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Federal study of energy & water issues is 8 years late – please sign the petition to move it forward NOW!

Ensuring our energy policy doesn't compromise our water supply

In 2005, President George W. Bush signed the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (pdf) into law. This comprehensive law does everything from providing new subsidies and incentives for renewable energy production (like wind, solar, biomass, wave & tidal, and geothermal) and tax breaks for energy conservation improvements on homes to providing incentives for increased drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and exempting oil and gas producers from certain requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act. It even extended Daylight Savings Time by a week. There's a fine summary of this 551 page bill HERE. One of the components of the Energy Policy Act was Section 979 which compelled Energy Secretary to study the interaction and interplay of water-related issues and energy-related issues. The intent was to ensure that we fully understand how our country's energy policy impacts our water resources. The study is eight years late and there's a petition to sign to move it forward. Details are after the jump.
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Republicans hate safe water

The Obama administration is moving toward bring disclosure into the sordid business of fracking so that people know what chemicals are being used and which may eventually end up in their water supply. But Republicans are aghast – aghast I say! – that this action may cut into corporate profits.

In December, Sec. of the Interior Ken Salazar held public hearings on the issue of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to increase the output of natural gas wells.

NRDC’s Executive Director, Peter Lehner, participated on a panel and highlighted critical issues: some locations that are too sensitive, and where the environmental risks are too high, should be off limits; wherever there is drilling, comprehensive best management practices should be required; and renewable energy and energy efficiency must be a critical part of our energy plan.…
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