Podcast — December 31, 2018 at 10:48 am

Is Robert Mueller the left’s QAnon? with special guest Marcy Wheeler (@EmptyWheel)


Marcy Wheeler on Twitter: @EmptyWheel

Marcy Wheeler at EmptyWheel.net: Someone has already been charged for most of the actions the Steele dossier attributes to Michael Cohen

Marcy Wheeler at EmptyWheel.net: The dossier is not the measure of the Trump-Russia conspiracy

Kathleen Gray at The Detroit Free Press: Snyder tackles most controversial lame-duck bills passed by lawmakers

Kathleen Gray at The Detroit Free Press: Snyder vetoes some of the most controversial lame-duck bills

Susan J. Demas at Michigan Advance: Gov. vetoes bill snatching Nessel’s power, signs ballot initiative limits

Ken Coleman at Michigan Advance: Snyder signs almost 50 more bills into law

Emily Kopp and Jay Hancock at Kaiser Health News: The High Cost Of Hope: When The Parallel Interests Of Pharma And Families Collide

Jason Sattler at USA Today: Amid the wreckage, one happy 2019 thought: Democrats will be able to subpoena Trump

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