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Eclectablog 10-year Blogaversary party sponsorship update

We’ve had a great response to our call for sponsors for the Eclectablog 10-year “Blogaversary” party that’s happening on May 1st, 7-9 p.m. at the Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery (formerly the Corner Brewery) in Ypsilanti.

Here’s the latest list:




We are incredibly grateful for the generous support of these amazing partners.

Candidates, progressive partners, unions, and others are invited to join these esteemed and valued sponsors in helping support Michigan’s premier progressive blog.

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Snyder administration dodges questions like potholes, refuses to respond to FOIA request

Same-day service! Governor’s office wastes no time saying “no” to request from ProgressNow and Progress Michigan.

Regular readers of Eclectablog know that Chris Savage has been regularly calling out Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder on his lack of transparency. You can read some of that coverage HERE, HERE and HERE. And Chris is not the only one.

Gov. Snyder promised transparency from his administration, but time after time has thrown up smokescreens, if not brick walls, to prevent the public from hearing the whole story — especially when it comes to his now-infamous NERD Fund powered by secret donors and his dealings with corporatists who seem to have their fingers in everything from privatizing education to busting unions.…

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VIDEO: The REAL State of the State – Big Business benefits from billions in tax breaks at the expense of the middle class

Get ready for a snow job

Tonight Michigan Governor Rick Snyder to will give his final State of the State address of his first term in office. In it, we’re sure to hear many platitudes about his “relentless positive action” to create “more and better jobs” and ensure that Michigan remains “the Comeback State”. When it comes to marketing, our CEO governor is among the best and his pithy catch phrases have become something of a trademark.

What the catchy phrases won’t tell you is that our state has been given away to corporate interests. While record numbers of schools and municipalities have failed under Governor Snyder’s watch and our state’s unemployment rate still wallows in the mud of second worst in the country, our governor and his colleagues in the legislature have given massive tax breaks to corporations, privatized our schools to for-profit businesses, and given away contracts for public services to private businesses to extract profits from, as well.…

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Help Progress Michigan tell the story of the REAL “State of the State” – Join their Thunderclap!


On Thursday night, Governor Rick Snyder will spend an hour or so during his State of the State address spinning a tale about the many wonderful things he’s done for our state. We’re sure to hear many references to Michigan being a “Comeback State” which those of us who are actually paying attention know to be a myth.

Progress Michigan is determined that the other side of the story be told and you can help. The evening of the State of the State address, there will be a “Thunderclap” where hundreds of simultaneous tweets, tumblr posts, and Facebook posts go out calling attention to Snyder’s failure to address our state’s most important priorities.…

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(VIDEO) Michigan Republicans take myth-making to a new level while remaining silent on truly important issues

When the numbers don’t support you, myth-making is your only other option

Last week House Speaker Jase Bolger told the Detroit Free Press that Governor Snyder’s biggest challenge as a campaigner is his biggest asset as he governs. “The governor insists on no credit and no blame,” said Bolger. This was only one day after the Michigan Republican Party sent out their “December Newsletter”, taking full credit for making Michigan “The Comeback State”

“Democrats want to attack us by saying the ‘establishment’ is fighting the ‘tea party’ and point to that as proof of dysfunction between conservatives,” wrote MRP Chairman Bobby Schostak.…

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New reports show power of corporatist groups like Mackinac Center to implement statewide policies/laws benefiting corporations

A web of money, power, and deception

Earlier this year, I wrote about Lee Fang’s important piece in The Nation magazine titled “The Right Leans In”. In that piece, Fang detailed the pervasive influence of the corporatist network called the State Policy Network (SPN) in shaping public policy in states throughout the country. Funded heavily by corporate interests and wealthy business owners like the Koch brothers and the DeVos family in Michigan, SPN affiliates like Michigan’s Mackinac Center exert an increasing level of power to roll back protects for workers, weaken environmental laws, revise tax codes to benefit corporations, and to advance a host of other corporatist goals.…

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Progress Michigan launches “SnyderFails.org” website to reveal the truth about Rick Snyder’s record & politics

This is gonna be good

Our pals at Progress Michigan have launched a new website called SnyderFails.org. The site will show the reality behind Rick Snyder’s failed policies as well as the reality behind his phony persona as a moderate nerd who’s just trying to do a “nerdy job”. The truth, as most of us know, is that Rick Snyder is a hard-right corporatist who has not only failed to produce jobs or revive Michigan’s lagging economy, but who has also trampled on the rights of workers and women, put kids and seniors in an even more precarious economic situation, and who is beholden to both his corporate benefactors as well as tea party extremists who now run the show in the state legislature.…

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ACTION: Don’t let the Michigan GOP rig the state Court of Claims

Call your Representative today. Senate Bill 652 has already passed the Senate and could get a House vote on Wednesday.

Michiganders know what happens when Michigan’s Republican legislators ram a bill through at lightening speed. It means citizens and the democratic process get railroaded by a bill that wouldn’t withstand the scrutiny of a thoughtful, measured debate.

That’s exactly what could happen if SB 652 passes the House, and at the rate this bill is flying through it could happen before we know it. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what the Michigan GOP wants.

Senate Bill 652 would restructure the Michigan Court of Claims in a way that allows a political party in power to hand-pick the judges who hear cases against the state of Michigan.…

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ALEC has their eye on your kids – Progress Michigan details ALEC’s role in “school reform”

You knew this was coming, right?

Progress Michigan released a report this week that outlines how the corporatist group American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is working hard to turn our students into nice little profit centers by handing over their education to for-profit corporations. The report also shows how this pernicious campaign is playing out in other states, as well. Michigan is home to nearly a quarter of the charter schools in the country and roughly 80% of our charter schools are run by for-profit businesses. What is their funding model? To funnel the taxes used for public education into their bank accounts. They do this by getting all sorts of breaks our traditional public schools do not get, including hiring non-unionized teachers. ALEC, a corporate-funded group that produces a copious amount of model legislation for their corporatist legislative members to use in their state legislatures, has their on all of that sweet, sweet education money and their plans are playing out perfectly in Michigan. Click through for much more.
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LIVEBLOG: Michigan Summit 2013 – Michigan progressives gather to share ideas and energy

Making connections for change

The 2013 is underway and the energy in the Brody Hall Auditorium is high and fun. I’ve already had conversations with former Progress Michigan Executive Director David Holtz, outgoing ED Zack Pohl, radio host Tony Trupiano, Katie Oppenheim, Julia Smith-Heck, Elizabeth Pellerito and Elizabeth from the Michigan Nurses Association and others. Word has it that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer will be stopping by at some point today. Needless to say, while the program looks to be terrific, the networking is equally important and the opportunities are lush.

The program will start soon and I’ll be updating throughout the day so stop back often.…

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