Podcast — August 7, 2018 at 6:04 am

We can’t continue to sleep on the judiciary – with special guest Chris “#StopKavanaugh” Kang


What aren’t they hiding?

They aren’t hiding that Bret Kavanaugh was on a the second draft of the list of judges provided to Donald Trump by the founder of the Federalist Society to assure the far right that he’d make all their wettest dreams come true.

We know that Donald Trump said that he’d only appoint justices who’d overturn Roe v. Wade, a position opposed by 70 percent of America.

We know that Kavanaugh once said the decision to force Richard Nixon to turn over the tapes that led to the only resignation in the history of the presidency may have been “wrongly decided.”

We know that Kavanaugh is the Conservative Forrest Gump in that he’s been at the forefront of every terrible conservative corruption of our democracy of the last three decades. He helped author the Starr report. He helped George W. Bush justify the use of torture. Now he’s now part of a dirty deal that will trade Anthony Kennedy’s legacy of a few good decisions for Mike Pence’s dream judge.

But there’s so much we don’t know about Bret Kavanaugh and Republicans want to keep it that way. There are over 560,000 pages and 475,000 files from Kavanaugh’s stint at the White House that Senate Republicans are refusing to ask for.

And given what we do know about Kavanaugh, you have to assume what Republicans are hiding must be terrrrrrrrible.

This is the moment we’ve feared. The moment when all the victories of the last 60 years are at stake, starting with Roe, LGBTQ rights, voting rights and possibly extending into things we all take for granted like a federal minimum wage, collective bargaining and possibly even Social Security.

We spoke to Chris Kang, former deputy counsel for Senator Durbin and President Obama and current Chief Counsel for We Demand Justice, a group leading the #StopKavanaugh movement, which is trying to find out why the right is so desperate to keep us from knowing the real Bret Kavanaugh.

Chris Kang on Twitter: @CDKang76

Website: StopKavanaugh.com, UniteForJustice2018.com, RiseUpForRoe.com

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