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Republicans want to debate, Democrats want to WIN! with special guest Carolyn Fiddler of Daily Kos


Unlike Trump, physics follows laws.

This misogynistic presidency has inspired an equal and opposite reaction from women of the United States. And voters are rewarding them. Women have outperformed men in primaries, with just their appearance on a ballot often seen as a rebuke to Trump, who ironically judges women exclusively by their appearance.

A total of 185 women have been nominated so far for a House seat, breaking the previous record of 167 in 2016. But that number is deceptive. The previous record for Democratic women House nominees was 120, two years ago. This year, there are 143. Meanwhile, just 42 Republican women have secured House nominations, the smallest number in a decade.

“If that fucking schlub can be president, I can run for office,” is how Daily Kos’ Carolyn Fiddler summed up the “The Trump Effect.” But he’s not only encouraging Democratic women, he’s discouraging Republican women. And who can blame them?

Carolyn Fiddler is the first ever Communications Director at Daily Kos and the author of This Week in Statehouse Action. We wanted to talk to her about the Trump effect, what we’re seeing in the states and what we can do about it.

Carolyn Fiddler on Twitter: @cFidd

The Good– If Michigan is a bellwether for the rest of the country (and it often is), November is looking VERY good for Democrats. IF we can keep the momentum.
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The Bad — We still haven’t come to terms with how bad voter suppression is.
Alexander Burns at The New York Times: Trump Endorses Brian Kemp Over Casey Cagle in Georgia Governor’s Race

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The Shrugly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ — New voters in Florida or Nah?

Ed O’Keefe at CBS News: New coalition plans seven-figure campaign aimed at Puerto Rican voters

Marc Caputo at Politico: Now about that ‘blue wave’…

Marc Caputo at Politico: Where’s the blue wave, part 2

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