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INTERVIEW - Gretchen Driskell campaigning hard in Michigan's 7th District to beat "Caucus of No" member Tim Walberg

INTERVIEW – Gretchen Driskell campaigning hard in Michigan’s 7th District to beat “Caucus of No” member Tim Walberg

In 2012, Gretchen Driskell did what few thought possible and what fewer Michigan Democrats were able to do: she beat a locally-popular Republican incumbent, Mark Ouimet, to take back a state House seat, beating him by by six points in the Republican-leaning 52nd District. Two years later, she was such a strong candidate that the Republicans put up a weak candidate that Driskell beat by over 12 points.

This past February, Driskell announced her candidacy for Michigan’s 7th Congressional District. The seat is currently held by Tim Walberg, an ultra-right conservative and former preacher who claims he “was a tea partier before there was a tea party.” Walberg was ousted from the seat by Mark Schauer in 2008 but took it back again in 2010 and has held it ever since.…

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BOOM! Former Courser/Gamrat staffers file suit against Michigan House Republican leadership for firing them illegally

Oh, my…

Former staffers for ousted tea party philanderers Cindy Gamrat and Todd Courser have filed a federal lawsuit against the Republican leadership of the Michigan State House of Representatives claiming they were wrongfully terminated. The 36-page lawsuit, which you can read HERE, outlines repeated attempts by Ben Graham and Keith Allard to alert House Speaker Kevin Cotter and the Republican leaders of the House Business Office of Gamrat’s and Courser’s illegal use of government resources, illicit sexual affair, and their creation of a hostile work environment for their staffers.

According to the suit, Allard, Graham, and other new staffers were told repeatedly during their orientation that they should take any employment concerns to Chief of Staff Norm Saari, House Majority Counsel Brock Swartzle, or the House Business Office.…

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GUEST POST by Paul Clements, candidate for MI-06: The Cost of Congressman Upton’s Climate Science Denial

GUEST POST by Paul Clements, candidate for MI-06: The Cost of Congressman Upton’s Climate Science Denial

The following is a guest post by Paul Clements, the Democratic candidate for Michigan’s 6th Congressional District seat now held by Big Oil puppet Fred Upton. Clements ran for this seat in 2014. Though he was ultimately unsuccessful, he received a huge boost from the Mayday PAC which spent $1.5 million to support his candidacy. I interviewed him then (HERE).


The Cost of Congressman Upton’s Climate Science Denial

Once upon a time Congressman Upton said we need to consider all the options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But in 2011, when he became chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, he also became the House’s leading opponent of federal action to restrain global warming.…

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Democrats call for action on domestic violence bills languishing in Michigan Legislature

Democrats call for action on domestic violence bills languishing in Michigan Legislature

Michigan Republicans have taken no steps to advance legislation introduced in March.

Michigan House Republicans are wasting no time pushing through anti-choice abortion coercion legislation they claim is in the best interests of women, even though it doesn’t protect women from more common types of reproductive coercion, a form of domestic abuse. Yet the Republican-led Legislature has been sitting on a package of bills since March that would combat domestic violence.

As National Domestic Violence Awareness Month gets underway, members of the Progressive Women’s Legislative Caucus (PWLC) are urging their Republican colleagues to act on a package of bills aimed at combating domestic violence.…

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Courser resigns, Gamrat ousted, and Dems score a huge victory on behalf of transparency, integrity, & accountability

Courser resigns, Gamrat ousted, and Dems score a huge victory on behalf of transparency, integrity, & accountability

In what can only be described as a dramatic day in Michigan politics, House legislators convened for over 14 hours yesterday to consider the matter of expelling philandering liars Cindy Gamrat and Todd Courser from their institution. The first two rounds of votes failed to oust the two as Democrats held their position, many refusing to cast a vote, in order to ensure that a full investigation by an independent agency with under-oath testimony from everyone involved. During that time Courser belligerently held his own ground, refusing to resign and posting to Facebook asking for his supporters’ prayers. Gamrat went to the press to complain that she had been tricked into signing off on the process and findings of the “Select Committee to Examine the Qualifications of Representatives Cindy Gamrat and Todd Courser” which ended up recommending expulsion instead of censure for her anyway.…

