: Factory workers at GM see layoffs, not benefits, after tax cuts

Jason Sattler at USA Today: Joe Biden’s 2020 nightmare: He could be the Democratic reincarnation of Jeb Bush

Chris Savage at Eclectablog: Donald Trump to Detroit autoworkers: you make too much money

Chris Savage at Eclectablog: First Trump told union members they make too much money. Now he says they should cut their own throats.

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