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Pontiac for-profit charter cancels humiliating “Teacher Appreciation Week” activities

Yesterday, I wrote about the activities planned for teachers at the Arts and Technology Academy of Pontiac (ATAP), a for-profit charter school run by Mosaica. These “Teacher Appreciation Week” activities featured a variety of what can only be described as humiliating activities planned for the teachers to raise funds for the school. They included:

  • MANDIVA – Our 3 favorite male faculty members in heels for an hour
  • SAVE MY JOB – 3 faculty members will stand in the parking lot during dismissal and hold a sign.
  • CREAM FACIAL – Students will throw pie in 3 faculty members’ faces during an assembly.
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UPDATED: For-profit charter group Mosaica celebrates “Teacher Appreciation Week” with compulsory teacher humiliation activities

Teacher humiliation for fun and profit

Mosaica Education, Inc., a self-described “for-profit education management organization”, runs eight different for-profit schools in Michigan:

  • Arts and Technology Academy of Pontiac
  • Bay County Public School Academy
  • Bingham Arts Academy
  • Edgewood Elementary School
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School
  • Mosaica Online Academy of Michigan
  • Muskegon Heights High School
  • Muskegon Heights Middle School

In fact, the entire Muskegon Heights school system, under the control of an Emergency Manager, is run by Mosaica. They are in the news lately because they’ve had to secure loans from the state because they are unable to make payroll.

The Arts and Technology Academy of Pontiac – a K-10 Mosaica-run charter with roughly 600 students – has an annual fundraiser to bring in revenue to the school.…

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The one reform education in Michigan needs (and it has NOTHING to do with money)

As Gary notes below, this post will be his last at Eclectablog. It’s been a joy to have him writing for the site and sharing his wisdom and insight into the world of an educator who is on the cutting edge of science-based education models and who understands both the benefits and perils of the use of technology in the classroom. We wish Gary, his wife, and their new baby all the best and invite him to come back to share his knowledge with us any time.

- Chris

Note: This month marks the close of my tenure with Eclectablog. I have thoroughly appreciated, enjoyed, and learned from the opportunity to write with this talented and caring team over this past year.

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EAA teacher’s exit interview/letter reveals additional outrageous conditions in EAA schools

The following letter was sent to the Education Achievement Authority administration by a teacher who very recently resigned. In it, they describe additional outrageous conditions inside the EAA. Since providing me with this letter, they also informed me they were contacted by a teacher who told them that students are being prepped for the forum at Eastern Michigan University today. They were being coached on what to say. This is exactly what takes place when visitors come to the building, they told me.

Here is their letter of resignation/exit interview.

There are a myriad of reasons that lead me to the decision to resign from [school name redacted].…

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Another EAA teacher talks about the failure of Gov Snyder’s education experiment: “I am more of a glorified babysitter than an educator”

Today’s interview is with a teacher who wishes to remain anonymous because they still work within the EAA. Like some of their colleagues in the EAA, veterans who are certified teachers with experience educating kids, this teacher sees the model as flawed. More importantly, they describe the system as run by administrators who do not know what they are doing. From instituting a computer program with no curriculum to a complete lack of support for teachers in how to deal with the disciplinary issues in the EAA schools, EAA administrators have shown time and again that they are out of their league.…

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Tim Walberg gets his School Report Card: An “F” for attacks on Head Start & early education

Residents of Coldwater in Branch County braved the frigid temperatures last Friday to let voters of their town know a bit about their U.S. Congressman Tim Walberg. At a time when all eyes are on education, especially here in Michigan, these hearty souls wanted to draw attention to Walberg’s failed record of support for Head Start. The even took place just one week after Congressman Tim Walberg hypocritically campaigned at a local pre-school with Head Start students.

“Congressman Walberg should apologize to Michigan families for campaigning in a Head Start Program after voting against Head Start and questioning whether the program is successful,” said Betty Rissman.…

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Three ways teachers are connecting with other teachers in Michigan and beyond

As technology has evolved to the level of mobile computing and web-based apps, the popularity of educational technology has soared. Demands for workshops on apps, interactive whiteboards, and mobile devices has never been greater; however, the classic model of professional development for teachers has not been able to keep up.

Sending teachers to a specific place at a specific time to learn in groups from a trainer, who did not necessarily have classroom teaching experience, is the traditional format of workshops for teachers. While these sessions can offer great information, and even some hands-on time with technology, the demand for more training cannot be met with these types of workshops alone.…

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Another EAA teacher speaks out about student abuse and violations of federal law in the treatment of students

NOTE: My reporting on the Education Achievement Authority involves multiple posts. You can read all of my coverage of the EAA by clicking HERE.

EAA Chancellor John Covington released a report of his personal investigation into the allegations in my reporting which you can read about HERE.

As I pointed out earlier today, the response from the Education Achievement Authority to my reporting on the egregious situation in EAA schools was to attack me as not legitimate since I was protecting the identities of the teachers I spoke with for my piece titled “Education Achievement Authority teachers speak out on abuse of students and the failure of the EAA”.…

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Mark Schauer scores endorsement from AFT Michigan, new video takes Snyder to task on education

Today appears to be Education Day for Democrat Mark Schauer. First, he scored a coveted endorsement from the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Michigan union which represents 35,000 members across the state. According to the Schauer campaign, “AFT Michigan is endorsing Schauer for his strong record of supporting public education, and commitment to reversing Gov. Rick Snyder’s cuts to Michigan’s K-12 schools and higher education.”

AFT Michigan president David Hecker issued the following statement:

Michigan needs a Governor who understands that we need to invest in public education to compete for good jobs and build a strong economy. As the son of a teacher, Mark Schauer knows that education is the key to opportunity, and as Governor, he will make education a top priority to help our students compete for good 21st Century jobs.…
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Citing Eclectablog reporting, Sen. Hoon-Yung Hopgood calls for the immediate shutdown of the Education Achievement Authority

It’s time for a conversation

NOTE: My reporting on the Education Achievement Authority involves multiple posts. You can read all of my coverage of the EAA by clicking HERE.

EAA Chancellor John Covington released a report of his personal investigation into the allegations in my reporting which you can read about HERE.

Last week, I published an exclusive exposé on abuse of Detroit students in Education Achievement Authority (EAA) schools titled “Education Achievement Authority teachers speak out on abuse of students and the failure of the EAA”. The piece details reports of administrators striking students along with gross deficiencies in terms of security, computers, and support for EAA teachers.…

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