Podcast — August 28, 2018 at 6:42 am

This is your brain on Trump – with special guest Gil Duran, cohost of the FrameLab podcast with George Lakoff


That was the only Omarosa tape anyone ever needed to hear and it’s pretty much the best advice to stopping Trump: IGNORE HIM — and it’s the one strategy that definitely has not been tried.

Right here your brain is probably telling you, “How can you do that? He’s the president. He’s wrong on the internet. I need to own him or be owned!”

But what if we’re helping him? When Trump makes up a poll number or trade deal or pretends the wall is being built because a few fences are being replaced, he knows what happens. The lie gets reported and then it gets reported again by the fact checkers and then again and again and again until he’s off to a new lie that he’ll repeat again.

You may not want to believe that Donald Trump is good at anything but we’re only fooling ourselves when we focus on Trump’s slurs and lies. And the best brain science shows that by repeating his lies, we’re only helping spread them and make them more true to our brains. But what should we do about it? Can we just ignore the president of the United States? And if you’re so smart why are you talking about Trump right now?

If Trump is an addiction, I’m barely in step one of recognizing I have a problem. I try my best not to repeat, retweet or even quote retweet him but it’s not enough.

That’s why we wanted to have Gil Duran on, to give us an intervention and figure out how to best deal with Trump as we near the most important election of our lives.

Gil is the former Press Secretary for California governor Jerry Brown and Communications Director for U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein. He’s currently the host of the essential podcast about how to protect your brain from Trump – FrameLab with @GeorgeLakoff.

Gil Duran on Twitter: @GilDuran76

The FrameLab podcast with George Lakoff can be found HERE.

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