Impeachment, Podcast — January 14, 2019 at 6:50 am

Why impeach NOW?! with special guest Ron Fein from Free Speech for People


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The eight reasons to impeach Donald Trump are:

  1. Accepting foreign & domestic emoluments
  2. Conspiracy to solicit & conceal illegal foreign help to get elected
  3. Obstruction of justice
  4. Directing law enforcement to investigate & prosecute his political adversaries and critics
  5. Abuse of his pardon power
  6. Advocating illegal violence and undermining Equal Protection of the laws
  7. Reckless endangerment by threatening nuclear war
  8. Undermining the freedom of the press

Since the book was published, Free Speech for People has added two additional reasons:

#9 – Trump’s hush money payments to influence the election are grounds for impeachment

#10 – Cruel and unconstitutional imprisonment of children and their families

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Jesse Byrnes at The Hill: Trump can’t recall saying he has one of the world’s best memories

Alexander Hamilton’s “The Mode of Electing the President” from The Federalist Papers: No. 68 HERE.

Brian Fung at The Washington Post: Pelosi tamps down talk of impeachment

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