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The Wisconsin Lie

So, maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “Well, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is a jerk but he has a good point. Why should Wisconsin taxpayers pick up the tab for all those unionized teachers’ and public employees’ pensions and benefits? They should pick up more of that tab themselves.”

And we could have a valid conversation about that. We could debate the relative merits of union compensation and the costs to taxpayers and society in general when taxpayers are paying for the benefits and pensions of public workers and the educators of our children.

We could have that conversation if the taxpayers of Wisconsin were actually paying anything for the pensions and benefits of Wisconsin teachers and public workers.…

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Michigan Democrats manage to punch themselves in the face with BOTH hands

At the 2011 Michigan Democratic Convention this past Saturday, attendees got to watch their party leadership punch itself in the face with not just their right hand, but also their left.

State Party Chairman Mark Brewer faced a challenge to his seat from only one other candidate, Detroit TV producer Ron Scott. I sat in on the 8:30 a.m. (ugh) Progressive Caucus meeting where both Brewer and Scott made impassioned pleas for our votes. Brewer promised that he’d learned his lesson from the 2010 midterm election and thing were going to change. We can only hope so.

Scott got up and gave a fairly eloquent speech in which he informed us that the $1,000 nomination fee was akin to a poll tax imposed on black voters in the South and that he was NOT going to pay to run.…

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