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Vote the WHOLE ballot; the whole ballot MATTERS! with special guest Andy Slavitt


One thing Jesus was clear about was how he felt about starving migrants—feed them. He was—as far as this fellow Jew can tell—far less clear about how he felt about the baking of gay wedding cakes. Yet I see no conservative Christians making a religious stand for migrants.

So, let’s stop pretending these concerns are religious. It’s all about race and distraction. But why?

This is a health care election, which is why Republicans want to talk about starving kids 1,000 miles from the Rio Grande.

Right now, there’s a Trump-backed case filed by 20 Republicans governors and attorneys general that is designed to blow up the Affordable Care Act’s protections for people with pre-existing conditions. The conservative judge in the case seems to be holding the decision, which could gut the ACA, until after the election. Not one Republican has called for this case to be dropped.

When Republicans are talking about health care, which is what Democrats are mostly talking about everywhere, they’re losing.

Ask congressman Tom MacArthur and Fred Upton, two Republicans in safely gerrymandered districts who negotiated the demise of the protections of preexisting conditions in the Trumpcare bill. Both are now in the fight of their political lives.

But what’s the press fixated on? Trump’s racist squirrel.

Media Matters foundThe New York Times and The Washington Post have run a total of 115 news stories in their print editions mentioning the caravan over the last three weeks. Each paper has run at least one such story on its front page on nine of the last 10 days.”

Trump’s malicious stunt of sending troops to the border to face down starving kids who may never get there could end up costing us $200 million but it could also cost 20 million Americans their health insurance if this racist ploy is enough to save the seats of guys like MacArthur and Upton and Republicans end up keeping the House.

We wanted to talk to the man who has spent the last four years saving Obamacare over and over again about how and why we have to do it again. Andy Slavitt ran the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid under President Obama and since then he’s only stronger every time Republicans try to strike down the ACA.

Andy Slavitt on Twitter: @ASlavitt

United States of Care on Twitter: @USofCare

United States of Care website: UnitedStatesofCare.org

The Good — The Early Vote
Jacqueline Alemany at The Washington Post: Will there be a youth wave? Early voting points to yes

The Bad — The voters who this election depends most on are being suppressed
Terry Gross on Fresh Air: Republican Voter Suppression Efforts Are Targeting Minorities, Journalist Says

Ari Berman at Mother Jones: Kris Kobach’s Kansas Voter ID Law Could Make Him Governor in a Tight Race

Mike Grunwald at Politico: Democrats Say Republicans Are Stealing the Midterms. Are They Right?

The Shrugly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ — The economy is great which is great for Republicans. But… Trump
Dan Balz and Scott Clement at The Washington Post: Democrats lead in House preferences, but positive views of the economy and concern about border security may buoy Republicans, poll finds

James Pethokoukis at The Week: Why the Trump boomlet may soon fade

Flint Water Crisis update

Joel Feick at NBC 25NEWS: New report says cost of Flint water crisis legal fees exceed $30 mil. So far.
Ron Fonger at MLive: Final Flint water cases could be ready to start — almost 2 years after charges

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