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When thinking about what Governor Rick Snyder said in the SOTS, actions speak MUCH louder than words

Ray Holman is the Legislative Liaison for UAW Local 6000 and, for those of you not familiar with this Local, they represent over 22,000 state of Michigan workers that cut a wide path. Their membership, according to their website, “represents workers in every Department in State of Michigan government. We are the nurses, teachers, doctors, probation officers, social workers and secretaries. We issue your driver license, answer your 911 calls, take care of Michigan’s elderly and provide assistance to Michigan’s most vulnerable citizens.”

Clearly, last night when Michigan Governor Rick Snyder delivered his long-winded, meandering State of the State address, the membership of UAW Local 6000 had reason to listen attentively.…

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Why the UAW matters and why it should matter to YOU!

In yesterday’s Detroit Free Press I read an article which I posted on Facebook.  There was an interesting story about the United Auto Workers (@UAW) growing their membership in the South. In the now infamous Volkswagen experiment, although it did not work, the failure was not as a result of the effort of the UAW and their organizers but more as a result of the efforts of those in politics who are threatened by what the UAW represents. And what do they represent? What they represent is freedom. What they represent is quality of life. What they represent is a minimum standard of living.…

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Ford chief: Union bosses and union thugs helped save our company and avoid federal bankruptcy

The UAW is vilified on a regular basis by anti-union corporatists, including their Republican shills in our state legislatures and the federal government. Our domestic vehicle manufacturers are being hobbled and strangled by the “union bosses” and “union thugs” who have the audacity to collectively bargain for good wages and benefits.

Now that the Great Recession is largely in our rear view mirror, we learn that the Ford Motor Company, the only Big Three company that escaped the economic downturn without having to rely on the federal government for assistance and that didn’t go through bankruptcy, got through it largely because of the UAW.…

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UAW endorses Mark Schauer for Michigan Governor

This afternoon, the United Auto Workers formally endorsed Mark Schauer for Governor of Michigan.

UAW President Bob King:

Our members and their families are proud to stand with Mark Schauer because he supported loans to help the auto companies and their suppliers retool and develop new technologies to build the cars of the future in Michigan. Mark Schauer supports quality public education, unlike Rick Snyder, who cut school funding and taxed seniors so that he could give tax cuts to corporations, even if they ship jobs overseas.

Photos by Anne C. Savage, special to Eclectablog

Schauer himself released this statement:

Mark Schauer said in a statement, “When some folks in Washington wanted to turn their backs on GM and Chrysler, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work to help save Michigan auto jobs.…

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Is UAW president Bob King considering a run for governor of Michigan? – Updated x2

Perish the thought

See updates below

As Democratic candidate for governor Mark Schauer racks up endorsements around the state from elected officials, progressive groups, and labor unions, one group is notably missing from the list: the United Auto Workers (UAW). Although Schauer is clearly going to be the nominee come August of this year, the UAW’s lack of early endorsement is puzzling.

Adding to the mystery is an MIRS report this week that UAW president Bob King approached Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer asking her to reconsider her decision not to run for governor. Whitmer, of course, did not change her decision not to run so that she could be home more for her two daughters, but the report has people questioning King’s motives.…

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Convicted Oakland County Dem Chair accuses state Chair Brewer of election scam involvement 2 years late

Really? NOW you bring this up?

During the summer of 2010, across the state you could find paid petitioners circulating petitions to put the "Tea Party" on the November ballot. Candidates were recruited and it looked as if the tea party folks were finally going to get some skin in the game instead of trying to take over the Republican Party. It later turned out to be a giant scam, orchestrated by people in the Oakland County Democratic Party including its chair Mike McGuinness. He and another party employee, Jason Bauer, were both convicted of forging election paperwork to put people on the ballot as Tea Party candidates, some of whom were never even contacted about running as phony candidates. Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) Chair Mark Brewer denied all knowledge or involvement in the embarrassing scandal. However, out of the blue, McGuinness resurfaced this week in the comments section of the Michigan Liberal website to say he was recruited by Brewer for this scheme. With Brewer being challenged as MDP Chair, the timing is so suspicious as to be completely unbelievable. More after the jump.
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Mark Brewer faces fight for his political life as head of Michigan Democratic Party – Register today to play a role!

This ought to get VERY interesting

Are you grumpy with (or even angry at) the leadership of the Michigan Democratic Party? If so, there may be a chance to do something about it but you must be a registered member of the MDP no later than today to do so. You can do that HERE. This will allow you to vote at next month's 2012 State Convention at Cobo Hall in Detroit. Current party Chair Mark Brewer no longer has the support of the UAW, the Teamsters, or of several major Democrats including Congressman Sander Levin. Gongwer and MIRS both report that Bob King of the UAW and James Hoffa of the Teamsters have told Brewer he no longer has their support. Brewer is determined to run anyway. The battle has already gotten nasty with MIRS reporting that a party insider is calling King's move "the temper-tantrum school of politics," saying that he seems "more than happy being in a minority, a shrinking minority, than growing the Democratic Party." Yeeouch. Much more after the jump.
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UAW pulls endorsement for Rep. Maureen Stapleton, gives support to Rashida Tlaib

The Students First kiss of death

State Representative Maureen Stapleton had received the UAW endorsement for the newly drawn 6th House district seat as a Democrat. However, thanks to a "kiss of death" endorsement by Michelle Rhee's anti-teacher, pro-charter schools group Students First, they have withdrawn their endorsement and are throwing their support behind Rashida Tlaib, instead. Details after the jump.
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Nolan Finley is shocked – SHOCKED! – that union members support President Obama

It’s just SHOCKING!

Nolan Finley, editorial page editor of The Detroit News is positively astonished that the UAW and other unions will be supporting President Obama’s reelection campaign.

Now we know how United Auto Workers President Bob King will repay Barack Obama for holding the union harmless from the Detroit automakers’ bankruptcy: He’ll provide the ground troops for the president’s class war.

The Daily Caller blog says it found evidence that King and the UAW are behind the “99 Percent Spring,” which aims to train and deploy 100,000 Americans for “non-violent direct action” in the months leading up to November’s presidential election.

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Don’t expect the UAW to help with the recall of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder

In spring of 2012, Michigan Rising (formerly Fire Rick Snyder) will start a second recall attempt against Governor Rick Snyder. The first recall effort was done without the formal help of the unions or the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP). Considering a piece published last week in the Detroit Free Press, I think it’s safe to say that the UAW, at least, won’t be involved this time around, either. And with the direction of the MDP all but controlled by the UAW, the state level Dems will probably sit this one out, too.

A meeting between Gov. Rick Snyder and UAW President Bob King broke an impasse and paved the way to contracts that gave about 34,000 unionized state employees a greater voice in how the government is run, officials confirmed Monday.…
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