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INTERVIEW: State Rep. Brandon Dillon, candidate for Michigan Democratic Party Chair

State House Rep. Brandon Dillon first came onto my radar when I watched this video of a floor speech he gave shortly after Republicans made Michigan a Right to Work state where he described Michigan as “where democracy goes to die”:

Since then, he’s been a rising star in the House, joining with former Rep. Ellen Cogen-Lipton and others to take a leadership role on the issue of education and being an outspoken critic of his Republican colleagues and their overreach & hypocrisy.

Last month, after Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lon Johnson made the surprise announcement that he was stepping down to run for Congress in the 1st Congressional District, Dillon threw his hat into the ring.…

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Why the road to fixing our roads is worse than the roads we actually drive and have to endure

Today is December 15, 2014 and that, in itself might mean many things to you. However, for political observers, pundits, analyzers, etc., today marks the final days of the Michigan Legislative agenda for 2014 and will also usher in, in a few very short weeks, a new House and Senate. This is the last week of what is known as Lame Duck, a time when, at least in the last few election cycles, has ushered in laws that have been shocking, partisan, and hurtful even. Lame Duck is NOT a legislative effort required by law. In fact, Lame Duck is not anything but one last chance, especially for those who are term-limited breast beaters, to get in one last dig and attempt to force upon the people of the state of Michigan new laws that they will not have to be held accountable for.…

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Massive GOTV event in Saginaw shows that Democrats are not "sitting this one out" in 2014

Massive GOTV event in Saginaw shows that Democrats are not “sitting this one out” in 2014

A short time ago, I posted about the insane amount of money the DeVos family is dumping into the coffers of the Michigan Republican Party this cycle. As I said in that post, the only way to defeat that sort of cash buying our elections is by getting out the vote (GOTV).

Last weekend, a coalition of labor groups and Democratic Party supporters staged a massive GOTV event that was attended by upwards of 400 people. They attended a rally, heard candidates speak – including Democratic candidate for Governor Mark Schauer – then hit the doors to GOTV their butts off.…

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Personal experience fuels Michigan Senate candidate Deb Havens’ healthcare advocacy

This Democrat knows first-hand that getting the right care at the right time can be life-saving.

When Deb Havens entered the race in Michigan’s 28th State Senate District, healthcare access wasn’t at the top of her issues list. The former educator was heavily focused on safeguarding the public school system and everything that once made Michigan the envy of other states, from high employment rates to an abiding respect for the state’s natural resources.

But two months into her campaign, Havens found another issue to champion: healthcare access for all. That’s because she was diagnosed with breast cancer during a routine mammogram.…

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Michigan reproductive health roundup: The good, the bad and the ugly

Michigan reproductive health roundup: The good, the bad and the ugly

It’s been a mixed bag for women’s reproductive rights in Michigan this week.

Good to know people are paying attention. News about the heinous package of three fetal heartbeat bills introduced by Republican State Rep. Tom Hooker in the Michigan House quickly went national. So Michigan now has the dubious distinction of joining the ranks of some of the most extremist states in the country when it comes to anti-choice legislation.

Democratic State Rep. Marcia Hovey-Wright issued a strongly worded statement on the bills, which would eliminate nearly all abortions in Michigan and require women seeking an abortion to submit themselves to humiliating and invasive medical procedures.…

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Helped by Explainer-in-Chief Bill Clinton, Michigan Dems fire up at the annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner

“Politics is all about power for them. Politics should always be about people for us.”

Michigan Democrats took over the newly-renovated Cobo Hall in Detroit last night in a show of forceful solidarity unlike anything I’ve seen in the recent past. A sold out crowd of over 2,200 packed the venue, over 700 more than attended the event in 2012 when Vice President Joe Biden was the keynote speaker for their annual fundraising dinner. While the keynote speech by President Bill Clinton was certainly a major draw this year, the energy in the building went beyond just admiration for one our favorite Democratic presidents.…

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