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Healthcare countdown: Get ready to get covered or stay covered starting Nov. 15

A little advance planning will make insurance enrollment or renewal a breeze.

November is going to be a big month! After Election Day on November 4th, the next date to remember is November 15th — the day open enrollment through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace begins.

If you’ve already bought health insurance through the ACA marketplace (aka Obamacare), you know the drill, although depending on when you enrolled it may be even easier than it was last year. But you’ll still want to review and confirm your coverage.

And if you haven’t signed up for health insurance yet, why the heck not?…

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Healthy Michigan Plan is working for hard-working young people

One 27-year-old with multiple part-time jobs on how important — and easy — it is to get health insurance.

With apologies to James Brown, Marcus Laban may be the hardest-working man in show business. He works part-time for a casting director, directs high school plays on a seasonal basis and just ended a tour with the Michigan Shakespeare Festival. To make ends meet, he also works part-time as an assistant at a funeral home and does administrative work for a healthcare provider.

I know Laban personally, and I always wonder when he finds time to sleep — let alone volunteer at area community theaters, which he does often.…

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Happy birthday, Medicaid! You’re helping more Americans than ever

Medicare is healthier, too, and it’s all thanks to Obamacare.

July 30th marks the 49th anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid, and both programs are looking better than they were just a few years ago.

As LOLGOP wrote earlier, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has already extended the life of Medicare by 13 years — and that’s just one piece of the good news. Be sure to read his terrific piece.

The ACA has been good for Medicaid, too, which is good for the health of middle-class and poor Americans. Since October 2013, more than 6.7 million people have enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP programs, thanks to Medicaid expansion under the ACA.…

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Michigan Senate Republicans fail to act on Medicaid expansion

Despite urging from Democrats, citizens, businesses and healthcare professionals, Republicans continue to stall.

Senate Republicans said they would hold a hearing on Medicaid expansion on Wednesday. But despite the many citizens who came to be heard — packing the committee room and overflowing into the lobby, according to Whitney Mich, Government Relations Coordinator for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan — there was no action from Senate Republicans.

There was no testimony. There was no vote.

Senate Democrats called for a vote. They called on their Republican counterparts to do the right thing. They provided the testimony Republicans wouldn’t hear from those who came to speak in support of Medicaid expansion, sharing stories of constituents in need.…

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ACTION: Show your support for Medicaid expansion in Michigan

Join Wednesday’s day of action and sign petitions urging Senate Republicans to vote now.

July 3 could prove to be a big day for Medicaid expansion in Michigan. At least, that’s what supporters of Medicaid expansion hope — and every voice can make a difference.

Senate Democrats will be urging their Republican colleagues to vote on HB 4714 to expand Medicaid to more than 450,000 low-income residents in Michigan.

From a release issued by the Senate Democrats:

The Senate Republican Majority is treating the session as a formality and plans to gavel in and out without taking any votes. Michigan Senate Democrats, Congressman John Dingell and Medicaid supporters will be on-hand to urge the Senate to take up this life-saving and time-sensitive legislation.…
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Actions speak louder than words on Michigan Medicaid expansion

Democrats urge a vote while Senate Republicans want more time to debate. Talk is cheap.

Michigan Senate Democrats want action on Medicaid expansion and they want it now. They’ve challenged Senate Republicans to hold a vote on July 3 and a rallying cry from Democrats and healthcare advocates has been sent out to the public. Details on joining the call to mobilize are below.

The response from Senate Republicans so far? “We’re not ready.” They’ve had a full year to think about Medicaid expansion. Apparently, they put off doing their homework until the night before the big exam. Plus, they apparently have an aversion to taking a simple up-or-down vote.…

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Tea Party activists turn against Michigan Gov. Snyder for supporting Medicaid expansion

An open letter urges conservatives to “sit out” Governor Rick Snyder’s re-election campaign.

That’s how much the Michigan Tea Party hates Obamacare. They’d sabotage the Republican Governor’s chances of winning re-election to prove a point.

They published an open letter today railing against Gov. Snyder’s continued efforts to convince the Michigan legislature to accept Medicaid expansion. Never mind the fact that Medicaid expansion would bring more than $1 billion in federal funding into the state to provide healthcare coverage to as many as 730,000 uninsured citizens, along with 18,000 jobs and $2 billion in economic activity by 2016. You can read details of the benefits here.…

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Even money can’t talk sense into the Michigan GOP when it comes to Medicaid expansion

How can they claim to be fiscally responsible if they’re willing to throw away billions in savings and revenue?

If this doesn’t qualify as legislative malpractice, I don’t know what does. At the very least, it’s malfeasance.

On Tuesday, the Michigan Senate approved a state budget that did not include Medicaid expansion — even though the expansion is federally funded. According to the Detroit Free Press, two Republican Senators joined every Democrat in voting against the budget, to no avail.

But that’s not all. I’m not sure whether the Michigan GOP is being stubborn or stupid — or both — but report after report is demonstrating how much states could suffer financially by rejecting Medicaid expansion.…

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What does the Michigan GOP have against Medicaid expansion?

It’s a one-word answer: Obamacare.

Republicans who oppose Obamacare just don’t want to say “yes” to anything related to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Medicaid expansion is part of the ACA, but the U.S. Supreme Court left the decision to accept Medicaid expansion up to the states. And Michigan is among those with Republican-controlled legislatures that are fighting against Medicaid expansion out of what seems to be pure ideology. There’s simply no other good reason to keep saying no to something that would do so much good for the state and its citizens.

Michigan Republicans dealt another blow to hopes for Medicaid expansion on Tuesday.…

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Michigan House GOP’s proposal makes a mockery of Medicaid expansion

It's just another end-run around Obamacare that's almost certain to fail -- and could drag Medicaid expansion down with it.

Don't let the Michigan House GOP fool you. They don't really want Medicaid expansion in Michigan. They just want you to think they do. Click through for the full story.
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