Events — June 2, 2012 at 7:16 am

Beer With Bloggers a smashing success


We have the smartest readers in the blogosphere

[All photos by Anne C. Savage from Anne Savage Photography, used with permission.]

On Thursday night this past week, we had our Beer With Bloggers event at the Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti. We had a great turnout of around 75 people and the conversations were fascinating.

The event was originally started by one of Michigan’s finest bloggers, Mark Maynard from This is the two of us. I’m the one on the right with typically red face.

I got to meet folks I know only online for the very first time. In this photo is the most-awesome Wavingcrosser (in the white sweater on the left.) I learned that her name is from her days as a crossing guard for school kids. Next to her on her left is Patti Smith from The Palate of Patti. Across from her in the purple is Elizabeth Palmer from Wits and Vinegar. Edward Vielmetti from Vacuum is in the yellow shirt.

Here are rear shots of Hector Solon (in the green long-sleeved shirt) from Blogging for Michigan and Daily Kos and Charles Gaba (aka “Brainwrap”) (on his right) from BfM, Michigan Liberal, and most frequently, Daily Kos.

Mark Maynard in deep conversation with Edward Vielmetti:

Bruce Fealk from the Rochester Citizen in the red shirt in this photo and Linda Yohn, on-air host for the Jazz with Linda Yohn on 89.1 FM WEMU walking in the back in the purplish shirt.

We even had a state House Representative, Jeff Irwin from Ann Arbor, drop by, shown here with me and Mark Maynard:

I had a fabulous time, had some amazing conversations, met some wonderful new people, reconnected with old friends and, got to meet in person folks I’ve only known as online buddies until now.

Hopefully we’ll make this a semi-regular event. If you’d like to use the photos shown here, you are free to do so. Please credit Anne C. Savage from Anne Savage Photography and let us know you have used them if you do.

Also, if you are in one of these photos and aren’t named and would like to be, drop me an email or a note in the comments and I’ll update.