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The anti-women strategies the Michigan GOP didn’t want you to hear

The War on Women is alive and well in Michigan. Don’t let Republicans try to tell you otherwise.

Hot on the heels of the successful pro-women V to Shining V event in Detroit, the Michigan Democratic Party has released shocking recordings of Michigan Republicans saying what they really think about women.

Well, it’s honestly not all that shocking. But the recordings reveal lawmakers saying how they really feel — and how far they’ll go to deny women their rights. And that should concern everyone.

Michigan Republicans are keen on making “personhood” the law of the land, a move even Mississippi voters rejected in 2011, and that would make many popular forms of birth control illegal.…

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You can have democracy in the Daddy State of Michigan when patriarchal Republicans say you can

This week Michigan legislators passed a package of bills dubbed “The Grand Bargain” that will help our state’s largest city, Detroit, get back on its feet. Missing from that package was a bill that would have prevented regional municipalities from renewing the existing voter-approved 10-year millage or the levying a new millage to fund the Detroit Institute of Arts. (Details about that bill can be found HERE.)

In killing the bill, Senate Republican Leader Randy Richardville had this to say:

It’s kind of strange that the Legislature would say we’re not going to let local governments make their own decisions or have a vote of their own people.
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State lawmakers snub Koch brothers & screw the Detroit Institute of Arts, vote for state aid in Detroit bankruptcy deal

Efforts by the Koch brothers front group Americans for Prosperity to scuttle the Detroit bankruptcy settlement were shot down in flames as the state legislature overwhelmingly voted yesterday to contribute $194.8 million toward the deal. This was the amount needed to ensure that the deal did not collapse and which saves the Detroit Institute of Arts’ priceless art collection while ensuring that retired Detroit pension holders don’t see their monthly retirement checks slashed.

The vote on the 11-bill package was bipartisan and, for the most part, lopsided. The main bill passed by a 103-7 margin. It was a harsh rebuke of the meddling of the corporatist Koch brothers and other wealthy funders of AFP.…

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Michigan GOP effort to stop raising minimum wage proves democracy is only for the rich & well-connected, not you

As I have written about before, Republicans are petrified of a drive to put raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour on the ballot in November. It’s such a winning issue for Democrats that Republicans know that they simply must kill it or risk losing big on election day as more Democrats than usual turn out to vote in the midterm election.

The first effort to kill it came from Senator Rick Jones who introduced legislation that would raise the minimum wage to $8.15 an hour for average workers and a mere ten cents an hour for waiters and waitresses.…

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Michigan GOP’s solution to poverty: give the working poor a $30/week raise

“Here are some crumbs. Don’t eat them all at once.”

Senate Republicans seem to be on a mission to outdo each other on making meaningless and insulting gestures toward lifting the working poor in our state out of poverty. First we had Rick Jones who proposed raising the minimum wage to a paltry $8.15 an hour and giving full-time waiters and waitresses a $4 a week (before taxes) raise.

Now we have Senate Republican Leader Randy Richardville with his own insulting legislation. Like Jones, his bill would raise the minimum wage to $8.15 an hour. If you are working full time at minimum wage, that’s a $30 extra a week before taxes.…

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Jase Bolger on his own in his attempt to extort labor unions

Republican House Jase Bolger is on what appears to be a one-man effort to extort money from Detroit labor unions. He recently laid down a new condition for state support of the so-called “grand bargain” in Detroit, a carefully-crafted and complex agreement that would protect the priceless art collection held by the Detroit Institute of Arts and dramatically minimize the financial impact on Detroit city pension holders. His new requirement is that labor unions pay for part of it so that the state would be on the hook for less than the $350 million they are being asked to contribute as part of the multi-party agreement.…

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ACTION: Open forum on Michigan Medicaid expansion Monday night

The Michigan Nurses Association, Medicaid Expansion Now Coalition and MICHUHCAN invite legislators and the public to an educational forum.

Medicaid expansion is still waiting for a vote in the Michigan Senate. And although a Senate workgroup has developed a revised version of the bill approved by the House weeks ago, there’s no guarantee of a swift vote. In fact, there may still be other options floated in the Senate — creating delays that could jeopardize approval by state and federal agencies in time for the January 1, 2014 implementation.

That’s why the Michigan Nurses Association (MNA) and its Medicaid Expansion Now Coalition, along with the Michigan Universal Health Care Access Network (MICHUHCAN) is hosting an open forum on Monday, July 29 at 7:00 p.m.…

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Michigan Senate Republicans still stalling on Medicaid expansion

What do you expect? They spent 10 minutes on the job today.

Senate Republicans showed up to work this morning and did absolutely nothing.

Although the Detroit Free Press says the Senate Medicaid expansion work group is meeting privately twice a week to “tweak” the bill already passed by an overwhelming majority of the House, they still have nothing to show for it.

The work group says they plan to have a proposed bill to the Senate Government Operations Committee next week. The committee met today but took no testimony, and adjourned in 10 minutes.

So nothing was done. In other words, more stalling on a bill that would help nearly half a million Michiganders, bring funding into the state and increase revenue.…

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Now that rich people are feeling the pinch, Republicans rush to rescue the DIA from Emergency Management

We didn't know you cared...

Yesterday, Michigan Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville announced he would introduce legislation that would save the Detroit Institute of Arts art collection from being sold off to help solve Detroit's budget crisis. While it's a welcomed move, it would be nice if similar moves would be taken to protect poor folks, union families and retirees in cities with Emergency Managers. Details and analysis await you after the jump.
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Think electoral vote distribution-related election rigging is over in Michigan? It’s not.

Do NOT trust Michigan Republicans on this

There are reports all over the internet saying that the Republican plan to change how electoral votes are assigned in order to exploit their insidious gerrymandering of Congressional districts is dead in the water in Michigan. It's not. The reports about the death of this scheme, which is basically a billboard saying: "Welcome to the Michigan Republican Party where we can't win elections unless we cheat", are based on comments made by both Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville and Governor Rick Snyder. But, as I pointed out earlier this week, both Richardville and Snyder said nearly the exact same words regarding making Michigan a Right to Work state only to turn around and jam it through in less than a week during the inflamed duck session. More after the jump.
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