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Why the road to fixing our roads is worse than the roads we actually drive and have to endure

Today is December 15, 2014 and that, in itself might mean many things to you. However, for political observers, pundits, analyzers, etc., today marks the final days of the Michigan Legislative agenda for 2014 and will also usher in, in a few very short weeks, a new House and Senate. This is the last week of what is known as Lame Duck, a time when, at least in the last few election cycles, has ushered in laws that have been shocking, partisan, and hurtful even. Lame Duck is NOT a legislative effort required by law. In fact, Lame Duck is not anything but one last chance, especially for those who are term-limited breast beaters, to get in one last dig and attempt to force upon the people of the state of Michigan new laws that they will not have to be held accountable for.…

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Massive GOTV event in Saginaw shows that Democrats are not “sitting this one out” in 2014

A short time ago, I posted about the insane amount of money the DeVos family is dumping into the coffers of the Michigan Republican Party this cycle. As I said in that post, the only way to defeat that sort of cash buying our elections is by getting out the vote (GOTV).

Last weekend, a coalition of labor groups and Democratic Party supporters staged a massive GOTV event that was attended by upwards of 400 people. They attended a rally, heard candidates speak – including Democratic candidate for Governor Mark Schauer – then hit the doors to GOTV their butts off.…

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Personal experience fuels Michigan Senate candidate Deb Havens’ healthcare advocacy

This Democrat knows first-hand that getting the right care at the right time can be life-saving.

When Deb Havens entered the race in Michigan’s 28th State Senate District, healthcare access wasn’t at the top of her issues list. The former educator was heavily focused on safeguarding the public school system and everything that once made Michigan the envy of other states, from high employment rates to an abiding respect for the state’s natural resources.

But two months into her campaign, Havens found another issue to champion: healthcare access for all. That’s because she was diagnosed with breast cancer during a routine mammogram.…

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Michigan reproductive health roundup: The good, the bad and the ugly

It’s been a mixed bag for women’s reproductive rights in Michigan this week.

Good to know people are paying attention. News about the heinous package of three fetal heartbeat bills introduced by Republican State Rep. Tom Hooker in the Michigan House quickly went national. So Michigan now has the dubious distinction of joining the ranks of some of the most extremist states in the country when it comes to anti-choice legislation.

Democratic State Rep. Marcia Hovey-Wright issued a strongly worded statement on the bills, which would eliminate nearly all abortions in Michigan and require women seeking an abortion to submit themselves to humiliating and invasive medical procedures.…

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Helped by Explainer-in-Chief Bill Clinton, Michigan Dems fire up at the annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner

“Politics is all about power for them. Politics should always be about people for us.”

Michigan Democrats took over the newly-renovated Cobo Hall in Detroit last night in a show of forceful solidarity unlike anything I’ve seen in the recent past. A sold out crowd of over 2,200 packed the venue, over 700 more than attended the event in 2012 when Vice President Joe Biden was the keynote speaker for their annual fundraising dinner. While the keynote speech by President Bill Clinton was certainly a major draw this year, the energy in the building went beyond just admiration for one our favorite Democratic presidents.…

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Democrats’ enthusiasm on the rise, over 40 attend 3-hour election training in Ann Arbor, Michigan

“When Democrats vote, we win.”

The Michigan Democratic Party is touring Michigan and conducting an intensive, three-hour training session designed to engage and education precinct delegates, activists, and candidates in preparation for the 2014 election. As MDP Communications Director Josh Pugh put it, “When Democrats vote, we win. In 2014, we need to make sure we get our supporters to the polls so that we don’t have a repeat of the 2010 mid-term election.”

If the turnout in Washtenaw County is any indication, Democrats around the state are waking up, firing up, and ready for the task ahead. Over 40 people attended the training in Ann Arbor last Saturday night, a remarkable turnout given that NCAA College Basketball Championship games were being played and that the training didn’t end until 9:00 p.m.…

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Michigan House Dems introduce education reform bills developed with input from parents, teachers, admins, ed. experts

It’s not “Our way or the highway”, it’s “How about this BETTER way?”

In response to my exposé of mistreatment of students in the Education Achievement Authority, EAA spokesperson Terry Abbott, a former Chief of Staff at the U.S. Department of Education and Deputy Commissioner for Communications at the U.S. Social Security Administration in George W. Bush’s administration, attacked my credibility and the credibility of an elected state Senator Hoon-Yung Hopgood:

“Abbot said the serious allegations of what amounts to criminal activity has never been reported to administrators. Plus, given the quotes were shared anonymously should cast real credibility questions on the information.”

Abbott said Hopgood has been a long-time political opponent of the EAA and that he is a politician who does not believe in establishing other ways to provide opportunities for success for children who are “trapped in failing schools year after year.”

“Our focus is going to continue to be on the needs of our kids and not worry about the politics of adults,” he said.

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Michigan House passes GOP’s partisan, power-grabbing bill to move Court of Claims

The Michigan GOP succeeds in rigging the court system to make sure Republican judges hear the cases they want to win.

It’s a disgrace, a mockery of democracy and Michigan’s justice system — and a legislative maneuver that puts even more power in the hands of Republicans.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Republican-led Michigan House voted 57-52 to pass Senate Bill 652, moving the Court of Claims to the Court of Appeals. I wrote about the details of this egregious power-grab earlier today.

SB 652 restructures the Michigan Court of Claims in a way that allows a political party in power to hand-pick the judges who hear cases against the state of Michigan.…

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Michigan House Dems announce their budget priorities – Shift $1.5 billion back to middle class families

"Don't tell me what you value. Show me your budget and I'll tell you what you value"

This week the Michigan House Democrats revealed their budget priorities for the year. In stark contrast to our far-right ideological Republicans and our corporatist Governor, the Democrats' priorities reflect concern and care for middle class families, children and seniors. Their budget is a sincere reflection of their values. By the same token, Republicans show what they value as they work to eviscerate public education, demonize teachers and other public employees, raise taxes on the majority of middle class Michiganders and cut taxes for corporations by an astonishing $2 billion. Get the details after the jump.
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Michigan Democrats release two dynamite new videos for the House and Senate

At the Michigan Democratic Convention last weekend, the House and Senate Dems previewed two new videos that highlight their newest members and look forward toward the future. I was really impressed with both of them and tracked them down to show here at Eclectablog. (By the way, my vote for the best one is Senate version. Game on, House Dems, your turn to one-up the Senate Dems! LOL.) Enjoy (after the jump.)
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