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Mitt Romney hates teachers

Mitt Romney hates teachers

We’re failing our children!

Last summer I posted a rant against the GOP’s demonization of teachers that gained a bit of traction. It went like this:

In any rational society, teachers are not considered “costs”. They are considered assets. Something to be valued. Something to be rewarded. The Republicans have done an amazingly effective job of turning the public’s perception from seeing teachers as a valuable asset to seeing them as parasitic leeches on the jugular vein of society. Rather than valuing them for the important role they play in our society — that of educating our children — they are now coming to be viewed as a “cost”, something to be cut when times get hard.…
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Romney economic advisor posts joke about deporting seniors to cut the budget on the day the Ryan plan was released

Romney economic advisor posts joke about deporting seniors to cut the budget on the day the Ryan plan was released

Stay classy, professor

A top economic adviser for Mitt Romney, a Harvard professor named Greg Mankiw posted a “joke” on his blog yesterday that really makes you question the guy’s judgement. Here’s a screen shot:

Click for a larger version

Budget Cuts

Next Month, the Immigration Department will start deporting seniors (instead of illegals) in order to lower Social Security and Medicare costs. Older people are easier to catch and less likely to remember how to get back home.

Oh, hardy har har har, eh? Those senile old people, they are soo-ooo funny! And, hey, that’s a sure fire way to win over the senior and Hispanic voters in this country.…

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Would the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up?

Would the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up?

The real Shady Willard

A few weeks ago, I asked you to call Mitt Romney a liar.

I’m not the only one obsessed with Mitt’s lying, of course. Fine minds including Steve Benen, Greg Sargent, Jonathan Chait and Jamelle Bouie have all been struggling with Mitt’s disturbing willingness to dissemble and the media’s even more disturbing unwillingness to call him on his lies.

It seems clear now. Mitt isn’t going to stop lying. Why?

Mitt would rather be seen as a liar than be seen as what he is: a con man willing to take any position he needs to take to win.…

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Blind Trust - n. What you need to vote for Mitt Romney

Blind Trust – n. What you need to vote for Mitt Romney


There’s only one explanation: Mitt Romney is a robot sent back from the future to destroy Mitt Romney.

How else do you explain this passionate defense of a woman’s right to a safe abortion?

Or who can forget, “I like mandates. The mandates work.”

And here’s my favorite: “The blind trust is an age old ruse.”

Of course, Mitt Romney described a blind trust is an “age old ruse” in 1994. Future Romney knew that the blind trust would become his defense from everything. He’d use it to defend investing in the Cayman Islands and Swiss bank accounts.…

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Think Rick Santorum won the day yesterday? He didn't. (Updated)

Think Rick Santorum won the day yesterday? He didn’t. (Updated)

Rick, you’ve been Romney’d

All the headlines this morning are blaring “RICK SANTORUM WON THE DAY AND YES I’M SHOUTING!!!

[Image credit: Daily Kos via Newseum]

But they are wrong. As it turns out, even in Mississippi where Santorum got the most votes, Mitt Romney walked away with more delegates that poor Rick. In fact, yesterday Romney ended up with 43 delegates and Rick Santorum got only 36. (Newt Gingrich got 24 and Ron Paul got 1.)

That’s what happens when you have rich friends who are Superdelegates and you and your SuperPACs outspend your rivals by leaps and bounds:

[Chart courtesy of Zeke Miller | Buzzfeed]

And yet Mitt still can bring it home, can he?…

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Can We Call Mitt Romney a Liar?

Can We Call Mitt Romney a Liar?

When Mitt lies, Atlas shrugs

You know the GOP’s favorite Karl Rove tactic: Take an opponent’s strength and make it his weakness.

This is how Vietnam evader George W. Bush beat war hero John Kerry. This is why Sarah Palin, who was vetted as well as a pair of shoes purchased online, says President Obama wasn’t properly vetted. This blurs reality and leaves the press reporting the distortion at a higher volume than the truth.

Now to the strange case of Mitt Romney. His greatest weakness is his inconsistency, his willingness to adapt to whatever Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson believe at any given moment.…

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Wake Up Call: They Can Win

Wake Up Call: They Can Win

Mitt Romney is in a cult: The Republican Party.

That any American could vote for a Republican after what that Party did to this country baffles me. That the Republican they’d vote for is Mitt Romney, a transparent shill who has embraced the worst policies of Bush and Cheney, makes me angrier than Chris Christie being interrupted by state worker while ordering dinner.

Today’s polls suggest that Romney and possibly even Santorum are leading the President in national polls. You can break these polls down and connect it to swing states. The situation is still bleak for the GOP.

But after humiliating themselves and alienating anyone north of the mental Mason Dixon line, this GOP should not be competitive.…

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Headline you'll never see: Big Oil takes cut in profits to help with gas prices

Headline you’ll never see: Big Oil takes cut in profits to help with gas prices

Patriotism has its limits (apparently)

Over the past few years, we’ve seen world record-breaking profits for the Big Oil companies, even when gas cost over $4 a gallon during President George W. Bush’s time in office. (And, yes, despite the rhetoric coming out of the mouths of nearly all Republicans at the moment blaming President Obama for the current cost of gas, you never heard them blaming Bush for that.)

The fact is, high gas prices mean high profits for oil companies.

Meanwhile, President Obama is trying to eliminate federal subsidies to these money-making monoliths. He’s also smart enough to know that global prices for oil which is a commodity will not be impacted by incremental increases in domestic oil production.…

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“A Separation” We Can’t Live Without

“A Separation” We Can’t Live Without

Won’t be fooled again?

Of all Mitt Romney’s deceitful pandering, his warmongering when it comes to Iran is the most despicable.

Faced with an ever-weakening campaign and an improving economy, his only hope is to gin up war. This President has been cautiously and effectively receding the “tide of war”, as he calls it. And Romney, along with Santorum and Gingrich who don’t know better, is doing everything he can to reverse this course. Foremost in this strategy is to identify Benjamin Netanyahu as Israel. He is not.

Netanyahu, unlike many of his predecessors, has shown no willingness to commit to a permanent peace in the region.…

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Mitt Romney's Not-So Super Tuesday

Mitt Romney’s Not-So Super Tuesday

Good Luck Tonight. Really.

As Republicans in ten states take their turn at reluctantly accepting the creator of Obamacare as the GOP standard-bearer against President Obama, the actual President took the stage in the White House briefing room.

He announced new help for veterans and millions of homeowners then took some questions from the press corp.

Deftly, he explained to Fox News why their talking point about the President wanting gas prices to rise makes no sense. He explained why he thinks there is a window for peace in Iran. And he explained how the Sandra Fluke/Rush Limbaugh incident made him think about how he wants his daughters to feel safe to speak out.…

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