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Gonna Get Her ELECTED! with special guest Lily Herman


Donald Trump isn’t just a misogynist.

Donald Trump is a misogynist who cheats on his pregnant wife without a condom. Donald Trump is a misogynist who argued that a woman who accused him of sexual harassment was not hot enough to assault. And Donald Trump is the misogynist who is about to gut Roe v. Wade.

Unsurprisingly, women have noticed.

“Women make up 23 percent of nonincumbents running for congressional seats in 2018 compared to 16 percent in the previous two cycles,” according to a Brookings report. Female candidates are generally out perfoming male candidates generally, but that’s due in large part to just the overwhelming abundance of dudes running. Cook Report’s Dave Wasserman found a 15 percent advantage for women running in Democratic primaries.

Where is the advantage coming from? Is it the rejection of Trump multiplied by the Ginger Rogers rule “backwards in heels and decent lip gloss?” There are some anecdotal examples of great viral ads from women like MJ Hegar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Amy McGrath. But there also seems to be something else going on – people just want to see women elected and maybe the reason is just because it’s 2018.

Writer and strategist Lily Herman isn’t just waiting for the year of the woman, she’s trying to make it happen with Get Her Elected. The site allows “people from all over the world offer their skills pro bono to progressive women candidates running for office at all levels of U.S. government. Skill sets from our current volunteers include everything from writing, editing, and graphic design to web design, data analysis, and fundraising strategy—and that’s just the start.”

If you don’t like knocking on doors or making phone calls or can’t cut a big check, you can still help get someone elected. We talked to Lily about how to make that happen.

Lily Herman on Twitter: @LKHerman

Lily Herman’s website: LilyHerman.com

The Good:
Mike Bishop won his last election by 17 percent, more than double Donald Trump’s 7-point edge in the Michigan’s 8th congressional district. Less than two years later, he has about 50/50 chance of being reelected, according to The Cook Political Report. His most likely Democratic opponent in November is Elissa Slotkin.

That the 8th is now one of 34 key battlegrounds is national news for some obvious reasons.

The district has been Republican since Debbie Stabenow leapt from the 8th to the U.S. Senate in 2001. Also, it isn’t in one of the “prime target” 25 congressional districts in which Hillary Clinton got more votes than Donald Trump in 2016. And Slotkin has raised over $2 million without taking any corporate PAC money. The 8th is a barometer, Bill Ballenger of The Ballenger Report told the Detroit Free Press in February.

“If Bishop and the Republican nominee in the 11th find themselves in a nail-biter, then it’s going to turn out that way across the country,” he said. “You’re going to see a big blue wave.”

I’d argue that this promising news merely suggests that a Democratic takeover is still possible. In USA Today this week, Jason laid out his 5 reasons why Republicans don’t seem as scared about November as they should be. In short: the gerrymandering/voter suppression, the base, the money, the hacking and Dem’s swinging for “swing voters,” who probably don’t exist.

To donate to Elissa Slotkin’s campaign, click HERE.

The Bad:
Old Sheldon to the rescue.

According to OpenSecrets:

In second-quarter fundraising, Adelson donated $30 million to a conservative super PAC supporting House Republicans, infusing hope in vulnerable GOP incumbents this November. Adelson and his wife spent $82 million during the 2016 presidential election but were relatively quiet lately.

As of May, the Adelsons had made less than $350,000 in political contributions this cycle, even with a looming November midterm threatening Republican control of the House.

But Adelson, 84, reappeared in sleeper-cell fashion Sunday on a list of quarterly contributions to the Congressional Leadership Fund. The contributions included two $15 million donations from the Adelsons of Las Vegas. The Adelson’s $30 million donation to a major artery of outside spending in support of Republican House candidates nearly doubled what the super PAC had raised during the cycle’s first 15 months and accounted for the majority of its $51 million in quarterly fundraising. Adelson’s estimated net worth is $41 billion.

He could make another 1,367 $30 million dollar contributions before this all over.

Adelson’s money explains the embassy move to Jerusalem of course, but it also explains the random emergence of John Bolton and the push for war with Iran:

Trump appointed Bolton because Republicans desperately need Adelson’s money, Mondoweiss reported in May:

Israel is all that Adelson cares about. Yes he’s pro-choice and socially-liberal, but Adelson supports rightwing Republicans because he is an extremist on Israel. He has been pushing for One Jerusalem and an end to the peace process for 20 years– and Trump duly rewarded his biggest donor by moving the embassy to Jerusalem. Adelson has pushed for the U.S. to bomb Iran. Bolton has pushed for the U.S. to bomb Iran.

So whenever there’s a Trump move that baffles you, just look for the billionaire donor, which leads to the Trump/Putin summit.

The Shrugly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯:
Not since Mork called Orson has a meeting been an undercover agent and his mythic overlord been more predictable. Some say this was Trump’s performance review but it’s more like his bonus—he loves it and it gives him a chance to see his life coach in person.

It also gave him a chance to attack America, which he also loves.

So many weird moments. Putin denying talking to Trump something Trump says they did in his worst interview ever.

Republican revulsion, which is the only thing that can bring Trump much lower than 40 percent, came out but it was the usual suspects. So wtf knows what any of this means. This is a guy who set up a charity to enrich himself, that lied about giving money to veterans, that pretended he knew hundreds of people who died at 9/11, that doubled the price of Mara Lago as soon as he won and is charging for Air Force One tours. Trying to figure out why he has allegiance to Putin is exhausting but it’s got to down to money somehow.

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Progressive Everywhere’s Candidate of the Week: Kathleen Clyde

Progressives Everywhere: This is the only way to save Democracy

Now, not only is the Ohio GOP free to stop Democratic voters from voting, lots of other GOP-controlled states are likely to adopt the same approach. That makes electing Democratic secretaries of state, the office that controls elections, absolutely essential. And as such, we’re supporting Kathleen Clyde, the Democratic nominee for Ohio secretary of state. She’s pledged to stop the voter purges, which would help restore fundamental freedoms in the state — a swing state that just so happens to be absolutely crucial to presidential elections.

Donate to Kathleen Clyde via Progressives Everywhere HERE.

Donate to Kathleen Clyde via her Act Blue page HERE.

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