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GOP opponents of same-sex marriage visit Michigan, ignore public support for marriage equality

To call their stubborn refusal to listen to the public “tone deaf” is an understatement.

On Tuesday, three vocal opponents of marriage equality visited Michigan — a state where a recent poll shows strong support for legalizing same-sex marriage.

New state-based polling data from the Public Religion Research Institute shows that Michigan voters favor marriage equality by an overwhelming margin: 56 percent to 37 percent. You can read more about the poll HERE.

But don’t tell Rand Paul, Ben Carson or Scott Walker. Well, you can try, but they’d probably just put their fingers in their ears and hum loudly to avoid hearing the truth: Public support is on the side of marriage equality.…

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Michigan Senate committee to hear testimony on RFRA bill the same day marriage equality case is at Supreme Court

Sneaking this hearing in on a historic day for the LGBT community is dirty politics. Take action to make sure testimony opposing RFRA legislation gets heard.

It’s hard not to be cynical about the timing of the Michigan Senate committee hearing on “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” (RFRA) legislation on April 28th. The same day DeBoer v Snyder, the case for marriage equality, gets its day at the U.S. Supreme Court, Michigan Republicans have scheduled hearings on RFRA legislation similar to the RFRA legislation passed in Indiana that caused a rightful uproar. The Indiana legislation was changed after it was passed into law to include more protections for the LGBT community, but many critics say those protections don’t go far enough.…

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ACTION: Voice opposition to RFRA adoption bills in Michigan Senate committee Wednesday

Senate Families, Seniors and Human Services Committee to meet on bills that would allow adoption agencies to refuse placement of children based on religious objections.

Once again, the Michigan Legislature isn’t wasting any time moving forward with bills that could hurt Michigan children and families, and the voices of Michiganders who oppose faith-based discrimination need to be heard.

On Wednesday, April 22, the Senate Families, Seniors and Human Services Committee is meeting to discuss three dangerous bills (HB 4188, 4189 and 4190) that would allow child placement agencies to discriminate against families who want to adopt or become foster parents on the basis of the agencies’ “firmly held religious beliefs.” With the committee’s approval, the bills would move to the Senate floor for a vote.…

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Another good week for Obamacare, especially in Michigan

The numbers reflect the growing popularity of the ACA and the success of outreach efforts.

Due in large part to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), aka Obamacare, America’s uninsured rate has dropped to 11.9 percent, the lowest level since Gallup and Healthways began tracking it in 2008. More Americans under age 65 now have self-funded insurance – in fact, nearly 9 in 10 Americans now have health insurance.

There’s no question that one-on-one assistance has helped educate consumers about their healthcare insurance options and enrollment in coverage. That’s the whole idea behind the Get Covered America campaign from Enroll America, which was created to inform millions of eligible consumers about their new health insurance options.…

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In the pursuit of LGBT equality, we’ve got to keep the faith

This isn’t about religion. It’s about faith in humankind.

I’m not a religious person. I’m spiritual — Buddhist-inspired — but not religious.

But I have faith. I have faith that people are better than what we are seeing in those who would use religion as a license to discriminate.

Laws like the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) passed in Indiana don’t just discriminate against the LGBT community. They have the potential to hurt everyone. But because the LGBT community often doesn’t have equal protection under the law, it’s much easier to use RFRA to discriminate against them.

Discrimination is wrong. The LGBT community knows it.…

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TAKE ACTION: Michigan House to vote this week on discriminatory adoption bills

The package of bills would let taxpayer-funded adoption agencies deny adoption based on moral or religious beliefs. Speak out against discrimination today.

Michigan Republicans seem hell-bent on passing as much religious-based discrimination legislation as quickly as possible. By Wednesday, the House will vote on a package of bills that would let faith-based adoption agencies deny an adoption placement based on that agency’s moral or religious beliefs. Although the bills could make it harder for unmarried people to adopt, LGBTQ couples would likely face the most discrimination. After all, Michigan Republicans have not tried to hide their crusade against the LGBTQ community.…

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What happens if Michigan’s independent Crittenton Hospital joins a Catholic health system?

If past experience is any indication, some healthcare services will no longer be available.

This is the second in a multi-part series on the rise of Catholic health systems and the impact on patient care. You can read the first post in the series HERE.

Refusal to treat patients on religious grounds in Michigan has made national news recently, with the case of a pediatrician who turned away a baby because her parents are lesbians.

But what isn’t so much in the news — although it should be — is the proposed acquisition of Crittenton Hospital in Rochester, Mich., by St.…

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Without insurance since 1996, couple gets coverage and care thanks to the ACA

Before Obamacare, they couldn’t afford health insurance — which meant a chronic illness went undiagnosed for years.

Dolly and Chip Harris had a dream: They wanted to start their own restaurant. In 1996, they left their jobs, which meant losing the health insurance Chip got through work. They worked hard to make their new business a success, but luck wasn’t on their side.

After their restaurant closed, the South Haven, Mich., couple found other jobs — Chip cleaning houses and Dolly working as a waitress. They also play in a Pat Benatar tribute band, but still didn’t make enough to be able to afford health insurance.…

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Michigan Democrats introduce bills to improve women’s access to healthcare

Bills would require insurers to offer the abortion rider women must purchase separately to have coverage under state law.

If Michigan is going to force women to buy a separate abortion insurance rider in case they’re ever raped or must have an abortion to protect their health — or simply to exercise their constitutional right to choose — the least the state can do is to require every insurer to offer women this rider. Without the availability of insurance coverage, the cost to women and their health is just too high.

That’s the idea behind legislation introduced by State Senator Rebekah Warren (D-Ann Arbor) and state Representatives Pam Faris (D-Clio) and Sarah Roberts (D-St.…

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Lisa Brown to headline Michigan V to Shining V party on Sept. 27

An all-star lineup of speakers and entertainers will engage and energize women’s advocates and voters at free event.

On Saturday, September 27, Lady Parts Justice is hosting a nationwide celebration of women, with official events and house parties in every state. The V to Shining V celebration will mobilize pro-women advocates — and send a clear message to elected officials that we’re united in voting out those who trample on women’s rights.

Michigan’s party will be extra-special, thanks to the presence of our own Lisa Brown, whose being silenced for using the word “vagina” on the state House floor was a catalyst for the creation of Lady Parts Justice.…

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