Podcast — January 28, 2019 at 7:03 am

Should white men just shut the hell up? with special guest writer Talia Lavin (@Chick_in_Kiev)


Talia Lavin on Twitter: @Chick_in_Kiev

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Talia Lavin at Huffington Post: Tax The Rich, Then Tax Them Some More

Talia Lavin at Huffington Post: I Want A Woman President. I’m Not Afraid to Say So Anymore.

Talia Lavin at Huffington Post: If You Think Trans Rights Are A Distraction, You’re Part Of The Problem

Talia Lavin at NBC-Think: Trump’s shutdown is over for now. But the obliviousness of the plutocrats who run America won’t be forgotten.

Photo essay by Elizabeth D. Herman and Celeste Sloman at The New York Times: Redefining Representation: The Women of the 116th Congress

LOLGOP at Eclectablog: Starbucks guy wants to make every visit to Starbucks a vote for Trump

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