Dan Kildee, Flint, Podcast — April 10, 2017 at 1:26 am

Episode 27 – The #FlintWaterCrisis isn’t just about water and it’s worse than you thought wsg Rep. Dan Kildee & Melissa Mays


The show notes for Episode 27 are at http://www.eclectablog.com/2017/04/the-flintwatercrisis-isnt-just-about-water-and-its-worse-than-you-though-wsg-rep-dankildee-flintgate.html

Congressman Dan Kildee on Twitter: @RepDanKildee

Melissa Mays on Twitter: @FlintGate

Website: Water You Fighting For?

Intro and Outro music: Zoolookologie by Jean-Michel Jarre from the album Zoolook.

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