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Snyder administration wildly inflated job creation numbers reported to legislature

Omahgosh! Who woulda thunk it???

You are NOT going to believe this. It turns out (are you sitting down?) that the Snyder administration (I still cannot believe this is true), through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, gave wildly inflated job creation numbers to the state legislature last spring.


The Legislature was told April 1 that companies that received grants under the 21st Century Job Trust Fund’s Centers of Energy Excellence Program created 75% of the jobs they promised when they applied for the grants, according to the report by Auditor General Thomas McTavish.

In fact, those companies — not counting one that went bankrupt — reported creating only 19% of the jobs they promised, the report said.

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Pure Michigan: Your trip begins in … Iowa?

Pure Iowa

Graphic by Anne C. Savage

After it was revealed last week that the state of Michigan had awarded a $1.5 million contract to produce and distribute a Michigan tourism magazine to an Iowa-based company, Crain’s Detroit Business filed a Freedom of Information Act request and learned that at least two Michigan-based companies had come in with lower bids.

The bid awarded to produce the Pure Michigan Travel Guide went to an Iowa publishing firm at a cost higher than the two bids that were submitted from companies in Michigan, but a major selling point for the Iowa company was the ability to bundle the guide in Midwest and national magazines.…
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MEDC continues its scrubbing of right to work bragging from state website


Graphic by Anne C. Savage, special to Eclectablog

Last January, I wrote first about the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) crowing about screwing workers with Right to Work. In fact, they corrupted our beloved “Pure Michigan” brand to do so.

Shortly after that, I broke the story of how they scrubbed their Right to Work bragging from the state website. At the time, they had a Right to Work webpage that wasn’t linked by any other state government website.

I grabbed a screenshot of it in case it got deleted and, in fact, it now HAS been deleted.…

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“Pure Michigan” tourism magazine editorial staff based in … Iowa

Pure Michigan Iowa

Anne Stanton of the Traverse City Record-Eagle has a great bit of journalism up today with a piece called “Michigan Mag Created in Iowa”. In it, she reports that the “Pure Michigan Travel Guide”, a magazine sent around the country to attract tourism into our beautiful state, is created by an editorial staff based, not in Michigan, but Iowa.

The editorial staff of the Pure Michigan Travel Guide’s editorial staff works in — where else — Des Moines, Iowa.

The people who help craft the pretty words and photos that tout Michigan work for Midwest Living magazine in Des Moines, owned by Meredith Corporation, an American media conglomerate best known for Better Homes & Gardens magazine.

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Michigan Economic Development Corp puts use of “Pure Michigan” brand to brag about union-busting with Right to Work on hold

Well, that went well, didn't it?

Last month, the Michigan Economic Development Corp (MEDC) used the "Pure Michigan" brand to brag about screwing unions by making Michigan a Right to Work state. They spent $144,000 to run a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal to do so. This week, MEDC vice president of government affairs, Jim McBryde, told the House Tourism Committee that they are putting further misuse of the successful "Pure Michigan" tourism brand to promote Right to Work on hold. Click through for details.
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Mich Economic Development Corporation scrubs “Right to Work” links from its site after Wall St. Journal ad backlash

Seriously, you didn't think we'd notice?

As I noted in my piece earlier, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), the public-private group that runs the Pure Michigan campaign, has a page on their website called "Right to Work" that isn't linked by any other pages on the site. (There's a screenshot of it HERE in case it "goes away".) It got me wondering why, wasn't it linked from anywhere else? Was it linked at one point but the links quietly disappeared in the hue and cry about their bragging about crushing unions in Michigan in their full-page Wall Street Journal ad??? Turns out, that's exactly what happened. Details after the jump.
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Michigan Governor uses Pure Michigan tourism brand to brag about screwing unions with Right to Work

Pure Audacity

If you go to the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) website right now, at the very top is the Pure Michigan Logo. On another page called "Right to Work", this bold graphic dominates the page: The "Right to Work" page is shown at the top as being part of the "Grow Your Business" section of the website yet the page itself isn't linked from the "Grow Your Business" page or any other page that I could find on the site. Note that it directly references our state's new status as a "Right to Work" state, basically a message to prospective companies that Michigan workers are primed and ready to be exploited by corporations looking for a place to pay rock-bottom wages. The MEDC is a private-public entity, designed to foster economic growth in Michigan and their tourism campaign, "Pure Michigan", is known nationally as one of the most recognizable and successful efforts in the country. So, it was shocking to see our governor, Rick Snyder, take out a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal with essentially the same message as the MEDC website. Much more after the jump.
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