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Tuesday afternoon Michigan Emergency Manager news round-up – 3/13/2012

In our last episode…

  • Detroit may avoid Emergency Manager by agreeing to a consent agreement
    This morning, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder presented a consent agreement to Detroit city officials. This is basically his last offer before imposing an Emergency Manager on Michigan’s largest city.

    Michigan Radio reporting news from the Associated Press:

    Councilman James Tate says the deal includes an advisory committee that would remove some power from elected officials. Tate says the consent agreement reads more like a “one-way edict.”

    If approved, the deal could keep the state from appointing an emergency financial manager in Detroit, which faces a $197 million budget deficit.

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Wednesday afternoon Emergency Manager news round-up – 2/15/2012

All the news that’s fit to make you cringe

Lots of news to get to today. Lots more after the jump, too, so make sure you click through.

UPDATE: My article for The Nation magazine on Michigan’s Emergency Manager law will be in the issue that goes to print today and will hit the stands later this week. It may or may not be online unless you are a subscriber. I’ll keep everyone posted when it’s available.

  • Michigan Forward to turn in petition signatures February 29th
    Michigan Forward’s petition drive to repeal Public Act 4 is near its end and they will turn in well over 200,000 signatures on February 29th.
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Michigan political news round-up – 10/2/2011

I’ve been on vacation with twelve of my wife’s family members in town so the blogging has been light. Normal blogging resumes this week.

Here’s an update of what’s been happening in my fair state.
Remember when Republicans took over Congress in Washington, D.C. and they reversed Nancy Pelosi’s “Green the Capitol” effort just to be dicks? Michigan Republicans are doing the same thing:

No companies in Michigan are building incandescent light bulbs, but the Legislature wants to make sure that if any want to they can — in a pique over new federal rules.

Incandescent light bulbs are being phased out in January because of a federal mandate to promote more energy-efficient bulbs.

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