Podcast — April 10, 2018 at 7:17 am

EPISODE 78: Burn the Debt Clock! with special guest economist Stephanie Kelton


The show notes for Episode 78 are at http://www.eclectablog.com/2018/04/episode-78-burn-the-debt-clock-with-special-guest-economist-stephanie-kelton.html

Stephanie Kelton on Twitter: @StephanieKelton

Steven Hail at The Conversation: Explainer: what is modern monetary theory?

Stephanie Kelton at The New York Times: How We Think About the Deficit Is Mostly Wrong

Stephanie Kelton at the LA Times: Congress can give every American a pony (if it breeds enough ponies)

The Good:
The ACLU: Flint Water Crisis: Settlement to Launch Groundbreaking Program to Assess Impacts on Flint Children

Chris & Anne Savage at Eclectablog: [PHOTOS & VIDEO] Town Hall for Our Lives in Dexter, MI: “We’ve never lived in a world in which we did not do lock-down drills.”

The Bad:
Jonathan Lemire and Catherine Lucey at AP News: Inside a White House in tumult, John Kelly’s clout dwindles

John Bellinger at Lawfare: President Trump’s War Powers Report on the Syria Attacks

Spencer Ackerman at The Daily Beast: What’s Inside Trump’s Secret War Powers Memo?

The Shrugly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯:
Want a contract?: FedBizOpps.gov

Michelle Fabio at Forbes: Department Of Homeland Security Compiling Database Of Journalists And ‘Media Influencers’

Cary O’Reilly at Bloomberg Government: Homeland Security to Compile Database of Journalists, Bloggers

Snopes.com: Is Homeland Security Working to Compile a Database of Journalists and Bloggers?

Chris Savage at Eclectablog: Less than a month after tests show elevated lead levels in Flint, state stops distributing bottled water

Chris Savage at Eclectablog: After poisoning the water & putting government on an austerity budget, state hands the city of Flint back to local control

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