Podcast — November 26, 2018 at 9:16 am

A #CleanSlate in every state – with special guest Rebecca Vallas from the Center for American Progress and host of the Off Kilter Show


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The Off Kilter Show on Twitter: @OffKilterShow

MUST LISTEN episode of the Off Kilter Show (referenced heavily during the interview with Rebecca):

Christopher Zarva at The New York Times: The Assault Against Science Continues at the E.P.A.

Gretchen Goldman from the Union of Concerned Scientists: Can the EPA Protect Us from Ozone and Particulate Pollution Without Its Experts? What to Watch

Jason Plautz at Reveal News: Trump’s air pollution adviser: No proof cleaning up smog saves lives

Progressives Everywhere with Jordan Zakarin: Where the minimum wage is rising and where the fight continues

Jordan also has an ActBlue page where you can support several of the special elections going on around America HERE.

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Progressives Everywhere intro/outro: They’re Everywhere by Jim’s Big Ego
Flint Water Crisis Update intro: Unclaimed by Mike Wagner/Total Strangers
Outro music: Complain (from the movie Bob Roberts) by David Robbins & Tim Robbins