Donald Trump, Podcast — March 6, 2017 at 6:58 am

Episode 22 – Living in America under the new rules of Trump’s scandal playbook wsg Ronald Klain


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Chris Savage at Eclectablog: What Trump’s “good”, “strong”, and “protective” regulations mean for our nation’s fresh water supply is #SAD

STAT OF THE WEEK: 12%. That’s the percentage of Americans who want to see Medicaid cut. Yet the GOP plan will cut Medicaid so that eliminate tens of millions including millions and millions who were eligible BEFORE the ACA.

Adam Jentleson in the Washington Post: Senate Democrats have the power to stop Trump. All they have to do is use it.

Kaiser Health Tracking Poll: Future Directions for the ACA and Medicaid

Detroit Free Press: Paid sick leave for all workers is aim of new bill

Baltimore Sun: Democrats’ paid sick leave bill advances in Maryland House

The Charlotte Observer: NC Democrats file bill to raise minimum wage, require paid sick leave

Palm Beach Post: FAU Study finds lack of U.S. sick leave leads to illness, health care costs

Deirdre Shesgreen at USA Today: Is Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown’s economic plan a blueprint for Democrats?

Marcy Wheeler at The Conspiratorial Game of Telephone in Bannon’s Rag that Made Left, Right, and POTUS Go Crazy

Marcy Wheeler at How Trump’s Tantrum May Lead Trump Transition Official Devin Nunes to Delegitimize the Investigation

Michah Zenko at A Day in the Life of a Disgraceful Commander in Chief

CNN: Van Jones on Trump: ‘He became President of the United States in that moment, period’

INTERVIEW: Ronald Klain on Twitter.

Ronald Klain in Politico: 5 New Rules From the Trump Scandal Playbook:

Old Rule: Never explain
New Rule: Always arm allies with an explanation

Old Rule: Apologize and move on
New Rule: Never apologize and double down

Old Rule: Get your facts straight before you comment
New Rule: Go with your gut, quickly

Old Rule: Don’t feud with people who buy ink by the barrel
New Rule: You can score points by going to war with the media

Old Rule: Drive a consistent message, consistently
New Rule: Adapt constantly, disorient your opponents and the media

Detroit Free Press: Civil rights panel: Flint water crisis linked to ‘systemic racism’

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