Barack Obama, Conservatives, GOPocrisy — November 28, 2012 at 7:26 am

How The Richest 2 Percent Hold Us Hostage


Dorquist-(n) someone who would never cheat on Grover Norquist

Here’s the problem: The GOP knows they lost the White House along with seats in the House and Senate. And they don’t really care.

Sure, they recognize that if they lose the state of Texas the way they have California, they’re basically on a free-fall path to extinction. But the Republicans in the House who just won re-election did so despite the fact that about half a million more people voted for Democratic House members than Republican ones.

The Republicans’ majority exists and will likely exist through 2020 thanks to what Rob Delaney calls “YOGIC” gerrymandering.

There is nothing more harmful for the middle class than Republican members of the House in districts that have been gerrymandered so that the only fear in life that caricatures like Michele Bachmann (R-Homophobia) and Steve King (R-I Compare Immigrants To Animals) have is a primary challenge from an even more ridiculous Republican.

Right now we are facing a House majority that is willing to risk another recession during a jobs crisis to protect tax breaks only on the income people earn that is over $250,000.

This is a position that is worried about by the most secure 2 percent at the expense of the 98 percent. And much of that 2 percent — like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates — agree with the president.

We like to think that this is only possible because of the immense greed and power of the dirigible known as Grover Norquist. But he’s merely a figurehead for a small group of extremely rich people who knew what was at stake in 2010 and splurged to win an election and redraw the political map during the nadir of the worst recession in 50 years.

They bought themselves a Congress and they’re the only people these Republicans serve. That’s why their opening offer is exactly what we would have expected had Mitt Romney won. That’s why they won’t budge until they’re actually scared of losing their seats — which could be in 2022.

President Obama is now beginning a great experiment. He’s going to see if the incredible campaign machine built to re-elect him can now make it possible for him to govern.

Can he activate enough voters to scare the few persuadable Republicans to do what 56 percent of America wants: end the Bush tax breaks?

The people who thought Mitt Romney was going to win are pretty sure the president won’t be able to do this. But the White House now knows that the GOP’s confidence comes from an inflated sense of the power of the richest 2 percent. Money meant a lot more when the economy was weaker.

Maybe that’s why the GOP thinks risking a recession is no risk for them at all.