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PHOTO: Tuesday morning Obama-hater facepalm

It takes a lot to render me speechless, but...

So, we're headed home after a movie yesterday and came upon this minivan on the highway. Fortunately it got off at our exit so that we could get a better photo. Click image for a larger version Yes, you are reading that correctly. It says "NOBAMA 2016". The derangement has now reached the point where these "strict constitutionalists" have come completely detached from the fact that a president can only run for two terms, something clearly spelled out in the document they worship as if it were a chapter out of the Bible itself.
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Americans for Prosperity hosts fake grassroots rally with Sarah Palin, pretends to be “non-political” – PHOTOS

So much anger, so much hate, so much astroturf

Yesterday, Americans For Prosperity held a fake grassroots rally in Belleville, Michigan near the Detroit Metro Airport. Around 400-500 tea party supporters and Sarah Palin fanatics showed up to bake in the hot sun to witness an event, dubbed "Kochstock" by LOLGOP, bought and paid for by the conservative group that bills itself as a non-political 501(c)(4) nonprofit group. This nonprofit status allows them to hide their donors and to sponsor these types of events around the country as long as they don't support a candidate. The result was a several-hour long anti-Obama, anti-Democrat hatefest where not a single Republican candidate got mentioned.
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The OFA = “the brown shirts” meme never dies

After my Twitter exchange with some fierce anti-gun control zealots earlier this week, in addition to being called a “freedom-hating communist”, I was also accused yet again of being a Nazi:

@Dagny_Galt, I see that @Eclectablog is a brown-shirt…openly states he’s an #OFA community organizer…Sad, just sad. #NRA #guncontrol

This is not the first time an OFA volunteer has been called a brown shirt, nor will it be the last. I wrote extensively about this last year in a blog called MI House candidate: “OFA is the equiv. of the brown shirts”.

I also posted the Wikipedia description of the brown shirts (aka, “Sturmabteilung” or SA.):

The SA carried out numerous acts of violence against socialist groups throughout the 1920s, typically in minor street-fights called Zusammenstöße (‘collisions’).…
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Eff you, ‘baggers. Maybe WE should “Go Galt”.

Honestly, I’m starting to get a twitch in the corner of my eye and a weird little nervous tic has developed. Watching the contortions of conservatives, particularly teabaggers and the worst of the worst Republicans (I’m lookin’ at YOU, John Boehner) is starting to push me to the brink.

Screw you guys. Maybe WE should “Go Galt”.

These supposed “strict Constitutionalists” (honestly, some of the worst teabagger candidates run under the banner of “The Constitution Party”), the ones who carry signs demanding that Constitutional lawyer and President Barack Obama stop wiping his ass with the Constitution, can’t even hold a meme like that together for more than a few weeks.…

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MI House candidate: “OFA is the equiv. of the brown shirts”

Dave Franklin is running for the Michigan House of Representatives seat in Michigan’s 54th district, a seat currently held by Michigan gubernatorial candidate Alma Wheeler Smith. Dave Franklin hates him some government. And Dave Franklin especially hates him some Democratic Party grassroots organizers.

Yesterday, on the Facebook page for a Tea Party protest on the campus of the University of Michigan, I refuted the accusation of one commenter that Organizing for America is an “astroturf” organization (since they are part of a political party and not secretly funded by corporate backers.) Here is his response:

OFA is the equivalent of the brown shirts.
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Obama haters, make up your mind

He can’t be all four.

Nicked from the most-awesome Adam Thinks blog. Buy it as a t-shirt HERE.

I’m just sayin’……

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