Podcast — February 4, 2018 at 1:23 pm

EPISODE 70: What makes the Russian investigation different? – with special guest Marcy Wheeler (@EmptyWheel)


The show notes for Episode 70 are at http://www.eclectablog.com/2018/02/episode-70-what-makes-the-russian-investigation-different-with-special-guest-marcy-wheeler-emptywheel.html

Marcy Wheeler on Twitter: @EmptyWheel

Marcy Wheeler at New Republic: All Glenn Greenwald’s Women

Marcy Wheeler at Huffington Post: The Nunes-Ryan Civil Liberties Sham

Marcy Wheeler at Vice.com: All the Key Details Republicans Left Out of Their Famous Memo

Marcy Wheeler at Politico: Democrats Embraced a Flawed Dossier — And Gave Republicans an Opening

The Good:
Derek Hawkins at The Washington Post: Florida’s ban on ex-felons voting is unconstitutional and biased, federal judge rules

The Bad:
Alexis Levinson at Buzzfeed: So Many Democrats Are Running For Office They Might Run Themselves Out Of The Race

The Shrugly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯:

Avery Anapol at The Hill: Nunes opponent raises over $100K in campaign donations amid memo controversy

LOLGOP at Eclectablog: The Kochs are spending $400 million this year to buy themselves another election

David Graham at The Atlantic: The Many Failed Vindications of Donald J. Trump

Jordan Brunner, Quinta Jurecic, & Benjamin Wittes at Lawfare: Of Course There’s Evidence Trump Colluded with Russian Intelligence

David Corn at Mother Jones: While You Are Tweeting About the Nunes Memo, Russia Is Plotting Its Midterms Attack

David Graham at The Atlantic: Trump’s Saturday Night Massacre Is Already Happening

Paul Rosenzweig at Politico: Even If You Take the Nunes Memo Seriously, It Makes No Sense

Katherine Miller at Buzzfeed: Donald Trump, #MeToo, Facebook, And The Breakdown Of Institutional Power

Keith Matheny at the Detroit Free Press: Flint Mayor Karen Weaver senses city’s resurgence as lead pipes replaced

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