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Wisconsin poised to become next Right to Work state, uses “Freedom to Work” meme beta tested in Michigan

With their state Senate debating so-called “Right to Work” legislation this week and their Assembly expected to take it up next week, Wisconsin is poised to become the latest Republican-controlled state to enact the anti-union law. In the weeks and months leading up to Michigan’s passage of right to work legislation, anti-union forces rebranded it as “Freedom to Work”. The term “Freedom to Work” is even used on our state government website.

As it turns out, as in so many other ways, Michigan was the testing ground for new corporatist and conservative efforts. The group Wisconsin Right to Work now has FreedomToWorkWI.com as the URL of its website.…

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A few things to remember about a day to never forget: the day the birthplace of the labor movement became right to work

Never, ever forget

Eclectagraphic by Anne C. Savage, special to Eclectablog

A year ago today, Michigan, the birthplace of the modern labor movement, became the country’s 24th right to work state. Though it has failed to kill the labor movement in the way its corporatist proponents had hoped it would, neither has it done anything that could even remotely be considered good for job growth in our state. In fact, a continuous drop in Michigan’s unemployment rate came to an abrupt end several months later and it began to rise again. For the past three months, it’s been stalled at 9%, the third worst in the country.…

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Indiana judge rules right to work law unconstitutional, likely to be reversed since, unlike corporations, “unions aren’t people”

Oh, this is rich

Last week a judge in Indiana ruled that the state’s so-called “right to work” law is unconstitutional. According to federal law, unions must cover everyone at a workplace but Indiana law prohibits delivery of services “without just compensation”. Since Indiana’s right to work law allows workers to benefit from union collective bargaining but does NOT require them to contribute to unions that are working on their behalf, the unions sued.

The state Attorney General is filing an appeal with the state supreme court.

Ironically, most observers believe the ruling by Lake Superior Court Judge John ­Sedia will be overturned.…

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MEDC continues its scrubbing of right to work bragging from state website


Graphic by Anne C. Savage, special to Eclectablog

Last January, I wrote first about the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) crowing about screwing workers with Right to Work. In fact, they corrupted our beloved “Pure Michigan” brand to do so.

Shortly after that, I broke the story of how they scrubbed their Right to Work bragging from the state website. At the time, they had a Right to Work webpage that wasn’t linked by any other state government website.

I grabbed a screenshot of it in case it got deleted and, in fact, it now HAS been deleted.…

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UDPATED: Today Michigan becomes 24th Right to Work state, Emergency Financial Managers become Emergency Managers

The fight to reclaim our state in 2014 starts TODAY

Today Michigan, the birthplace of the labor movement, becomes the 24th Right to Work state in the USA. It's also the day that PA 436, the Emergency Manager law Republicans passed to thwart the wishes of Michigan voters, goes into effect. PA 436 transforms all Emergency Financial Managers to Emergency Managers (EMs), giving them powers above and beyond financial matters as they are the sole rulers of the schools and municipalities over which they have complete power. Much more after the jump.
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Michigan Republican meddling in university union contracts leads judge to intervene

Now we're getting somewhere

An administrative law judge has ordered Ferris State University to explain why they rejected a union contract that had already been agreed upon in an attempt to see if Michigan Republican meddling interfered with the collective bargaining process. It's the first time a judge has looked into whether or not this interference has violated the law or, perhaps more accurately, coerced university board members into violating the law. The union contract contained a provision that extended the right of the union to continue to collect dues from its members, staving off the impacts of the Right to Work law that has not yet gone into effect. After it was rejected, the union filed an unfair labor practice charge against the university. Click through for more.
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Washtenaw County Board signs 10-year contracts with its unions, thwarting Right to Work law

Will Michigan Republicans go after and punish counties now???

Last night, the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners ratified union contracts with union groups providing services to the County that stave off the effects of the recently-passed Right to Work law for ten more years. More after the jump.
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Grosse Pointe teachers sign union contract that ties pay to school financial health, will pay for their own subs

Wait, is that a "pregnancy tax"???

Grosse Pointe teachers signed a new four-year contract with their school district that continues a unique twist: It ties teachers' pay to the school district's fund equity (basically what the district owns minus what it owes). In exchange, they put off the effects of Michigan's new right to work law for four years and, thanks to modifications in the previous contract's provisions, avoided pay cuts of up to 9%. In this case, it appears that the school district was able to use the threat of the impending right to work law to get quick ratification of the new contract. Much more after the jump.
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Michigan Republicans willing to consider bill repealing Right to Work on very last day of the legislative session

I'm about to break my vow of no profanity on this blog...

In what can only be considered an incredible dick move, Michigan Republicans have decided to take up Democratic legislation that would repeal Right to Work in our state -- on the very last day of the 2013 legislative session. Ideologues. Drunk with power. Being dicks.
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UPDATED: Michigan Republicans vote to punish universities that renegotiate union contracts before Right to Work kicks in

What's good for the goose is, apparently, NOT good for the gander

A couple of weeks ago, I reported on Republicans' outrage that universities in Michigan were renegotiating contracts with their union employees and including provisions that postponed the impact of their recently-passed Right to Work legislation by allowing for the collection of union dues for several more years. Today, the Republicans acted on that outrage and chose to punish the schools that did this, namely the University of Michigan and Wayne State University, by eliminating 15% of their appropriation for the next year. Click through for more.
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