Podcast — December 28, 2017 at 11:09 am

Episode 65 – 2017: A year when every day was a month of news – with special guest Sarah Kendzior


The show notes for Episode 65 are at http://www.eclectablog.com/2017/12/episode-65-2017-a-year-when-every-day-was-a-month-of-news-with-special-guest-sarah-kendzior.html

Sarah Kendzior on Twitter: @SarahKendzior

Sarah Kendzior’s website: SarahKendzior.com

Sarah Kendzior at The Globe and Mail: Alabama proves that appealing to Trump voters is a lost cause. The power is elsewhere.

Sarah Kendzior at FastCompany: With Trump, The GOP Is Playing A Game Of Diminishing Returns

Andrés Miguel Rondón at The Washington Post: To beat President Trump, you have to learn to think like his supporters

Paul Waldman at The Washington Post: Republicans’ failure on health care is even greater than they realize

Michael Scherer and Josh Dawsey at The Washington Post: Trump calls Romney ‘a great man,’ but works to undermine him and block Senate run

Michelle Cottle at The Atlantic: Women Exit the Party of Trump

5. #RESIST: Michigan Gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer refuses to be bullied by Betsy DeVos

4. Betsy DeVos paid for a Grand Rapids school superintendent to support her at her Senate confirmation in Washington, DC

3. Judge who awarded Michigan rapist joint custody with the woman he raped as a child had other options

2. Northern Michigan Republican calls for “another Kent State” to deal with campus protesters

1. HOT MIC MOMENT: Millionaire Republican Rep. Trott & team plan to portray constituents as “un-American” after townhall

Michael Gerstein at The Detroit News: DEQ water analyst agrees to plea in Flint water caseMichael

Associated Press: More than 6,200 water pipes replaced so far in Flint

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